50 – Rookie hunter ⑦

(Author note: still there will be “gore” description.)

(Tl note: I hope there is no cliffhanger today)

50th Episode: Rookie hunter ⑦

Seya didn’t understand anything that Joseph is saying.

“No matter how many times you try to use magic on me, you wouldn’t win. It’s useless.”


Without worrying that the opponent is the “seven swords”, Seya ears are already red from Joseph provocation. He then starts to chant.

“The spirit of water, listen to my order and surrender to my magic. The enemy of –“

Usually it wasn’t such a long chant. However this time he is trying to cast high rank [spirit magic]. A sixth rank spell the <<waterfall>>. It was a magic that is utilizing a great amount of water to overwhelm the opponent.

“ Useless…” Joseph muttered while yawning.

“my enemy is drowned in the great water.”

The chant for the magic is completed. He doesn’t care if it will consume all of his mana. Because the enemy is “Joseph the Seven Swords”, one of the Daelim Kingdom warrior.

“ Die!! <<waterfall>>!! ”

Large amount of water then comes from behind Seya and is moving towards Joseph.


“I won’t allow you.”

“Darn. A little bit more and I’ll be able to cut off the brats arm.”

“I promised that I’ll protect him.”

It was Nina and Bol exchanging attacks. Although Bol attack missed and Nina’s landed, but his armor and shield didn’t leave any open part to be damaged. however Bols attention is now on Nina. She was attacking continuously with that strange blinking skill with no cast or chant.

(Bol: definitely it’s an unique skill and a powerful one)

“It doesn’t matter if you use small tricks like that, the difference in our experience is too big.”

Nina when hearing his words continued to attack blindly.

“Hahaha. Trying to attack without stopping like that, you couldn’t hurt me.”

Even when hearing that, she doesn’t stop.

“Fat guy.. this attack is a [dagger skill] named <<infinite blow>>. As long as I have Mp to support it, it won’t stop.”

It was a rank 4 [dagger skill], it was a good skill however for Bol whose body is covered in armor, it was a bad chemistry.

“ Such a waste..”

Bol said that however his face showing a little discomfort. Although the opponent is just a rookie, he couldn’t launch a counter attack. Moreover, in the middle of her flurry of attacks, Nina also mixed in some other [dagger skill].

“ Fool! How long do you think you could keep attacking like this?”

He keeps saying that but now Bols face is sweating bullets. The battle axe isn’t moving as fast as it used to, the longer he used it, the heavier it feels. Of course the [axe mastery] has been deprived by Yu and he is now feeling the effect.

While Bol is trying hard to swing his weapon, Nina easily dodged it. If you look closely on her face, she wasn’t smiling as usual. Her face was pale. It was so full of killing intent and more importantly, fear.

“Nina, get back.”

I move my right arm as if pulling something. Bol noticed that his left arm is now wrapped in magic thread. It gives time for Nina to retreat


Lena treatment has been completed but she couldn’t move. I also have healed my right arm, that blocked Bol axe earlier.

“ho? Amazing. If it wasn’t for my ability, I would be burned to death.”

Zero is now approaching with a burnt smell and smoke rising from his whole body. Since I couldn’t leave Lena, I couldn’t let him come close.

“Oh! Our roasted lizard has come. Are you feeling better?”

“Seems like you know about my ability. Do you have an [analysis] skill?”

During the battle, Zero didn’t even look Yu in the eyes. After all most of the [analysis] skill required eye contact. He often trained with Seya to avoid eye contact in battle.

“To tell the truth, Seya noticed you have an [eye ability] like him. That’s why I am taking a careful approach.”

“So, did you know about my ability?”

“Right now, it will be probably another [analysis] skill. At first Bol and I were afraid if it was a combat related eye ability or even eyes of confusion or hallucination. That’s why we hid our stats and equipment. But now, I’ll kill you and help Seya.”

“What? You think you can win against that old man?”

“Even if our party is only B rank even if our opponent is an A rank, we won’t lose. In a battle against other adventurers, no one could match our party.”

Zero then prepare his spear and used a [spear skill] of rank 4, <<spear spiral>>. It is aimed at Yus left arm.

“It seemed that Bol was cutting your right arm, so now I’ll take your left arm. Now, in this one I also used [body enhance]. Before I was playing with you and didn’t use any other technique.”

However it was easily stopped by Yu right arm.

“oh? I didn’t see that coming. Did you cure that arm a little while ago?”

“You.. you say that you’re going to help the elf? I’m sorry you couldn’t do that because you will die here.”

“hahaha.. such a bad joke.”

Zero wanted to make Yu release the spear by force. He is now utilizing his innate power. Yes, the power of dragon. Half dragon race could utilize the dragon superior physical ability. However Yu didn’t budged a bit.

“Your power is equal with me?”

“What are you saying? Of course my power is way higher than yours.”

Zero tried to pull his spear but he couldn’t. then Yu release fire magic towards his arm.

“Guu… this level of spell couldn’t damage me. After all I have a [rebirth] ability.”

“ho? Then why isn’t your arm recovering?”

He can only stay silent while Yus <<earth spear>> is impaling his leg. It is causing him to fall on his knees and Yu is now directly looking into his eyes.

“Hahaha.. this is good. Then will you give us to the guild? Is there a bounty rew-“

Before he finished talking, Yu punched him in the face.

Seya in the other hand is trembling. His greatest spell <<waterfall>, just by one swing of Joseph blue sword it was defeated. The large amount of water immediately frozen in one swing.

