47 – Rookie hunter ④

Episode 47: Rookie hunter ④

Lena is helping me to pick up the pieces of the iron golem which was blown away. It might still be of use if we give it to the uncle blacksmith. Fortunately the magic stone is unscratched. It was a perfect magic stone of rank 4. The magic stones from the other golems were ordinary and of rank 3. We only found 2 since the other one was caught in the «explosion» and melted. I almost send another flying chop to her.

Even so, did these golems not have any skills? I couldn’t deprive anything from them. Seems like deeper in the dungeon there will be mithril golem and adamantite golem but if they lack skills, I already lost my interest.

“From 21F monster from the orc race will be our enemies. Nina, give your daggers to me, I’ll enchant them. ”

” My dagger? No problem~”


Sword breaker (grade 5): MP absorption, sharpness up, attack up


Black steel dagger (grade 5): HP absorption and attack up


” This is amazing. I never see someone have weapons with so much enchantments. ” (Nina)

” .. It is because you’re in close combat, you need extra. ”  (Lena)

I thought Lena was jealous but when I asked her she doesn’t need any enchantments. Maybe I should wait until she got a better staff.

” You guys, wait here first. I will return in about 5 minutes. ”

” Why? ” (Lena)

” There is no danger from monsters, but if the trio from yesterday is there, the situation may get bad. ”

Lena and Nina didn’t look convinced but this is necessary.

I warped to 21F using the warp crystal then spread out my «heaven’s net»

” Alright, there is no problem. ”

” Yup, I couldn’t find them using my [awareness] either. ” (Nina)

” Eh, Nina why are you here? ”

Nina didn’t reply but Lena did instead. ” It’s just like that. ”

I can only facepalm. It seems they entered this floor not long after I warped.

” What if they ambushed us here? ”

That delayes our exploration, because I need to give the two of them a preaching. However in the middle of the process I caught the pressence of monsters.

” Incoming, four monsters. ”

It was three orc soldiers and an orc general.  Rather than attacking blindly, the orc general is leading them.

” Be careful, remember to keep your cooperation with Lena. ”

The narrow passage was completely blocked by their bodies, however that doesn’t make Nina fall into disadvantageous position. With a thin thread, she throws it and wrapped it around one of the orc’s leg. When she pulled it, one of the orcs immediately falls down.

” Buooo… ”

The other orc is trying to cut the thread by biting it and one jumped at Nina. Nina easily dodged him and with ease, the neck of the attacking orc is falling to the ground. Lena on the other hand used «earth lance» to kill the two orcs whom are in a weird position. They’re directly skewered together. All of them died without a chance for me to deprive. I won’t let the orc general go like that.

I casted a simple «wind blade» to give me an opportunity to approach him, however it was stopped easily by his steel hammer. After that he followed up with a [warcry]. I also used my own [warcry] to negate the effect. Seeing his skill failing, his [warcry] level must be lower than mine. I beheaded him easily after depriving the skills. I improved my [hammer mastery (passive)] to [lvl 4] and [hammer technique (active)] to [lvl 3]. From the orc soldiers, we only managed to get an ordinary magic stone.

Then only after encountering more orc monsters, we finally see a new enemy.

Status window
Name: *** Race: Ghoul
Rank: 4 Level: 16
HP: 702 MP: 143
Strength: 234 Agility: 23
Vitality: 323 Intelligence: 16
Magic: 73 Luck: 20
Passive Skills
Enhanced nose: LV 2
Active Skills
Space-time magic: LV 1
Special Skills


I almost cried out. By using [alchemy], item bags were made using a ghouls stomach. It wasn’t the ghoul as if in the ghost, it was one that devours the dead. In exchange for it’s superior sense of smell, it couldn’t see. They feast on dead bodies and were nicknamed dungeon scavanger. It was attracted to the dead bodies of the orc soldiers and started to eat the remains which are more than twice its body size.

Of course while it isn’t looking at me, I deprive the [space-time magic] before I end its life.

(TL note: got better names for this?)

After that I used [skinning] on the ghoul and carefully carved out the stomach.

“What are you going to do with that? ” Nina is looking at me curiously.

However when I explained it to Nina, the ghoul becomes our hunting priority and I keep on collecting their stomachs. With this I can create a lot of item bags.

However when we reached the 25F, I notice something odd. «heaven’s net» or [awareness] couldn’t be spread far.

“this is funny~” Nina also seemed to noticed it.

“Lena, do you feel something? ”

” Yes, there is a faint trace of magic being released from the wall, ground and the ceiling. ”

This is weird, for a low rank labyrinth of golgo to have this kind of aura. There are no monster in this level and soon we see only a big room in front. I feel something bad.

