64 – deal

Episode 64: deal

There was a conspicuously prominent mansion in the residential area of Comer city where nobles and merchants live. This one mansion overwhelmed the others, even the size of the garden is 160,000 square meter and comparable to an amusement park.

the rooms inside the house are decorated with expensive antiques and furniture. The placed items inside the house can be recognized to be made from leading craftsmen.

There is a man drinking tea while sitting arrogantly on a sofa. From his clothes one can determine that he is an aristocrat in one glance.

“Joseph, isn’t there something you have to say to me?”

“Eh? But isn’t the contract between us saying that I am free to do whatever I want.”

“You know that I love to recruit talented people. Why did you hide the thing about Yu Sato?”

Joseph quickly drinks the remaining tea at once until he burped.

“You know that I have to do this. Since the guild is also requesting the same information, I have to hide this.”

“So, if I ask, will you tell me?”

In that instance from behind, the butler appeared while bringing a wine bottle. He also brings a glass and pours the wine into it.

“This is one of the finest wines from the Buryuto winery. It is 30 years old. You know, the best wines from Buryuto winery are best served at the age of 30 years and they only have 400 to 500 bottle made per year.”

Mussu takes a sip of the wine to provoke Joseph while he can only enjoy the smell.

“So, will you tell me about the boy?”

“What is this? You know you tease me too much.”

“Haha, sorry for my lame joke. I want to become friends with you, but also to that boy Yu Sato. We know that we best recruit him early.”

After that the butler moves behind Mussu so he could act immediately if he gives an order.

“I also have some reports from grandfather, let’s try to confirm this with you. Grandfather.”

“Very well. Yu Sato comes from Resser village. In the village he had faced discrimination because of his hair and eye color. He was given a fake guild card and half of the commission rewards were taken from him.”

Joseph eyes were bloodshot when he heard the butler speech.

“In Resser village it wasn’t strange for him to be beaten up by one of the adventurers but somehow that adventurer has died. After that he also seemed to meet Nina and formed a party.”

“So, do you see anything wrong here?” (Mussu)

“It’s the worst lie I have ever heard.” (Joseph)

“It was too perfect to be a coincidence. The adventurer who bullies him died on a goblin quest. The others also met the same fate not long after.” (butler)

“What’s your point?” (Joseph)

“In my eyes, Yu Sato is someone who has an ability to kill other adventurers, even those who have a higher rank than him. Did you never imagine him doing such things?” (Mussu)

After that Mussu gestured the butler to continue.

“After one year he finally heads out to Comer city. On the way he met with Lena and thus the three of them make their way to the city. After registering he defeated the goblin king in 10 days and the rookie hunter group with ‘Zero the dragon’ and two of his companions. Even if one was most likely defeated by Joseph, he still defeats the other two. In the recent event, he buys a dark elf slave so maybe his party will be a four person party.” (butler)

“ Zero has to be noted to have a special eye ability that is able to help him in combat. He alone held some big achievements at the battle of marukia plains. So, how was he able to defeat him?”

Joseph was shocked that he knows that, but he acts calm.

“So, I see you have an obsession over him, however I see no reason to help you.” (joseph)

“You know, he once lived in the Resser village with Nina and one other person.” (mussu)

“It might be his family.”(joseph)

But the butler shook his head.

“The villagers confirmed the fact that he lived in a family of 3 but who is the third person? This third person is mysterious. None of the villager remembered, as if their memory was erased.”

“What do you mean?” (Joseph)

“The villagers remember that he was living with two other people. One is Nina and the other is named Stella. However no one remembers anything about Stella. As if she suddenly disappeared one day.”

“So, what is the point of this?” (Joseph)

“For now, just tell me anything new regarding the boy and in the future report to me immediately.” (mussu)

“Very well.” (Joseph)

After that Joseph walked towards the exit while Mussu silently takes a sip of the wine.

“Oh yeah, I almost forget something. You better keep the girl named Nina in check.” (mussu)

“Ojou-chan? Well, I don’t think she is a threat.” (Joseph)

“I hope so too.” (mussu)

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23 comments on “64 – deal

  1. Nina is talented and crazy. So that crazy glint in her eye, or lack of it probably scared teh shiet outta him xD.

  2. U know, i question how they could possibly get info about stella in a village completely mind wiped, it just wouldnt come up at all

  3. @saris

    villager did remember stella as her connection to mc. only that they dont remember anything else other than her name and her connection to mc.

  4. That Mussu has strange ideas about how to make friends, he looks like a jerk so far.

    Thanks for the chapter!

  5. yeah i get the gist of this… before stella died, there was a conversation between the two but never mentioned, you could say that there is a brainwashing event that has occured here. With just maybe a password there might be an event that nina will backstab yu, with these chapt said today, consider it 85% accurate already

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