59 – Marifa training ①

59 Episode: Marifa training ①

(I was allowed to hijack the travel agent’s laptop since it was his fault lol. However it was only for today)


The light sound of an arrow hitting a tree can be heard. It was stuck to the side of the tree and if you look at the surroundings, countless arrows were on the ground.

Mari finished firing the arrows and let out her breath.

After Yu purchased the bow, he gave it to Marifa to check out how she is doing. Even though she was able to gain [archery lvl 1 ] however the hit rate was really low. Yu forgot that one of her eyes is disabled.

“Come here! ”

Mari was trembling. She is afraid that Yu is angry with her and misunderstood the situation.

With her head looking down, she approached Yu slowly.

” I will not punish you. I am going to fix your eye. I forgot that it was unusable. ”

Mari was surprised hearing his words. Scars and bleeding can be cured using [white magic] however repairing body parts was a sacred type of magic. Yu didn’t wait for the puzzled Mari and just went ahead, covered her left eye using his arm and casted <<heal>>.

Slowly but surely it was gradually repaired.

“Is it healed? ”

Marifa shook her head vertically to confirmed the result. She was really shocked. Firstly, Yu didn’t use any chant. Secondly, the level of [white magic] that could even repair body parts.

Next is to see the result. Yu casted some [enchant magic] and Mari aimed for the trees.


The arrow fly trough the wind and the arrow pierced the tree right in the middle. It also landed deep, almost piercing trough…

Next is a moving target. The target is a goblin not far from their location.

  1. Yu doesn’t let Marifa know that a goblin is approaching
  2. Suddenly it appeared in front of her and swings down its rusted sword
  3. Mari was startled and couldn’t do anything

In that split second, Yu casted a <<wind blade>> to severed the goblin head.

“I never thought that you are a fool that can only stand. ”

Yu originally hoped for more from her. Maybe she can do some close distance shooting, wound the goblin using the bow or even [spirit magic]. After all it was only goblin.

” Did you think I should tell you beforehand about its location? This is your practice. Inside the dungeon, they have more place to hide and perform ambushes. If I have to tell you about their location every time, it is useless. ”

After all she has dark elf ears. Don’t they have enhanced hearing? Then, Yu decide to lower the difficulty again. He revived the goblin using [specter magic] and asked Marifa to hit it.

” Don’t worry. Revived monsters have low intelligence. ”

This process also amazed Mari. After all her new master could do [enchant magic], [black magic] , [white magic] and [specter magic].

Not long after that, a boar soldier appeared. Mari who is immersed with hitting the goblin this time realized it. However it was 3 meter in length and weighing about 500-550kg. What can she do with the short bow?

Yu stepped in front of her again. He casted <<wind blade>> but it was only enough to stopped its movement for a second. When its movement was stopped, from behind, a black goblin appeared and easily severed the boar soldier neck. The sword momentum doesn’t stopped, it even cut a tree behind the board soldier.

Normally a goblin’s height is about 1m . however this one is almost 2 meters. The black goblin slowly approached Yu and Mari could only hold on to his sleeves because of fear. But the next scene left her mouth open. The black goblin kneeled in front of Yu. Yu then decided to check the goblin status.


Status window
Name: Iavun Race: Black Goblin (undead)
Rank: 4 Level: 31
HP: 1342 MP: 378
Strength: 478 Agility: 298
Vitality: Intelligence: 32
Magic: 193 Luck: 1
Passive Skills
Swordsmanship: LV3
Increase strength: LV2
Intimidating aura: LV1
Darkness Resistance : LV1
Active Skills
Sword strike: LV2
Body enhance: LV1
Special Skills

Equipped weapons:

iron sword (6 grade): No effect




” Are you the goblin king that I revived? ”

Yu was surprised since the goblin has ranked up and gained several new skills.

” My king, I awaited your order. ”

” Who is your king? ”

Yu sent a headchop to the black goblin.

” Since you have killed me, the goblin king, you are now the new King. ”

He ignored his persistence in calling Yu as a king and heard his report. He kept on hunting monsters without resting and Yu is shocked to hear that the black goblin is eating the monster cores. It also has eaten 8 perfect magic stones of rank 1-2. Incomplete magic stone may not be the reason for him to rank up, it must be the perfect magic stone.

“Alright, now you can stop hunting and follow me back to the house. ”

” Is it the king’s castle? Is that allowed? ”

” Don’t worry. It will be easier for me to give you orders. Do you have any objection? ”

” I wouldn’t dare. ”

Yu is also thinking of giving him a new name. It was hard to call his real name, iavun, how do you even spell it.

