58 – behind the scenes

58 Episode: behind the scenes

The east district of Comer city. It was where the poor and the lowest ranked of the population lived. They can’t even pay the city tax, it was the slum of Comer city.

Many criminals also lived here, more importantly, various countries hide their spies in this place….

It was already late at night. Many of the residents have gone to sleep, however there is a shack that is still leaking some light outside. There are men inside discussing something. Their appearance was that of the poor but behind their rag clothes, muscles as hard as a steel can be glimpsed..

” Does anyone know where the enchanter has gone to? ”

” We don’t know where he went. There is no clue. ”

” What are you guys doing? You can’t track a man? ”

” Did he get caught by Joseph? ”

” No, probably it was by Mussu.”

“Of course, Musso gathered many adventurer with the power of B rank and higher. If that’s the case we don’t have any choice but the retreat for now. If not, we may fail our mission. ”

It wasn’t an exaggeration. The number of the spies was originally 8 people. Four of them have been killed by Joseph.

” Calm down. You know that withdrawal and mission failure is NOT ALLOWED. We can only complete the mission or die trying. This is the Archbishop’s order. ”

” In the first place, why did the Archbishop get interested in the black haired boy? ”

It was coming from the man who seemed to be their leader.

” I also didn’t know the details. But there is a possibility that he is the seed of disaster that will be the nightmare for the world. ”

” The fifth devil’s child. ”

” Yes, his power however is still below us. We are instructed to capture him. However I think it was better for us to kill him immediately. ”

There have been cases of similar threats.

The first one is the devil from the S rank dungeon Grimm Castle that exists in the West of the Holy empire, “Overlord Candolim”.

The second devil that dominates the mountains Ridge of northern Hameln, “Sademu”.

The one who is making a base in the dessert, South of Daelim empire, “Hellfire”.

The last one is the “disaster devil” that appeared in a small village in Hameln.

Their presence is something that brings a threat to every nation.

Although big fights are always needed to prevent further destruction, the last time it was an unknown condition when the fourth devil’s child appear and annihilated the small village in Hameln. The battle lasted for 10 years and even 100 million people were mobilized in the operation.

“So, even if he hasn’t awakened, we can’t kill Yu Sato. Our mission is to capture him. However, if we kill him by mistake.. ”

Then the men around the leader get excited.

” Is that true? However, that Joseph is always escorting him. ”

” Not only that, Yu Sato ability is also a threat. Although we don’t know about his full ability but his [awareness] area was abnormal. It was on 1km radius. ”

” Does he have other search skills? ”

” From the enchanter we don’t have any other report. ”

” So, what do you want to say? ”

” Maybe, Stella lied to us. ”

” Stella won’t betray us. She is one of the twin holy saint . Any words to slender her would only mean death. Or, are you seeking death yourself? ”

When he said that, the leader’s dagger was already prepared to cut his subordinate throat.

” Sorry.. That was my mistake.. ”

” Just do what you have to do. In a month we also will get reinforcement. ”

” Are we going to start a war here? What about the residents? ”

” There are no believer in the Houston Kingdom what’s more in Comer city. Although there are various religions, but there is not one of the true believe in the Holy empire. There is no problem. ”


” How can it be this bad? ”

The dwarf blacksmith looked at the gauntlet and long sword. It was broken to pieces. Yu arrived here after having lunch with Mari. Yu’s armor is also broken and requested for repair but he said it would be better to buy a new one.

” So, can you make two daggers from the long sword remains and their sheath from the gauntlets? ”

” Is this for the ojou-chan? Alright.. It was a service for you for not dying out there. ”

” also, the armor is broken because of their last blow too. ”

” As I said, it’s better to buy a new one. ”

” Then how about we use this? ”

Yu then takes out the magic shield, full plate mithril armor and Damascus helm.

” Can you use this? ”

” Yes but for the remaining material we need to buy it. I suggest you to go to the central store. ”

The central store is where most blacksmiths sold their craft and equipment.

” Why? ”

” This mithril can be sold for a better price there. They also have lots of skill magic stones. It is better for you to go there. ”

” You know that I came back here because I know of your skill. What’s the problem in letting you have a few extra coins. ”

” Alright alright.. I’ll take your request. I’ll do my best on it. ”

” I wanted a new armor and a new weapon for Nina. ”

” Yes, I get it. However, is that your new companion? Er, she is a slave? Even if that’s so, you need to give her clothing, food, shelter and of course a weapon. ”

Mari then hides behind Yu to avert the dwarf’s gaze.

” I know, can you show me some bow and arrow? ”

After that woods goes back inside the store and comes back with some equipment.

” This is all I have. ”

After that Yu tests the bow strength by pulling the strings and chooses the weakest one. He was aiming at the barrel near the entrance.

” Alright this one is good. I can also put the arrow in the item bag so this is convenient. ”

He gives the bow and the quiver to Mari and pays the price to Woods.

” Give me some time to prepare the armor and the weapon. Maybe one week for the armor. So, won’t you buy an armor for that dark elf too? ”

” no need. We’re just going to throw stones at goblins. The weapon was just a precaution. ”

After that Yu leaves the shop followed by Mari behind.

” Throw stones at goblins? I don’t get it. ”

After that, Woods makes fire in the furnace and begins the equipment production.

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    • Gotta be something like that… If the woman wanted to kill Yu she could had done it when he fell from the sky.

      So either this story is completely screwed up or the Stella archbishop took over the womans body and is now framing Yu while the Stella grandma was the spirit of the woman whose body was taken over..

  2. why is it that there so many advent of satou every once in a while, well im a bit happy cause its not near-breaking-common-sense, well almost but not all the way

  3. Stella won’t betray us. She is one of the twin holy saint . Any words to slender her would only mean death. Or, are you seeking death yourself? – slender = slander right?

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