” Quick, let’s get on to the next floor. ”

” Yes.. ”

” Yu, we’re caught. ”

Near the exit, it was the guy from yesterday.

” Yo, where are you going in such a hurry? ”

The timing was perfect since detection won’t work in this floor. They must have planned it.

” You guys were promising rookies, we won’t let you get away. ”

The other two come out from behind. Unlike yesterday, their equipment today is appropriate for their level. When I checked their status, I can feel a cold shiver on my back.


Status window
Name: Zero Bae Race: Dragon-newt
Job: Dragon Warrior, Dragon Knight Level: 36
HP: 2388 MP: 466
Strength: 566 Agility: 326
Vitality: 677 Intelligence: 133
Magic: 132 Luck: 55
Passive Skills
Increased body limit: LV 5 HP recovery up: LV 4
Spear mastery: LV 6 Abnormal state resistance: LV 2
Dragon’s eye: LV 2 Scaled skin: LV 3
Brawn strengthening: LV 4 Rebirth: LV 3
Active Skills
Body enhance: LV 3 Spear skills: LV 5
Warcry: LV 3 Dragon breath: LV 3
Special Skills


Equipped weapon:

Wyvern spear (grade 4): damage up and increased attack against dragon monster


Damascus Helm (grade 4): paralysis resistance up, poison resistance up
Damascus Armor (grade 4): confusion resistance up, sleep tolerance
Damascus Gauntlet (grade 4): instant death resistance up, charm resistance
Damascus boots (grade 4): magic resistance up and abnormal state tolerance up

Accessories :

Gorudoba necklace (grade 4): MP consumption reduction
demon bracelet (grade 3): Strength intensified
fairy piece (grade 4): dazzled resistance up
Mirage ring (grade 3): Display falsely against analysis.



Status window
Name: Boll Grill Race: Dwarf
Job: Heavy Warrior, Thief Level: 33
HP: 1892 MP: 382
Strength: 433 Agility: 217
Vitality: 584 Intelligence: 73
Magic: 114 Luck: 48
Passive Skills
Brute arm: LV 1 Shield mastery: LV 3
Axe mastery: LV 5 Increased body limit: LV 4
Trap discovery: LV 3 Throwing: LV 4
Awareness: LV 4
Active Skills
Body enhance: LV 3 Shield skills: LV 3
Axe skills: LV 5 Appraisal: LV 4
Lock picking: LV 3 Disarm trap: LV 3
Special Skills
Herculean strength
Equipped weapon:

Earth war axe (grade 4): earth element and weight reduction


Mithril full plate armor (grade 4): magic resistance up and physical attack resistance up
Magic shield (grade 4): magic resistance up and abnormal state tolerance up

Accessories :

dragon bracelet (grade 4): all status increased
rock dragon ring (grade 4): Enhanced Defensegainst analysis.


Status window
Name: Seya Roth Race: Elf
Job: Magician, Spirits master Level: 35
HP: 988 MP: 1825
Strength: 102 Agility: 163
Vitality: 133 Intelligence: 367
Magic: 583 Luck: 31
Passive Skills
Casting speed up: LV 5 Spirit eyes: LV 3
MP recovery up: LV 4 MP consumption decrease: LV 3
Active Skills
Spirit magic: LV 6 Black magic: LV 5
Analysis: LV 3 Barrier: LV 4
Magic awakening: LV 4
Special Skills
magic strengthening
Equipped weapon:

Milled cane ( grade 4): MP consumption reduction, magic strengthening


Great demon robe (grade 4): magic resistance up, abnormal state resistance up, physical attack resistance up, and mental attack resistance up

dragon skin cloak (grade 3): Dragon attack resistance up and fire resistance up, water resistance up, and magic resistance up

Hermes shoes (grade 4): Agility up

Accessories :

Devil ring (grade 4): darkness resistance up and silence tolerance up
Spirit ring (grade 4): all attributes resistance up, and spirits magic up



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  1. Maybe the brakes in between the skills are a bit too big? damn html why is your br so gigantic!

    • I think the problem is that the author kinda went batshitcrazy on skills, which is exaustive to read all the times. I mean we could try things, but I have no Idea on how to make them more interesting 😦

    • Oh I got an idea, maybe give the tables entry a red background if the skill leveld up? Then you could easily see how many new skill levels yu got

  2. They have such tasty looking special skills! Some look race exclusive. MC is such a cheater if he deprives all that. His stat chart will also explode. The next time he goes to get a job, he will probably have every single option available including several new ones.

  3. So Zepu Magnote is Zero Bae? Is this cause of a major change that was implemented or is the a liberties thing? I mean i love changing zepu to zero whether it be ’cause it means zero in some language but Magnote and Bae? how? Love u for the TL work btw.

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