48 – Rookie hunter ⑤

(Author note: this chapter contain “gore”  if you couldn’t handle it please skip it. ) (Tl note: of course you won’t right?)

48 Episode: Rookie hunter ⑤

” So, you have reconsidered about yesterday’s talk, huh? ”

I could see the man called Zero approaching me lightly, but I didn’t see any gaps in his movement.

” You know that this is such an absurd lie. ”

I said that while passing two teleport stones to Nina and Lena.

” You see, we were surprised that someone was fighting the boss on the 20F. So you guys managed to defeat it huh? ”

Ah so these low life creatures entered after us.

” After that we waited to see if the one who fought with the boss could ever reach this place. This place the 25F is special. You couldn’t use any detection skill and of course the magic also interfered with…. Teleportation. ”

So,he noticed it.

” Of course we never changed our mind since yesterday. We want to play with you guys. What? ”

Zero is surprised. In an instant I launched 5 <<fire ball>> to the Dragonling, fat dwarf and elfling.

” <<spear whirlwind >>! ” zero utilized his [spear skill] and unleashed a technique of rank 2.

Three fireballs were fend off and the remaining two were easily defended by Bob using his magic shield.

” Although it’s only a first rank [black magic], that instant cast and the number was impressive. ”

” Yeah, let me try to face him with my own magic. The fire spirit, hear my call. Gather in my finger and turn my enemy into dust, <<fire bullets>>! ”

Seya’s spell is made of small fire bullets but the number it send out is more than a dozen. The fire bullets are coming out from his fingertips and were aimed for me.

Since the bullet itself doesn’t have much power, I countered by raising an <<earth wall>>.

” Ho~ it seemed that we’re going to have some fun! Boll,  Seya, let’s play! ” zero is smiling while hiding a ferocious killing intent.

” Nina, Lena, quickly tried to use the Teleportation stone. If you can’t, flee to the 24F first. ”

” No, I hate it! ” (Nina)

“.. We will defeat them together.” (Lena)

I didn’t have the time to send a flying chop or preach them now. I can only think of a plan.

“You guys take care of the elf. I’ll handle the dragon and dwarf. ”

” OH? Did you hear that Bob? He is going to fight us at the same time. What should we do? ”

However without listening to the dragon, Bob’s axe has already been swung. It doesn’t aim for my head but it was aimed at my shoulder. I need to stop it using my sword.

” U.. Gh… ” I couldn’t help it, but let out a small groan.

” To be able to receive a blow from my axe. What a wonderful rookie. ” however Bol didn’t look surprised at all.

” Don’t forget about me! ”

From behind Zero is thrusting his spear, at a tremendous speed, aiming for my leg. I couldn’t move unless I used a technique.

” <<sword dance>>! ”

” Hehe.. His [swordmanship]  even exceed your usual rookie. Eat this, <<spear spiral>>. ”

Zero countered with a lvl 3 spear skill. It was an attack while spinning the spear. If it’s hit, it won’t be good.

However as he parried my attack, I unleashed another skill, level 3 sword technique <<vertical slash>>. I swing my sword down however Zero dodged it as if he knows that it was coming.

“Really this rookie is an excellent prey. ”

While he said that, Bol is coming and I used <<firewall>> to block his path. However he charges right into it. He was enveloped by the fire but soon enough he come out as if nothing happened.

” Did you think you could hurt me? My equipment isn’t a joke. ”

Really the dwarf magic defence is also high. Zero [dragon’s eye] too must be able to predict the opponent attack to some extent.

is this all because our level gap is too big? No, there must be people out there with even more nastier skills than these guys.


“Die! ”

Lena sends a <<wind blade>> however it couldn’t break trough Seya [barrier].

” Come on, let me enjoy it more. The spirit of water-”

“You can’t do that! ”

At that moment, Nina attacked and disrupted the cast.

