52 – Lena’s decision

52 Episode: Lena’s decision

Two people are waiting outside the dungeon. It was Nina with Lena on her back. After Joseph fought with the enchanter, he went somewhere. Afterwards Nina decided to go back to Comer city.

“Nina, where are we?”

“Lena! You woke up?”

After that Nina explained to her what happened and explained that they are on the way back home.

“I don’t want to go back to the house.. I want you to take me to the guild.”

“No! Yu will be angry at me. Afterall your body isn’t recovered.”


Lena then massaged Nina’s chest.

“hya~ what are you doing?”

“My grip is 10kg.. if you don’t want me to crush your chest, please take me to the guild.”


Afterall Nina had to take her to the guild .


“Thank you for the meal.”

Yu then walked back from the 25F after Bol disappeared without trace. Then he checked his status.

He gained [brute arm], [herculean strength], [poison resistance] , [abnormal state resistance] and [spirit eyes] have been absorbed by [dragon eye]. When he walked back to 24F and tried to use a teleport stone, he saw Joseph waited there.

“Why are you here old man? Where are Nina and Lena?”

“They already went back ahead of me. How about the dwarf?”

“He is dead.”

“Was it you who killed him?”

“No, he was already in a dying state before.”

However actually this is the perfect opportunity to test my skill.

“Old man, can we do a little spar?”

“What? Didn’t your weapon get destroyed?”

“I don’t have any problem about that.”

Yu’s right arm is holding the wyvern spear and his left arm is holding the earth battle axe.

“You usually used a sword. Is it alright if you spar using spear and axe? And what’s with wielding both at the same time.”

“so, do you want to spar or no?”

While saying that I execute <<spear spiral>>. Of course Joseph was surprised by my sudden attack. I can execute the skill perfectly because of the [spear mastery].

“How did you do it?”


However Joseph strength wasn’t a joke either. He defended against my attack easily. Alright, let’s get serious.

I used [magic wearing], the wyvern spear is covered with fire and the earth battle axe is covered in water.

“so, what are you waiting for?” when Joseph asked that I used axe skill , [head crush]. The heavy axe then moving from over his head trying to cut down.

Joseph take out his holy sword of flame and stopped my blow easily.

“Really your power is on par with a gorilla.”

I said that because the weight of the earth battle axe, the momentum and the water magic on it have enough power to send someone flying. The water magic on the earth battle axe slowly vaporized upon contact with the holy sword of flame.


However I didn’t get affected by the fire because of my [fire resistance], in return Joseph takes a step backwards because of the heat from the water steam.

“Really, this isn’t funny.” Cold sweat falls from his forehead.

Certainly Joseph has faced lots of enemies but no one is able to clothe their weapons in two different elements. That’s why Joseph’s twin sword of ice and flame is famous. On the other hand, the consumption of wearing two different kind of magic isn’t small. I couldn’t hide my impatience to finish this.

“Are you faking your adventurer rank?”

“What are you talking about old man? I guess the age has taken its toll on you.”

“This brat… I’ll teach you a lesson.”

“Oh, I’m looking forward to it.”

“Are you sure?”

“No problem..”

It was Lena who is carried by Nina walking to the job change room guided by Collet.

“But, yesterday you said..”

“I..changed my mind.”


Collet is asking Lena however she could see that her eyes were clouded.

“Flowers will always attract butterfly.”

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t want to be a burden.”


Money and equipment from this event

27 empire silver, 37 empire gold, 10 white gold, 2 gold, 323 silver, 163 half silver, 16 copper, 34 moon coins.

Empire silver and gold is used in Hameln and Daelim empire. It value is twice the normal gold and silver.


-Wyvern spear (grade 4): damage up and attack up against dragon

-Damascus Helm (grade 4): paralysis resistance up and poison-resistance up

-Damascus armor (grade 4): confusion resistance up and sleep-resistance up

-Damascus Gauntlet (grade 4): instant death resistance up and charm resistance up

-Damascus boots (grade 4): magic resistance up and abnormal state tolerance up

-Gorudoba necklace (grade 4): MP consumption reduction

-demon bracelet (grade 3): increase strength

-fairy earrings (grade 4): stun resistance up

-Mirage ring (grade 3): Display falsely against analysis.

-Earth battle axe (grade 4): earth element, reduce weight

-Mithril full plate armor (grade 4): magic resistance up and physical attack resistance up

-magic shield (grade 4): magic resistance up, abnormal state resistance up

-Dragon Bracelet (grade 4): all ability up

-rock dragon ring (grade 4): Enhanced Defense

-Milled wand (grade 4): MP consumption reduction, magic strengthening

-iron sword (grade 6): No effect

-iron armor (grade 6 ): No effect

-iron axe (grade 6): No effect

-iron spear (grade 6): No effect

– iron shield (grade 6): No effect

-steel gauntlet (grade 6): No effect

-steel helm (grade 6): No effect

-steel armor (grade 6): No effect

-steel leg pad (grade 6): No effect

-Potion (grade 6): 16

-Potion (Grade 5): 13

-High Potion (Grade 5): 8

-Mana Potion (grade 6): 6

-teleport stone: 6

-items bag (Grade 5): 2

-antidote (class 5): 9

-paralysis potion(Grade 5): 8

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  2. “Are you faking your adventurer rank?”

    “What are you talking about old man? I guess the age has taken its tall on you.”

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