51 – clean up, loot, and the old man

(author note: there may be still some cruel description in this chapter)

Episode 51: clean up, loot, and the old man

“uuu…” Nina is sitting straight with a tearful face looking at me.

“So, what is your excuse?”

I was taking the equipment from the rookie hunters while preaching Nina who has lost her calm in combat.

“Because that dwarf kept… hitting you.”

“Then do you think that he could kill me?” in the mean time I also casted <<heal>> on Nina. Her condition is so bad because when she was standing still frozen, he casted so many spells on her. Her arms and legs are covered in wounds.

“Sorry, I won’t do it again.”

“Really.. I don’t want anyone to die anymore..”


When she heard my words, Nina seemed to know that I was referring to Stella then she began to cry again.

“Hey, what are you guys talking about? Is it about me?”

Joseph with a flat face just comes and starts talking. Seriously can’t you wait at least until she finished crying?

“Your grinning face is disgusting.” (Nina)

“I know, the gorilla resembles you.” (Yu)

“What? Gorilla? Don’t you know that I am the most handsome man?”

“As I said, the gorilla resembles you not the other way.” (yu)

“I feel sorry for the gorilla.” (Nina)

“anyway, a Gorilla is a strong animal, so I don’t mind. Afterall, I just saved you, what should you say to me?”

“Even a gorilla is smarter than you. Now we can’t sell the elf’s equipment.”

“What? It was me who helped you and defeated him.”

Although the dragonlings and the dwarfs equipment can be sold, the elf’s one was tattered and couldn’t be recovered because of Josephs attack. It has magic resistance and of course it includes fire resistance however it was burned easily by joseph’s sword.

“so, old man. There must be some guild request in subduing these three. I leave the body to you okay?”

“who are you calling old man? I’m still 34 years old. Alright I’ll take these guys bodies.”

“However, that dwarf.. don’t kill him yet, he is still alive.”

When we look at the body, it was bleeding all over and the limbs were severed. However what Joseph did to the dragonling is equally brutal. He cut the head off and put it in the item bag for the request proof. We walked out while Nina is carrying Lena on her back.

When we arrive at the 24F, Nina and Joseph return earlier by using teleport stones. I am staying behind because I need to do something with Bol.

“Well miss, it is all thanks to me that you were able to avoid the disaster. Please let me get my reward.”

While walking out from the entrance, Joseph didn’t forget to touch Ninas chest.

“!! Is this something that someone as famous as Joseph the Seven Swords of Daelim Empire should do?”

Nina couldn’t do anything because she is carrying Lena on her back.

“Miss, I was doing that unintentionally.”

“Just wait until the Daelim empire court knows what you have done. “

“What did you just said?”

Joseph didn’t hear the last part but Nina is only smiling like a fool.

“Oh, you have returned!”

It was the enchanter at the entrance. Then Joseph asked him.

“Do you know about the rumour of the rookie hunter?”

“Yes, I heard of it. Many rookies have fallen in this dungeon. And I see that you returned with only the two of you. Where is the boy?”

“The boy is safe. Our luck is good.”

Then Joseph approached the enchanter.

“There is a report of rookies killed one after the other. However it was strange. How could they know if the rookies have entered the dungeon ? is it really by chance or?”

Then the enchanter replied as usual.

“What do you mean sir?”

“Where did you come from enchanter? I never heard of you.”

“I just came here recently after I retired as an adventurer.”

“SO, you come and start a business here, you should have registered at the local adventurers guild. However I know every face of everyone in our adventurer guild. Who are you?”

At that moment Joseph already takes out his sword and is trying put it in his neck.

“What are you doing?” (enchanter)

Although it wasn’t serious however Josephs sword has been stopped by the enchanter [barrier]. Nina who has been carrying Lena takes a distance back when she saw that.

“Nothing.. I just think that you are courting death.”


“Because you don’t want to answer my question. Suspicious old man.”

“Don’t call me and old man, I’m still 33 years old.”

“Oh? You’re younger than me.”

However even when they are exchanging playful remarks, the air around them is tense.

“Please mister pardon me.. I’m not foolish enough to offend the famous seven swords.”

“So where did you come from? The free nation of Hameln or the republic of merchant? Is it the holy kingdom?”