“Is this your best magic?”

Joseph words bring fear and despair to Seya. The difference in talent and power is clear.

“ I am a member of Immortality army. They won’t forgive you!”

“how will they know?”

The red sword on Joseph hand slowly pierced trough Seya.

“Gyaa! It hurts it hurts it hurts. Stop it!”

Joseph slowly cut his belly and moving his way up to the chest.

“Did you stop when the other adventurers ask you to stop?”


When he say so, Seya is already dead. His robe that is high in physical and magic resistance was cut like a paper.

“Aahhh… my arms!”

Nina has cut Bol arms that are not covered in armor, the hand that was burnt. After that Nina keeps attacking again but this time she is aiming for the gap between the armor. By doing so, she has cut of his right leg and left leg too along with the left arm earlier. His remaining right arm is now trying to gather his cut limbs.

“ho? You still have time to gather your body parts?”

“it’s my-“

Before Bol finished talking, she talked again.

“No, this is the last one. She take off the armor on his right arm.”

“please.. please spare my life..”

Bol is apologizing while dripping tears and drool however looking at such appearance, she wasn’t smiling.

“Did you think I will grant your wish?”


“It’s seemed like your companions are enjoying their share.”

“You.. did you think the immortal army we belong to will keep quiet about this?”

“You, let me tell you something. Your guess about my eye ability is half correct.”

“what? Half correct?”

“Indeed I have an eye ability. The condition to use it is that I have to be at least one meter or closer and I need to concentrate to do it. It also requires a high amount of concentration if the opponent is higher leveled. The chance is also low.”

Yu send another blow and crushed his arm so he couldn’t blocked his attack then punched his face again.

“aaaa… why don’t you kill me?”

“ I won’t kill you if you don’t ask for it.”


“Do you know how much rookies you have killed pleading you to save them? And you didn’t even care? Now I am going to have you pleading for me to kill you but I won’t care.”

“ug…h…aaaaa… help…” then Yu keeps pounding on him.

“Do you know why I tell you my secret while I don’t tell anyone else?”

His fist didn’t stop moving for even once.

“ghu…I don’t know…”

Then his fist landed again. Right now zeros face is miserable. All of his teeth are broken, nose distorted and the eyes are almost coming out.

“ It’s because you won’t be able to tell anyone about it.”

Yu swings down the final blow, while executing the highest rank fire magic he could and wears it in his right fist.

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  2. hmm…not as satisfying as I had hoped for.hopefully more torture session next chapter before he kill them.
    thx for the update

      • Like in Tate no Yuusha after the death of Atlas? Oh how I loved the part when the antagonist’s (Hero of the Whip) little sister got impaled while saying “Save me onii-c-“. The Hero of the Whip went batshit crazy while cursing Naofumi. Also I enjoyed how all of that bastard’s harem member got done in by Naofumi and Co.

  3. Ha. Too bad Yu didn’t get a chance to deprive the mage. There were some nice skills there. But it seems he managed to grab Rebirth and Herculean Strength. Those two alone are a good haul.
    Thanks for the release~

    • I think… we’re both wrong here my friend… Yu has the revive undead something skill right?? HAHA I just remembered a while ago

      • Yep. I think there might be reasons he can’t or won’t use it though.
        But it’s still possible for the moment, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

      • I did think of that. But I wonder if our boy Joe left enough of the mage for Yu to revive, lol.
        And I don’t think he would reveal the ability so openly. But you’re right, it is possible. I guess we’ll see in the next chapter or so for sure.

  4. so he didn’t get a chance to deprived the elf mage… darn, such a waste, but now he had that rebirth skill… hehehehehe

  5. I think he will get problems if he tells them afterall Corpse can be reanimated or there Ghost can maybe summoned again later. lets see if this will bite him in the Arse^^.

  6. One question though. If he can steal skills then couldnt he give them to other people instead of upgrading his current skills lvl?
    This would let him help his harem get new or stronger skills faster. >~>
    Hope he can steal stats when his skill is higher. Even if its only 1 stat point as long as he grinds tons of mobs he can get OP even faster.

    It would be funny if he found an Ike-man or cliché hero wannabe with Harem making skill. Think he would steal that instantly. I know I would.

    • no he cant give his skills to other people. it is a deprived ability. in the current chapter right now. maybe there is a possibility he could in further chapters. DUDE really?!! deprived stats!! DAMN NIGGA, he is already op. i am think ok with deprived skills. i dont think he would steal a harem making skills. could happen if he would stole it unconciously and accidentally.

      • he probably would steal it without noticing.

        Yea skill transfer would be good upgrade to skill too bad it take so long to lvl up deprive skill

        Hope he can get some mind/hypnosis magic. Then he can deprive without having enemies fight back.

        I wonder if he can get the Deprive skill high enough to deprive a demi-gods and gods skills. Though he would need to get skill up pretty dam high or dam lucky.

        Im wondering if Mc has a hidden Harem skill as a special ability that isnt fully awaken like Nina teleport skill that she couldnt use all the time until this battle and will most likely show in next time Mc see her stats.
        I wouldnt be surprised if Im right and he has harem skill. It would explain how he keeps getting flags every once in awhile.

  7. Whats with claiming hes going to maker him beg for death, then just insta kills him. Totally opposite of what he just said.

  8. suggei~!!!!! although it would have been much better if it went for long, the fight ended too quickly
    thanx 4 the chapter and translation

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