61 – Marifa training ③

61 Episode: Marifa training ③

Today, Marifa’s training reached the 10th day.

In the meantime, Yu already received the new armor and equipment from Woods. The iron golem material has been sold completely by now. The potion that he sold to Mago at first didn’t show a good sign however slowly it entered the market. When the effect of the potion was found out, Yu even got a request for additional delivery.

Marifa’s proficiency with the bow has increased her [archery] to lvl 2. The short bow that she used is now able to release two arrows simultaneously.


Another arrow is flying and found its target. The corpses of goblins being penetrated by arrows was piling up in the area. Because her food quality has increased, Marifa’s body is now more plump and healthy than before.

“Awoo.. ”

” Good boy.. ”

Yu is stroking the head of a black wolf and played with it. The black wold originally is one of the monsters that come together being attracted to the goblin corpses that are hunted by Marifa. However in the process, Yu tossed it a portion of boar soldier and since that day, the black wolf is clinging to Yu while shaking its tail joyfully.

“I wonder where the pride of the black wolf has gone to.. ” (Yu)

” It’s because Lena keeps stroking its head. ” Nina said that while she herself is doing the same thing too.

After that, Mari comes and kneeled after defeating the last goblin.

” I already said that you should stop doing that. ” (Yu)

Marifa then stands up however she still looks uncomfortable.

” I don’t think there is a problem with your body or the bow. So, are you able to master the chantless magic soon? ” (Yu)

Marifa answered by shaking her head.

” I don’t know how to explain it since I am able to do it from the beginning. Hmm.. How do I put it.. It’s like a puzzle, do you understand? ” (Yu)

” Puzzle? ” (Lena)

” I don’t know what that is. ” (Nina)

” Like assembling a picture by collecting piece by piece, the process of collecting it was casting or chanting. When the process is completed, the magic is finished. Do you understand? ” (Yu)

Marifa nods and next to her the black wolf is waving its tail like a fool.

” To put it simple, the process of collecting the pieces / casting will be done by imagining it in your head. And you continue it until the picture in your head is finished. That’s kind of the way to describe it. ”

Lena is saying uh-huh and nods while Mari is thinking. Nina is already bored with this and played with the black wolf while Kuro practices his [body enhance].

” Anyway, how are your new clothes? ”

Yu asked Marifa who is tilting her head and picks the end of the skirt and lifts it up a bit. She was dressed in a white apron with black dress, the so called maid outfit. It is the result of 3 hours shopping inside the store that was recommended by Collet. Marifa herself choose a uniform that is absolutely necessary to serve a master and this is the one recommended by the clerk.

“I don’t see it hindering your combat but.. ” (Yu)

” Mari-chan is cute yo~” (Nina)

“It’s frustrating but that is true.. “(Lena)

Marifa only stand motionless however her ear is twitching each time she was praised.

” After this, I’ll take Marifa to the guild today to register. ”


When Yu arrived in the adventurers guild, he immediately moves towards the reception counter where Collet is working on.

” I want to register Marifa as an adventurer. ”

” Alright, please wait for a moment. ”

After that, Collet discarded her other job and focused on Yu.

” Did you not bring something? ”

She is asking with a big smile.

” Oh, please eat this. This is a donut, a kind of fried bread. Some of them have custard filling and some are powdered with a sugar coating. ”

While Yu is still explaining, drool has started to form on the edge of Collet’s mouth. The other receptionists are also looking at Yu hands and halted their works.

” What is that? How can you call something that is fried as a bread? ”

That was coming from an adventurer that is trying to report to the other receptionist but Yu seemed to have stopped the process.

Marifa is trying to take out her bow but faster than she could react, Collet’s hand is already covering Yu’s ear, trying to block any sound.

“Yu, Yu don’t listen to him! ” (Collet)

The other receptionists also have gathered beside Collet.

” What if Yu is hurt because of those rude words. ” (receptionist A)

” If Yu didn’t bring anymore sweets, you will have to take the responsibility. ” (receptionist B)

” How can you act like this? ” (rude man)

However the receptionists eyes are already looking at him with hostility.

” I’m sorry but what do you want to do again? ” (receptionist A)

” I want to take a quest. ” (rude man)

” I’m sorry, we’re closed for today. ” (receptionist B)

” What? ” (rude man)

” Please leave, we have closed for today. ” (receptionist A)

” Wait! ” (rude man)

” You leave us with no other choice. ”

Then the other adventurers saw a scene where a lifeless man was taken by force by two receptionist. He was dragged into another room and the other adventurers can only look at him with a pity. They know they should never make the same mistake.

Nina, Lena and Marifa have their mouth open wide, they witnessed the horror of ‘girls and sweets’.

And, no one saw that rude man again.


Status window
Name: Marifa Nagutsu Race: Dark Elf
Job: None Level: 10
HP: 62 MP: 68
Strength: 15 Agility: 29
Vitality: 16 Intelligence: 22
Magic: 42 Luck: 3
Passive Skills
Archery: LV2
Hawk Eye: LV1
Active Skills
Bow technique: LV1
Spirit magic: LV1
Special Skills

Equiped weapons:

Short Bow (grade 6): No effect

Armor: None

Accesories: None

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30 comments on “61 – Marifa training ③

  1. Sweets are love
    Sweets are life
    There is nothing ranked above
    If they disappear
    Receptionists will feel the eternal strife

    Sweet poem

    … Hehehe I love sweets.

  2. “Nina, Lena and Marifa have their mouth open wide, they witnessed the horror of ‘girls and sweets’.
    And, no one saw that rude man again.”

    lol XD

    Thanks for the chapter!

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