41 – overtaken (conclusion)

Episode 41: overtaken (conclusion)

(TL note: last chapter seemed to be the end of volume one combined with this one.. However it is only the mid part of the second arc on the web novel.. Anyway, enjoy your daily dose of TDADP…)

When we arrived at the Comer city adventurers guild, Lena and Muga walked towards Collet’s counter.

“Excuse me, I want to report the quest. ” (Muga)

” Yes, please wait a moment. Muga’s party accepted a request of subduing a goblin general with a different appearance. So, Lena how’s your time in the party? Is it good? ” (Collet)

” It was a good experience.. In a different meaning. ” (Lena)

Collet seems confused but she didn’t think too much. However when Muga shows her the goblins ear, she is shocked.

” This is a goblin king! Did the rank go up? ”

” It is impossible for it to suddenly rank up isn’t it? ”

It should be a false report.

” Let me look deeper into this matter. Please wait. ”

When Collet said the words goblin king, the adventurers around were shocked. Although it is only a rank 4, the rewards are equal to a rank 6 monster such as an earth dragon.

Collet comes back after a while.

” Please follow me. ” (Collet)

” Yu, you’re not going to come with me? ” (Lena)

Although we helped, Lalit, Nina and me aren’t aiming for the quest. We were there to save Lena.

” Please wait here for the Guild master. ”

After taking Lena and Muga, Collet returns five minutes later.

” Collet, can I ask you something in the mean time? ”

” Sure. ”

” I heard some adventurers could rent a house. Is that true? ”

” That’s true. You could even buy it. Some high rank adventurers even bought a big house. But isn’t Yu only E rank? ”

For E rank adventurers to rent or even buy a house can only be considered as a joke. But unlike ordinary adventurers, I didn’t spend money on consumables like potions, I created them. Rather than to keep staying in the inn, probably our expenses could be reduced. Meal and daily chores, thanks to grandma Stella, I don’t have any problems doing them.

“It’s alright. As long as the price doesn’t exceed five million moon coins (50 gold). I don’t care about the location but it would be good if I could get a big residence. ”

What i said removed the smile from Collet’s face for a second before she returns to her usual face.

” Alright, I’ll look for some properties later that meet your requirements. ”

” We’re going to buy a house?  I’m so~ happy ♪ ” (Nina)

” What? Who said that we’re going to live together? ”

” You don’t have any reason to refuse me of course! ”


Meanwhile Lena met with the Guild master.

” You said that the target of the quest, the goblin general was actually a goblin king? ” (mofisu)

” We have told you many times before. ”  (Lena)

” So, from a four man party to go down to two, where are the other two? ”

” We don’t know. They left us behind when we were fighting!” (Muga)

In the first place, a goblin king should possess weapon skills of at least level 5. The main concern however is their [pack leader] skill. Even if it was 10 partys of E rank adventurers it is impossible to subdue. Yu must have had involvement in it, but how to make them talk?

“Goblin kings unique skill of [pack leader] didn’t give you trouble? ”

” Like we said before, he didn’t use it. There were no other goblins there. ”

Of course this answer was prepared all along.

” Are you telling the truth? ”

Mofisu sends a glare at them that causes Muga’s body to stiffen. Lena expressionless face didn’t change as usual.

” Is that the truth? ”

As Muga keeps being pressured, Lena replied.

“… Our report is finished.. Quickly give us the reward.. This is troublesome, old man..”

Being called old man, Mofisu was hurt and couldn’t hold them any longer.


“Oh,  you have returned. It took you some time. ” (Yu)

“… The old man is persistent..”  (Lena)

” We were interrogated many times. ” (Muga)

” It seemed that he doesn’t take our lies easily.. ” (Nina)

” So, the reward is 100 gold coins.  Is it really okay for us to get half of it? ” (Yu)

” Yes.. It is because of you guys that this quest is a success anyway. ” (Muga)

After she comes back, Lena is grinning like silly.

” Lena is there something wrong ? ”

“.. I just ranked up to D..”

” What? Although you used to be E rank. ”

Like a little child boasting she showed her card to me.

” I also went up to D rank! It seems that killing rank 4 monster gives us lots of point. ” (Muga)

” Hahaha.. It seemed the party leader was overtaken by his subordinate. Hahaha. ” (Lalit)

Of course Lalit is going to reach C rank soon and he is the highest rank among us.

” Yu will be left behind. ”  (Lena)

” Haha.. I saw some frustration on your face. ” (Nina)

” So noisy! ” (Yu)

When Lena came out of the room after talking to Mofisu, Joseph stepped in.

” Of course I know all the details. ”

It is to somehow ease Mofisus anger. But Joseph then put his cloak, bracelet, ring, and pendant on top of the desk. All of them have hiding properties on them.

” What is this? ”

” Just to get the information, I had to buy these items. ”

” So, what is it? ”

” It’s 300 gold coin in total. If you want to know, then you have to reimburse me first. ”

On Mofisus face, clear blue veins can be seen.

” How dare you play with me! ”

Mofisu angry voice can even be heard at the first floor reception counter from third floor.

Joseph sits down while Mofisu keeps yelling. However he didn’t care. Right now Joseph’s mind is full of methods to train Yu. He wants to makes Yu stronger.

(TL note: that’s it for the first volume I think… Anyway.. I don’t think I have time tomorrow since I’ll be helping out starting today.. Sooner than I think.. Let’s just see where the blowing winds takes me)

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  2. fumu..at least this is the perfect chapter to stop at before your short hiatus.without Mr Cliff..
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  3. i wonder what will happen when that guild master know the truth :v, Yu too OP as E rank after all and that receptionist girl gave wrong result from identify last time

      • No, she did not get old info, his amulet blocked most of her ability to analyze, so she only got the bits and pieces it could not block. Also, the skills that were shown were advanced enough for her to bring up the matter to the guild master, and eventually, Joseph, as they were excessive for rookies in general, and unheard of for his age.

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