” And, from now on you’ll be called Kuro. ”

” Thank you! ”

It was an easy name to choose since his body is black, let’s just call him Kuro (meaning black). After dismantling the boar soldier, they walked back to the house. Marifa and Kuro is with him and Mari is surprised, because Yu’s house is bigger than she thought.

“I’m home. ”

Inside, Nina and Lena already waited for him.

” Welcome back~ Yu, I’m already hungry. ” (Nina)

” Yu.. Who are they? ” (Lena)

” This is the goblin king that I revived long time ago, call him Kuro. This one is a dark elf, 13 years old, the name is Marifa. In the future they will go with us to the dungeon. ”

” Pleased to meet you. ” (Nina)

” I’m older than you, so call me with honorifics. ” (Lena)

” I’m the biggest here. ” (Nina)

Yu wasn’t sure what she meant however she said that while sticking out her chest and looked at Mari’s chest. Mari looked down for a moment but when she saw Lena’s, she smiled again.

” Why are you smiling? ” (Lena)

After that Yu guided Mari and Kuro to their room. There are a lot of empty rooms here. Although she was given a room, however Mari seemed to be dissatisfied.

” As a slave I should sleep in the floor in master room. ”

Yu has also healed her throat so she can speak now.

” I’ll prepare the food. ” (Yu)

It was also Yu who said that. On the dinning table, Nina and Lena were already seated. Although Kuro didn’t need any food, he is there too. Mari on the other hand was sitting with a bright red face. It wasn’t because she was angry, but she was shy.

” What? Are you angry? Don’t worry, this will not taste bad. ”

Yu mistakes her again. The dinner was salad, soup, and boar soldier steak.

After the dinner Mari was also allowed to take bath. She was afraid at how good Yu was treating her.

” Please give me your order. ”

Kuro kneeled in front of Yu. It was like a knight waiting for the king order.

” Alright, please don’t let anyone else enter my bed. You can do it right? Since you didn’t need to sleep. ”

Kuro then stands in front of the door. He is guarding it perfectly not even letting an ant passed trough. 30 minutes later Nina and Lena approached.

” What are you doing here? It is the king bed time, please go away and don’t disturb him.”

“I am entering. ” (Nina)

” I am entering too. ” (Lena)

Yu has a peace of mind after all the one guarding his room is a rank 4 monster. However it was futile. Not long after Kuro’s scream can be heard.

” Guaaaaaa.. AAAAAAAA. ”


Status window
Name: Marifa Nagutsu Race: Dark Elf
Job: None Level: 5
HP: 36 MP: 46
Strength: 7 Agility: 16
Vitality: 7 Intelligence: 14
Magic: 31 Luck: 3
Passive Skills
Archery: LV1
Hawk Eye: LV1
Active Skills
Bow technique: LV1
Spirit magic: LV1
Special Skills

Equipped weapon:

Short Bow (6 grade):No effect



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  2. really wondered how you managed to hijack that laptop @~@, seems good though. thanks for the chapter, and hope you get home safely and soon. does losing the internet hurt alot for you?(aside from not being to update) good luck,

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  4. Thank you for the chapter.
    I think this section is different though:
    (” As a slave I should sleep in the floor in master room. ”

    Yu has also healed her throat so she can speak now.)
    Both sentences don’t appear as that meaning and there should be 4 sentences.

    (“My room is the same size you know.”
    Marifa tries to fix the misunderstanding with gestures.
    Since she can’t speak because Yu didn’t heal her throat.
    Kuro looks around curiously since he is not used to human dwellings.)

    Obviously my sentences just have the basic meaning and could be written better. Which I did, but WordPress decided I should rewrite it so they errored it away on me.

    • Ah no wonder, because I think only the healing of her eyes is mentioned.

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  6. ” ” I’m the biggest here. ” (Nina)
    Yu wasn’t sure what she meant however she said that while sticking out her chest and looked at Mari’s chest. Mari looked down for a moment but when she saw Lena’s, she smiled again.
    ” Why are you smiling? ” (Lena) ” -lol 😀

    Poor Kuro reminds me of Van Hawk and Tori from the Legendary Moonlight Sculptor 🙂

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  8. I think 500 gold is a ripoff with that kind of status and not to mention the scar’s, broken eye and vocal cord. Though the mc can heal her, 500 gold is plain stupid. Only for look and young dark elf.

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