57 – Dark Elves and food

Episode 57: Dark Elves and food

The dark elf girl’s name is Marifa Nagutsu. Until yesterday, she prepared herself just in case that she would die. Afterall, she was wounded so the value was lower. She couldn’t speak because of the injury on her throat. Even if she was sold on a sale, she wasn’t confident that someone would buy her.

It all began when her village was attacked by a horde of monster. In the middle of the attack, she was caught by a slave trader. She lost one eye, her ability to speak and suffered a serious wound on her back. The slave trader used [white magic] but it was a blessing in disguise. They didn’t heal her completely, only enough to prevent her from dying because of excessive bleeding.

Living in a slaver den was horrible. Although good slaves could get three meals a day and even a room, she was lucky to be able to have meal once a day. Sometimes she got only a bread and some leftover soup.

“what are you thinking?”

Marifa look at the questioner and it was Yu. She diverted her eyes but her ears are still twitching, trying to find out what he will do. Then after some time, the slave trader comes out with him.

“Hohoho.. sorry to keep you waiting.”

“Don’t worry.”

The slave trader expression didn’t change but he is sweating bullets. It clearly showed his intention to not offend Yu.

“So, shall we start by completing the slave contract?”

Whenever you buy a slave from a trader, the slave will be given a collar. The collar is embedded with a magic imbued with a contract.

“I don’t need that.”

“What? This is for your own safety. Slaves who tried to flee, those who tried to harm the master, those who wanted to steal money and such rebellious acts, as long as the master held the slave contract, they couldn’t do any of that.”

“If she doesn’t like staying with me, she could walk away.”

“hohoho. Quite a unique way of thinking. However you won’t let your 500 gold coins run away right?”

“About that 500 gold I have tell you that I’ll pay it. if she runs away, that is my problem not yours.”

(tl note: I’m not sure about this.. will he still paid the 500 gold or it was included in their negotiation terms? Idk)

“however, the slaves can’t walk around the town without any collar. I’ll find something that resembles it. anyway, have you decided a name for her?”

“Name? doesn’t she have a name already?”

“of course using my eye ability I can see her real name, it’s Marifa Nagutsu.”

After that, Yu walked away with Marifa. However not long after that comes a weird sound from behind Yu. It was coming from Marifa.


It was the sound of a stomach rumbling. Yu stopped walking and said.

“There is an inn near here with a good food. They are strange people but the meals they prepare are good. We will eat there.”

Of course while staying as a slave, she clearly lacked food. Marifa didn’t replied, only the sound of her stomach signaling that she will comply with Yu. She only looked down with a bright red face.

It was the inn that Yu first stayed when he came to Comer city. Even when it’s not lunch time, the seats were 70% full.

“Welcome! Do you want to stay or take a meal?” it was Melissa that greeted him with a cheerful voice.

“Oh, you come again. That girl behind you is she with you?”

Melissa is grinning however she might have misunderstood something.

“I want a full set of lunch special.”

“and for the girl?”

“It’s the same.”

Usually it was not strange for the slave to wait outside while the master is eating. However today Yu bought her a full set and what’s more allowed her to sit on the same table as him.

“Is there something wrong?”

Yu asked Marifa but she replied instantly by shaking her head vigorously. She didn’t think that he would buy her a meal, a complete set on top of that. She was excited.

“Today’s special what was it?”

“It was Kazamidori special , chicken baked in herbs.”

“Alright, two portions too.”

“coming right away!”

Melissa returned to the kitchen to convey the order. On the other hand, Marifa was restless and fidgeting. The good smell in the hall couldn’t contain her excitement.

Not far from their table, two adventurers are sitting. Their faces are blatantly unpleasantly looking at Marifa’s collar.

Not long after, Melissa comes and brings the meal. It was filling up the table.

“Sorry to make you wait. Today’s special just finished baking.”

From the chicken, some steam is rising and the smell of herbs was coming out.

“Hey, I think I’ve seen her somewhere around the slave shop.”

“I know. It’s ruining the taste of the food.”

Of course it was coming from the two adventurers. They are deliberately speaking loud to make Yu hear that. Yu looked at Marifa and she can only looked down.

“Is there something wrong if a slave eats in this inn?”

Yu asked Melissa which stayed silent.

“If we are a hindrance, we’ll just leave. Of course I’ll pay for the food.”

Then Melissa spoke.

“You know, nobles, slaves, inside this inn, they are the same thing. There is nothing wrong with it as long as they pay for their food. If someone was disturbed by it, they can just leave and never come back.”

The hall then turned into silence. Melissa only throw cold gaze at the adventurers duo.

“Ya, Melissa, we’re sorry.”

“That was unintended. “

“So noisy, get out of this place. I don’t want to see your face from today on.”

Melissa words to send them away was cheered by the other around us. Under such a heavy pressure the two adventurer can only run outside.

“Melissa is the best!”

“Way to go Melissa!”

“Melissa, be my bride!”

Then she received praise from the people in the hall. After an embarrassed smile, she got back to Yu’s table.

“Sorry, now you can eat peacefully.”

“Thank you. It was good that I choose to eat here.”

“Of course. You will come back again right?”

“Definitely. I love it (the inn).”

“Hahaha.. ah, sorry I have to return back to the kitchen.”

Seems like Melissa misunderstood Yu words again. She ran down to the kitchen and fell down on the way because she was in such a hurry with a red face.

Marifa in the mean time can only be taking a peek watching Yu.

“What are you doing? Quick, eat the food before it cold.”


Marifa eats the food silently. Maybe it was the steam, maybe it was because of the hot food, Marifa nose was runny and her eyes were watery. She is doing her best to not cry while eating.

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  2. Um…I think his real aim is that slave dealer eye (the eye which have the ability)…and there should be a catch in their negotiation that will result in bad end of those guys. First he is not a merchant who aim for gold, and second he not the person to deal with people who bully/making slave out of people.

  3. Thank you for the translation!
    But, it seems the author likes to change the small details all the time… this has become very inconsistent story that makes me want to bang my head on some hard surfaces or strangle something….
    ( ꒪Д꒪)ノ

    • yeah… several chapters ago she speak with him and spat out “her reasoning for keep living” but now – she has damaged throat and cant speak… lets aplause to an amnesia!

  4. This is why I shy away from light novels Japanese MC is a week should give me the full slave collared protection I’m not letting 500 gold coins go down the drain

  5. After Yo become the partner of the slave trader why didn’t he negotiated for a reasonable price?He knew it was a rip-off and still paid the full price without even trying to lower it?

    Thanks for the chapter!

  6. I really hope that this novel doesn’t turn into an Harém because i really really hate when this happens.

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