tdadp ch 67

Episode 67: Marifa’s first Labyrinth

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There was a girl that seemed exceedingly sorry as she prostrated herself on the ground in apology.

“Marifa, how many times do I have tell you that you shouldn’t do this?”

“But, I…”

When Marifa brought the Black wolves she just stood outside while thinking of how to explain. The black wolves on the other hand were just playing around freely and unrestrainedly. Yu came out because it was already meal time and if Marifa didn’t get home soon the food would’ve gotten cold. However she was already standing there. When he went back inside and sat on the table, Nina and Rena were already seated. Marifa, immediately after entering the house prostrated herself on the ground.

Nina on the other hand just smiled seeing the scene.

“I don’t care anymore. Just sit and eat your food before it gets cold. The wolves can stay and become wathdogs.”

“Thank you…”

After finishing dinner, Marifa went outside to give the leftovers to the black wolves. It was also a way to increase her [Trainer] skill.

The next morning, Marifa was once again practicing her [Trainer] skill by disciplining the black wolves over breakfast. After she was done she went inside to eat her own share of it.

Today’s breakfast were fried eggs sprinkled with salt and corn soup with bread. When she finished, she asked Yu for todays’plans.

“We plan to enter the dungeon, however I haven’t finished training the black wolfs.”(Marifa)

“Don’t worry. We can go to the dungeon in the afternoon.”(Yu)

“Me too, I’ll go too. I want to check out my new equipment. Lena too, right.” (Nina)

“Are we allowed to go with you?” (Lena)

“Of course, this is Marifa’s first dungeon, going alone with just her is courting death. Ah, I remembered something too. Marifa take this.” (Yu)

“This is?”(Marifa)

Yu passed her 17 collars.

“Because the black wolves are basically monsters, we need this to keep them in check, if not the townspeople are going to cause an uproar.”

Marifa was more worried about Yu, who probably hadn’t gotten any sleep due to preparing the collars. Besides cooking, Yu was creating potions, doing the laundry, and all other kinds of things. The choker that Marifa was wearing today was also enchanted by Yu. The pocket of the maid apron was also modified by him to be able to act as an item pouch.

“I can’t only enchant the collar, if we get some more perfect magic stones then I will enchant the other.”

“Yes, master. Even without that I am prepared to go for my master.”

After lunch, Yu and the others headed towards the dungeon while Kuro stood at the entrance of the mansion and sent them off.

“Off you go master, I wish you the fortune of war! Until the Lord is back, I will protect the honor of the mansion!”

“Kuro, what happened to your strange wording where you were mixing the speach of both samurai and knights?” (Yu)

Kuro’s wording was funny. He was affected by the story of the samurais and the knights that Yu had told him so his speach was a mix between them.

“Kuro-chan, please take care of the wolves too.” (Nina)

“ We will clear the dungeon today…” (Lena)

“I’m sorry for leaving things to you Kuro.” (Mari)


When they arrived at the entrance of the dungeon, several parties were already waiting and approached them.

“Hello there, are you going to enter the dungeon?”

“Yeah, we’re entering.”

Nina was the one to return the greeting. Yu was not interested, Lena was shy and Marifa was nervous so they didn’t reply.

“You guys all seem very young.”

It was another man who said that but when he came closer Marifa backed down a step.

“Please stop.” (Yu)

“What was that? Did I offended you?”

“Please stop using the [Analysis] skill. Also I can feel your hostility.”

The man was named Maury. He had a habit of peeking trough everyone’s skills and status. Although there were people who didn’t find status as important the information about important skills can be life-threatening. No sane adventurer would go telling their skills to one another. Maybe he knew that Yu was new and considered him a low rank adventurer. He wanted to perform his habit on him but  failed. Yu and Lena were aware of that and could prevent the skill. Nina was wearing the shadow pendant so the only one he could see was Marifa. He looked at her and saw that Marifa wasthe only possible target left.

“Oh, this idiot is asking for trouble.”

Yu hit the man that seemed to be the leader of the party.

“What are you doing? I was only giving you all greetings!”

“Lying is bad. I already noticed that you are trying to see our statuses.”

Maury tried to escape but Yu pressed him on the neck.

“So, are you saying that there is no problem if you are not caught?”


When they entered the dungeon, Yu casted [Enchant Magic] on all of them.

“Marifa, this is your first dungeon dive. Although the person before wasn’t really malicious he was still trying to examine your status, so you should take care of them the moment they make a move.”

“Yes, elves and dark elves like myself were born with [Magic Eye] to see the flow of mana and magic.”

“Excellent, now let’s start searching for monsters.”

“There. You three go defeat it, I’ll only give some buff. Marifa!” (Yu)

Lena’s goal for today was testing her new staff.  In a moment a pillar of fire already surrounded the monster.

“This is, Lena’s magic…” (Mari)

“…Oh, you didn’t use an honorific when calling me..”

Not long after, Yu and Nina cought up to the girls. There lay a poison grizzly that had been charred by Lena’s magic.

“You, today is Marifa’s dungeon training!” (Yu)

“Oh.. is that so?” (Lena)

“I always thought Lena is useless…….” (Mari)


Status window
Name: Marifa Nagutsu Race: Dark Elf


Job: Tamer Level: 10
HP: 103 MP: 81
Strength: 22 Agility: 39
Vitality: 16 Intelligence: 29
Magic: 49 Luck: 3

Equiped weapons:
Elven bow (Grade 6)- No effect

Equiped armor:
Leather Jacket(Grade 6)- Defense up
Leather Boots(Grade 6)- Agility up
Leather Gauntlet(Grade 6)- HP up
Leather Choker(Grade 6)- Strenght up
Leather Bangle(Grade 6)- Magic resistance up

Yu imbued Marifa’s armor from today’s loot with [Enchant Magic]. There was no need to go so far but Yu’s was feeling a little overprotective of Marifa.


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