When that name comes out Joseph is looking at Nina because she is the one that muttered this. When Joseph shifts his gaze to the enchanter again, he already escaped by riding a bird monster and flew to the distance.


“I don’t know that your heal is so powerful.”

“so, the immortal army is a group of mercenaries?”

From Bol, Yu gained information. Immortal army is a mercenary group that hated humans. They are mostly made of demi human races that hated the discrimination from the human. The head was a woman from the half dragon race. She is called Akate the Fist of merit. The member count is around 1000 people and they also have ranks among themself. The top 10 in their organization is even comparable to high level adventurers.

Yu in the meantime is experimenting on him. He is healing him with a high rank spell [white magic] it is even able to regenerate his cut of limbs.

“how can you even regrow my arms and leg?”

However when Bol tried to run away after about 10 meters Yu picked up a stone.

“the first experiment of growing limbs is success. Now, let’s proceed to the next.”

Of course at first he also wanted to make the elf do the same thing by using [specter magic] however it will be too suspicious if Joseph is there and he insisted to take the two bodies with him.


The rock he threw landed deep into his right chest. The power penetrates his body with ease.

“seriously. I could even kill monsters using rock throw.”

Of course it wasn’t a normal rock throw. He is using [herculean strength], [brute arm], [body limit increase], [throwing] and [body enhance]. After a few more rocks, his body is full of holes and the smell of blood can be smelled again.

“please, forgive me.”

Then Yu takes out Bols tongue and cut it.


“did you remember how many rookie adventurers have said that to you?”

After that the torture session continued for some time.

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    • yeah its elf’s, sometimes I don’t do the ‘s because the apostroph s just looks “wonky” to me, but I fixed it anyways. I think there are more missing ‘s but I don’t know if I should change them…

      • Yeah it look wonky but it’s important because with apostrophe to show that this bow belongs to elf, not the bow named/called “elfs bow”.

        • By the way, in English, there is no two periods only one period and/or three periods which is called ellipsis. And in Japan and chinese there is six periods for ellipsis which is same thing in English with three periods.

  3. P.S. Before anyone gets the wrong idea: I’m not hating on the translator, in fact I’m thrilled to be able to read this story. I am not hating on the story, I am quite enjoying it even if it is cliched (another OP protagonist, that gets transported to a new world where everything is similar to a game). I just think that the fight I’m talking about, could have been done far better.

    So, I’m confused. Were those three adventures some sort of incredibly strong party? Because, it doesn’t really make sense. Yu could barely handle 2 of them during the fight which caused Lena to take a fatal blow. It seemed like Yu could barely even damage them even when contact was made. What I don’t understand is how Yu can contend with Joseph at all. Yu and Joseph were said to have a similar swordsmanship level, I believe Joseph was swordsmanship level 8 while Yu was level 7. That in itself should tell how strong Yu really is. Yu has been constantly fighting people higher leveled than him and was able to do well, with or without help – he did solo a boss. But now he’s pathetic during that engagement? All those skills, and not one could do any good during the fight? But now that the fight is over, Yu has become overpowered again and is somehow able to kill someone higher leveled than him with a fucking rock? I don’t understand. IF it’s because Yu didn’t deprive their skills during the fight, then why did he not? An excuse of “the fight was too hectic” is not good enough because he soloed a boss while still stealing skills from said boss. He also soloed a Goblin King, that’s apparently very scary, while still stealing skills from said Goblin King. Even more so it was hinted during the earlier chapters that Yu could choose certain skills to deprive. So why the hell did Yu not deprive them as soon as he could? imo that was a poorly written, half-assed fight purely meant to make it easier on the author to make Yu more of an anti-hero.

    • The problem is the girls fault; they aren’t careful and listen to yu. If they don’t come with him; things would be different. Yu must focus on them so that means he can’t concentrate on his depraver skill which took total concentration and about 1-meter range to use. When Joseph came that’s when he can fully focus on his skill.

      • LOL. Yea that’s basically what Yu was thinking and doing. It’s not like his depriver has unlimited range. An OP-ish skill should also have limits thou.

  4. I, seriously hate this shitty Joseph guy. He has touched MC’s harem’s butt and chest so many freaking times. Why the fuck Yu is letting him do that? THIS FUCKING FEELS LIKE NTR, FUCK THIS SHIT. I AM DROPPING IT FOR GOOD NOW!

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