63 – Changes

63 Episode:  Changes

(Not really sure about the title)

“What are you saying?” Nina while her body is swaying, tried to approach Mussu.

“I don’t want to cause some misunderstandings. I only have business with the boy.”

Slowly Nina’s eyes lost their color when she heard Mussu’s remarks.

“Yu is mine…”

Yu noticed the changes on Nina and Lena noticed them too. She walks between Nina and Mussu and holds her back. Yu looks at Lena and nods with a smile.

“Yu, I want you to cut all your ties with those two and become mine.”

The changes not only come from the girls, people around them also somehow grew tense. Then the butler who stood besides Mussu steps forward and speaks with a smile.

“Hohoho, it seemed like there has been a misunderstanding. Everyone, please pardon my masters words that caused this commotion. My master likes to recruit talented people. Currently there are 10 talented people who have been recruited. Sometimes my master used the words collect rather than recruit. This time, my master wanted to recruit Yu into his house.”

“Grandfather, stop that. I admit that my explanation before is kind of vague, however why are you saying there are 10 people? The truth is, we have 100 people in the house. Of course I don’t constrain them and give them freedom.”

“Tch, he doesn’t look that good to be the master of the city.”

Siamese said that in rage to protest. Mussu basically came and ruined his plan.

“At least, I’m superior to you.”

“What are you saying? I am Siamese von Brad!”

“Siamese von Brad? The Brad home second son, age 16, joined the crimson meteor clan just because of financial power. After one year reached the adventurer rank D. level 31, 1st job warrior and 2nd job magic knight. Magic and sword battle tactics and right handed, however has some difficulties when handling a shield. Of course hated by the other adventurers because of an arrogant personality, that hate even spread to people from the crimson meteor clan.”  (mussu)

“Indeed, people are jealous because of my bloodline and talent. Even if I’m not in the clan, my talent will always stand out. I am even better than that boy called Yu over there.” (siam)

“Yeah, say whatever you want.” (Yu)

After that, Siam moves his gaze towards Yu’s back and saw Marifa who just came out from the Job changing room.

Marifa was confused because when she got out of the room, many people had gathered. On the other side, a man with a swollen face was held onto by two men beside him, to the right a man with a muscular body, an aristocratic style man and a butler, and a man with flashy equipment.

Marifa also heard the man in flashy equipment remarking Yu as a kind of fool which caused her ears to twitch. Nina that is usually smiling is now holding a dagger expressionless, Lena is holding her back while one hand carrying her staff. What is happening?

“That…. The dark elf over there is dressing in maid clothes. Are you perhaps wanting to serve me? Of course I am willing to be served by you. You are so beautiful. Are you willing to tell me your name? “ Siam saw her and was immediately fascinated by Marifa’s looks. However it was a shame that Marifa was already thinking of him as an enemy.

Marifa has cast [spirit magic] unconsciously. She can’t chant because her throat is still wounded however the chantless magic practice is now finally showing its results. Marifa unleashed a first rank [spirit magic], taking advantage of a water spirit, she finished the spell <<water bullet>>.

After that, countless small water droplets shot throughout the room and hit anything on its path while focusing on Siam and his lackey.

“Apparently you have a good affinity for bad luck.”

“Muga stop spouting nonsense. Damn that Yu!”

Siam is forced to back down because of the number of <<water bullets>>. Muga is released on the process and falls down to the floor while wiping some sweat on his forehead. After that, Siam is forced to leave the guild hall under the barrage of <<water bullet>>.

“Yu, this will only bring more trouble later on.”

“Don’t worry, I couldn’t have enough trouble.” Yu said that while casting <<heal>> from [white magic] to Muga.

Yu listened to what was causing this. When Muga returned to the crimson meteor clan, he had to search for new comrades for making a party again, it was hard and so he decided to leave the clan. After some circumstances, he couldn’t leave and was forced into Siam’s group and had to take them to Yu.