” How dare you come in the way miss. The fire spirit, hear my call. Gather in my finger and turn my enemy into dust, <<fire bullets>>! ”

Seya then changed it into low rank magic for faster activation. However in that split second Nina already took a distance. It keeps repeating like this.

Nina keeps hindering Seya from casting high rank magic and when she backs down, Lena cover it up with magic.

“Annoying! ”

At this point, Lena already finished her preparation and a <<flame lance>> is launched towards Seya.

” This level of magic couldn’t break my [barrier]! ”

The moment the <<flame lance>> hit the [barrier],  another skill popped out. It was <>. She hid it using the flame earlier. The [barrier]  that has been weakened couldn’t block the magic completely. It break trough and pierced Seya shoulder.

” Tch.. ”

Seya tried to pull the spear out of his shoulder but Lena manipulates the tip to be a fish-hook shape. Therefore when he takes it out, a part of his flesh was gouged out..

” This… Really, you guys are courting death. I’LL KILL YOU BRATS! ”

” before that happened I will kill you first. ” while Seya attention was fixed at Lena, Nina was already preparing to attack. She is preparing <<critical strike>> on both of her daggers.

” You dare? Earth, protect my body and become my shield, <<earth shield>>. ”

Seya used a rank 1 [spirit magic] to block the attack. However Nina dagger easily pierced the shield and forced him to cast another shield. Seeing her attack failed, Nina retreated again.

” Really? To be able to simultaneously casted spell on both hands and without chanting. ”

Seya was surprised but maintained his fighting spirit. He already casted another spell and a large amount of water is formed around him. It wasn’t possible for Nina to carelessly attack again.


Now, Yu has been forced to go into a narrow passage.

” You don’t seem to have a lot of experience in a battle against killer like us. Have you killed someone before? ”

” This is my plan. ”

” He? You said it was on purpose? However Bol is already waiting for you at the other end. ”

” I will have to force my way then. ”

” I was surprised at your [swordmanship]  level but to take me and Bol at the same time? You are a fool. More importantly your long sword will be useless in such a narrow passage while my spear could attack you easily. ”

” OH? Did you think so? ”

Yu then sheathed his long sword and take out a gloves. The black steel gauntlet high metallic sound echoed down the passage as it met with the spear head.

Yu pulled the spear and makes Zero coming closer to him. After that he send a blow to his face

” Ugh. I didn’t think that you could fight bare handed. ”

Despite being hit with such  force, Zero stand up as if nothing happened.

” You’re pretty tough. ”

Yu already moved to attack him again.

(Yu: now let’s see what going to happen if I open a hole on your leg.)

” Take this! ”

” Hahaha. It doesn’t even hurt. ”

Yu blow landed on Zero leg but it was blocked by the dragon scale.

” You really have a hard skin ”

After Yu said that, his gauntlet was glowing red and the smell of something burnt can be smelled. However at that time, the dwarf already reached his place and send an attack. Yu realized it because of the intense blood lust. The blow then landed on Zeros right hand and completely cut it off.

“Ah, sorry. I forgot to hide my excitement. ”

That moment, Yu parted with Zero and Bol. Yu watches the scene where Zero’s arm is slowly ‘growing’.

” You’re more like a lizard than a dragon. ”

Zero regeneration is insane because of his [rebirth] skill. The wound recovered in an instant.

” Now, we’re going into the second round. ”

Zero with Bol slowly land a successful attack that little by little shaved Yu body.

” It’s funny. You were covered in wounds just a moment ago. ”

Of course, Yu is also able to use recovery spells.

” You also have a recovery skill eh? ”

” And what? You also have your insane regeneration skill. ”

Seeing the calm Zero, Yu feels that something is wrong.

” Bol, this is endless. Let’s get the girls first. ”

” You! ”

Yu’s face is ugly but Zero and Bol are joyful. With a nasty smile, Bol takes out a knife from his item bag and runs away. Yu tried to chase after him but Zero’s spear is now impaling Yus right leg to the ground. He didn’t care anymore. He casts a <<firewall >> on his right leg without even looking back. This however backfired to him more than it damaged Zero.

