62 – Siam the ‘explosive flame sword’

Episode 62: Siam the ‘explosive flame sword’


Inside one of the Adventurer’s guild rooms where someone could change their job, the receptionists are present, together with other people.

“Hey, I thought elves and dark elves are excelling in [spirit magic] so it would be better to be a spirit magician, or archer since you used the bow for your 1st job. If the conditions were met you even could be a summoner. You really have a racial characteristics advantage.”

The one who is talking is Adele, one of the receptionists. However she is often scolded by the guild master because she liked to give a lead-out that sometimes turn out worst. Marifa who is being persuaded just shook her head silently.

“Is it because of your master?”

Because her status was a slave, maybe she is letting her master decide which job to take but Mari shook her head again.

“Uhm.. is that so?”

After that Adele tried to convince her again, but after some time lets out a sigh because she saw no changes in Marifa determination.

“Yu-san, I give up with Marifa.”

“That’s okay.”

“So, she seemed to have decided her job. Is it spirit magician? Or magician?”

However Yu doesn’t seem to be interested.

“What job will she take, I will leave the decision to her.”

“I don’t know if it is me who is strange or you guys. Usually a slave’s job is decided by the master.”

Yu then lazily shifted his gaze towards the room. On the back, Collet and Aiko are eating the fried bread that Yu made. Nina is combing Lena’s hair with a comb while humming.

“So, can I buy any documentation about [specter magic] , [space-time magic] and jobs related to that? I also want to sell some material.”

(ps: this is collet.. i just found out…)

However Collet with haste comes and covered Yu’s mouth with her hand.

“Sssh.. Yu… you can’t say that.”

“why? Is there a problem?”

“Of course! In the first place, [specter magic] has been forbidden because it’s effect. The one who can use it probably hiding in secret these days. For [space-time magic] it was even more rare. The last person to be known using that is a demon. Let me remember, several hundred years ago, his name was Naga, the sixth demon king. He used the [space-time magic] on a scale that caused war in several countries. Since then, the usage of [space-time magic] has been deemed taboo too.”

Yu somehow seemed disappointed with the explanation because there’s nothing useful he could learn except that it was prohibited.

When they got out of the room, someone is approaching them.



“Yu right? I heart from someone that you have connections to someone with [enchantment].”

Of course Eckart was one of the adventurers in the guild, however when Yu comes to this place, he never talks to anyone else. He only talks to Joseph and..

“Tch.. Lalit told you? I’ll punch him in the face when I meet him again.”

“If you can [enchant] my weapon, I’ll punch him for you.” While saying so Eckart gives a friendly smile.

“However, why are you in a bad condition?” Nina asked him.

“You didn’t realize it? You are poisoned by a grizzly claw. I don’t think that a potion will do any help.” (lena)

After that Yu and Lena applied some <<heal>> in him. His body was robust and full of muscle, honestly the grizzly claw can barely scratch him but the poison is what makes it dangerous.

“Ah, thank you. I didn’t realized it.”

Just when Yu and Lena finished treating Eckart, the door of the adventurers guild was forced open. An adventurer with a haughty look comes in and takes a quick scan of the surrounding. His eyes met with Yu and then he walks straight towards him.

“Are you the adventurer called Yu?”

That man was covered in an armor full of decorations.

“My name is Siamese the ‘explosive flame sword’. I wonder if you ever heard my name.”

“Siam? It was a usual name but I never heard of it.”

“Huh? Then have you heard of the ‘explosive flame sword’?”

Yu is wondering if he doesn’t feel embarrassed saying his title in front of everyone. Yu then looks behind him and sees a familiar face. It is Muga that participated in the previous goblin general subdue quest which teamed up with Lena. However his face is swollen and it seems like he was beaten before.

“Oh, Muga it’s been a long time. What happened to your face?”

To Yu’s question, Muga is trying to reply. Honestly he can guess that it was this Siam the one who did this. Of course Yu feels kind of indebted to him. Because in the last quest he lost his arm, two teammates died and he still protected Lena.

“Don’t worry about me. Afterall the last incident affected the crimson meteor clan, I am alone and can’t – Guha~”

Muga face is then punched by Siam before he could say anything else. He is spilling large amount of blood from the nose. The adventurers around can only look with a disdained face. The receptionist on the other hand can’t do anything about them and only looked with a worried face at Yu.

“It is too bad that a person like him is giving a shame to the Crimson meteor clan.”

“Hey, release your hand from Muga.”

“Oh? You are trying to fight me?”

While he is saying that, some other adventurers who came with him grabbed Muga and move back.

“My level is 31, my 1st job is a knight and 2nd job is magic warrior. My ability and rank is that of C.”

Yu was amazed when Siamese speaks openly about his level and job. Yu’s principle is to hide your own ability from the others. Because anyone can turn their back on you, not just monsters, hostile clans, criminals, it would be bad if they know about your ability. That’s why some of the people even hesitate to show their guild card to others.

“So, I guess you are just a pampered boy.”

“Pampered boy?”

“You might get a backing of a major clan or your family is a big merchant or even a noble. You are raised in a safe and pampered environment. A sweet environment where you never knew of the dark.”

Siam’s face becomes bright when Yu said that. To tell the truth, he was a second child of an aristocrat with a peerage of a Baron. The parents paid a lot of money to Crimson meteor clan to back up their son.

“You dare?”

Siam grabbed Yu collar but Eckart who is on the side tried to make Siam let it go.

“Are you trying to go against me too?” (Siam)

“It’s just bad to fight in here. Whether you are a C rank or a D rank, I don’t really care.” (Eckart)

Eckart intimidation and the force he sends out from his arm, is causing Siam to let go of his hand.

“Listen boy, you may talk big but in this place, not your rank or background can safe you.” (Eckart)

The surrounding adventurers then give a shout of support.

“It seemed that nobody here cares if you are from crimson meteor clan.” (Yu)

“I’ll kill you with my own hand.” (Siam)

Siam already prepared to take out his sword but he saw something that makes him stopped.

“Why? Are you afraid?” (Yu)

“I-it wasn’t because of you.” (Siam)

“Then who was it?”

Siam look to the back of Yu and said.

“It was Mussu Earl, the ruler of the city.”

Yu look around and saw Mussu standing with his butler.

“It’s nice to meet you , Yu Sato. Really, black hair and eyes, I can’t hold myself back from adding you to my collection.”

Nina hearing that slowly takes out her dagger.

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  1. it’s late Sunday where I am which is more scary coz we never got TDAP on Sunday before…

  2. if Nina became a yandare what type would she be?

    you know being overly protective ane-san or the latter?

  3. thank you for the translation, there is a small type at the end of the chapter:
    “…rank or background can safe you.” It probably should be “save”. Correct me if Im mistaken.

  4. thanks for the translation.

    I confirm Hombr3 point in the post above about a small typo:
    “Listen boy, you may talk big but in this place, not your rank or background can safe you.” (Eckart)—-> it should be “save”

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