“Thank you for chasing that nuisance away. So, can we return to our business? If you really insist I can even consider taking those girls with you.” (mussu)

“Sorry, I’m not a person that wants to work hard for someone else.”

“You know, your party composition is also bad. I’ll assign someone to balance your party.”

“It’s fine, adding unfamiliar adventurers may even hinder my work and I don’t have an intention of receiving your help.”


“Don’t you get it? I refused your offer.”

“Hahaha. You dare? Grandfather, you know the mansion that Yu lives now belongs to me right. How much is the price?”

“It has been put up for sale for 30 million moon coins.” (butler)

“I have received 5 million moon coins for down payment. The remaining, however if I don’t receive it right now…”

Mussu than looks at Yu’s face. He is trying to pressure Yu with his wealth right now. However Yu only put his hand to his pocket and takes out some gold coins and puts them onto the table.

“There are 250 gold coins, you can count it if you want.” Yu brings out the remaining total of the money needed to pay for the house. The spectators can see Mussu’s face is now sweating. He can’t back down and swallows his own spit.

“Master, I believe Yu means no offense to you.”

The butler then bowed down towards Yu and smiled. However his smile is different from Eckart’s that gives a sense of security. Somehow it was similar to someone close to Yu.

“Oh, is that so? But, you better not be pushing your luck boy… “ (mussu)

After that Mussu leaves and Yu also exits the guild to head home. He separated with Muga and Eckart in the process.

“Nina.” (yu)

“Yes?” (nina)

“Did you notice something about the butler?” (yu)

“Yeah, he seemed to resemble someone.” (nina)

By now Nina seems to have recovered.

“Hahaha, I wonder where his confidence comes from.” (Mussu)

“I don’t know master, however he left a strong impression on me.” (butler)

“Oh, grandfather, have you taken an interest in him?”

“Hehe, anyway I’ll search for more information on Yu Sato. After all, the guild might be hiding something. I will also try to find some information from his village.”

Mussu can only look into the distance. He is filled with anticipation and is thinking about how fun and exciting it could be.

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23 comments on “63 – Changes

  1. F*cking arrogant bastards, even if i know they are not actually evil but, annoying it still annoying
    thanks for the chapter~!

  2. Thanks for the chapter. Thought his explanation is bad and i wouldn’t wanted to take part on that i would trying to get more information about the offer to know more about a potential enemy or see if the deal is more convenient than it originaly seems. It would also help to be more manered with that guy in order to not get into more trobles that are needed. One thing is to refuse a offer and an other thing is to doing in a Rude manner.

    • Yeah, i was thinking the same. He healed her eye and even managed to heal cut off limbs but can’t heal a simple throat injury?

  3. There are a couple inconsistencies with the story (or it was just poorly explained).
    Why can’t Yo heal the elf girls throat? Was it more damaged than Lena who had a knife stabbed into it: o.O
    Wasn’t the house only around 50 gold? He said he wanted one for at most 50 gold.
    Why is the city ruler’s grandfather his butler? Shouldn’t be the other way around, the younger serving the older in noble families? (or when he calls him grandfather he only means “old man”?)

    Thanks for the chapter!

    • i also think its poorly explained, though the butler doesn’t say 30 million gold coins, he says, 30 million moon coins, which is different and in that world 1 gold: 100,000 moon coin (ten silver) so maybe if we converted it may be 50 gold (i didn’t calculate this)

  4. thanks….
    small typo IMO :
    “There are 250 gold coins, you can count it if you want.”
    –> shouldn’t it be 25 ? (so that 5 + 25 = 30 ?)
    (plus what was said above: wasn’t the value 50 ?)

  5. the author seems to have no concept about how money works in this world. (Even though he freaking made it!) in one place he says 100 gold is a huge amount, then all of a sudden the MC party spends almost 90 G on equipment and lodging. Then again he buys a house for 50 G which suddenly inflated to 250G, and bought a slave for 500G with a whopping 10% PER MONTH INTEREST and then makes no effort whatsoever to save money to pay it.

    What the actual F**K? There’s a limit to sucking at maths!

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