Bol was preparing his knife then with a light emitted he used [throwing] skill to enhance the attack.

The knife is flying trough the air aiming for Lena.

Lena realized that because of Yu’s loud shouting. The throwing knife easily penetrates trough the first [barrier]. The second [barrier] managed to change its direction a bit. However it is still moving trough, aiming towards Lena neck.



It pierced trough her neck.

(Tl note : yeah.. I couldn’t believe what I was reading either.. I should’ve believed the author notes earlier…. I even take a sneak peek at the next chapter and WTF!! sorry.. You have to enjoy the cliffhanger)

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    • The MC could’ve but the author can’t: The fight would become too easy and no drama… Always remember that the autor is NOT George R. R. Martin.

    • Doesn’t he suppose to be within a certain distance in order to do that? Besides, it looks like it takes time to deprive a person of their skills, and considering the fact all 3 of them are skilled to an extent, along with the fact he has to watch the backs of Nina and Lena, he doesn’t exactly have the time to do that.

  2. Eh well. Maybe if Lena really dies, this will teach Yu to quit fucking around and deprive them from the start.
    And in the future maybe it will teach Nina to get the fuck out when Yu tells her to leave because it’s dangerous.
    Now off I go to skim whatever insights I can gain from google translate on the next chapter……bleh…. I don’t want to….but chapter 49 is so far away, lol….

    • Based on what’s stated about his deprived skill, it takes time for Yuu to deprive someone, along with having to be in a certain distance to do it. Since all 3 of them are skilled, and he has to watch the back of Nina and Lena, he can’t afford to be reckless.

      • Exactly. So he shouldn’t have been screwing around and should have started depriving them instantly instead of being reckless and testing out attacks.

  3. She was getting way too clingy any way, didn’t even listen to him any more so good riddance, can’t wait for the MC’s snapp this will cause though (if it doesn’t lead to that then ….)

  4. Ghaakk!! Th… hhisss…. *gahack….!!! This cliffhanger……..!! It’s killing me…..!!!!
    i feel a hole in my neck!!
    and the contest storyline is soooo confusing…!!!

  5. She deserves to get stabbed in the neck. First Yu alerted her, then she saw the knife, she erected two barriers, the knife went through two barriers, and in all that time she didn’t move the 6 inches she needed to avoid a knife. I wish Yu would deprive earlier as well but maybe he needs to weaken them and since they keep regenerating he can’t do it. Thanks again for the chapter; can’t wait until tomorrow.

  6. 昨日の話だけど考えてくれたかな = kinoo no hanashidakedo kangaetekuretakana?

    “have you thought (=> reconsidered) about yesterday’s talk?”

    or something along those lines…

  7. when will you translate then next chapter? since this is the mother of all cliffhangers

    thanks for the chapter

  8. I am confused. Why hasn’t he deprived them? He was definitely close enough… Did the author forget, or is he making the MC temporarily stupid for theatrical effect?

    • yea its probably that i was thinking the same thing when they first started (HUMAN SKILL TREASURE STORAGE) then he didnt even do a single shit about my imagination

    • no he should torture the lizard (fake dragon? idk ahahha)like cut off the tails till get gets tons of material or lock that guy for material farming >:D

  9. Only two things
    First there’s a great spoiler in the color pages so we have an idea what may happen
    Second i think he isn’ depriving because he needs to concentrate and it’s fighting against two people with higer lvl so that may be the why i guess

  10. Seriously people <.<. If u read the novel you should know he need time to activate deprived kill ( it had low rate anyway with his bad luck). He is fighting 2 people higher lv than him( (1 of them can kill him if he lost concentrate), he got no time to deprived…Well if he fight 1 vs 1 he can I guess (next chapter?). Btw Lena casting 2 barriers (casting need time and standstill) that why she can not dodge the dagger…

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