tdadp ch 68

Episode 68: Marifa first Labyrinth ②

Edited by bubleche


A High Kobold died because Nina plunged her Damascus dagger into its neck. A High Kobold Wizard behind it was chanting something but Lena‘s second rank [Black Magic], <<Thunderbolt>> hit him first and caused it to explode.


Marifa’s heavy breathing indicated her shock in seeing the difference in ability between her and the two girls. They were now at the 11th floor of the Golgo dungeon. Up till now the only enemies they had encountered were only ogres salamanders and golems. Actually Marifa wasn’t completely useless.

Her arrow could pierce even a golem and she could use [Spirit Magic] which was even faster than Lena’s magic. But she was barely keeping up with the speed of the two demons’ in annihilating the monsters.

“Mari-chan do you need a break?” (Nina)

“No, I can still go on.” (Mari)

“Being unreasonable isn’t good.” (Lena)

Lena then casted <<Heal>> on her. Heal was able to recover physical strength than only healing wounds.  Yu, although regularly recast some enhancement on them, didn’t help at all with the battles. He just sat there creating potions. The party proceeded with Nina and Lena at the front while usually 5-7 people in a party of D-E rank were needed to reach this far. The two’s ability might have been in the top of the D rank.

“There is no boos on the 10F. It is disappointing we can’t get any items. Let’s just hang around this area. Marifa, don’t force yourself too hard. This is your first time inside the dungeon. Check the balance of your bowstring and your arrow supply.”

In the process Yu discovered three treasure boxes. Traps had been applied to them so they needed Nina to use [Disarm Trap] first. They found 3 healing potions with high effect, a single silver dagger and two crystals.

“Let’s rest here.”

Yu wanted a drink to clear his throat. He took out a water bottle from his item pouch while giving Lena a Mana potion. While he was creating another potion Nina sneaked behind and hugged him. Then she played with his hair.

“Nina, stop doing that!”(yu)

“Yu’s hair…It’s so smooth.”(Nina)

While she was doing that Lena came and used the sitting Yu’s thigh as a pillow.

“Taking breaks in the dungeon is important.” (Lena)

“But I can’t take a break like this!” (Yu)

“Nina, Lena, please don’t bother master. He needs to rest, too.” (Mari)

Marifa was the only one that was making sure that Yu can rest.

“Mari-chan, what I’m doing is necessary for me to recover.” (Nina)

“I’m the same…” (Lena)

“Someone is coming!” (Mari)

At that moment, Marifa who had sharp hearing stood up. Nina also rose while clutching her dagger.

“5…9…25 people, a full party is coming.”

By listening carefully Marifa could hear the many footsteps that were coming closer. It was a full party that was coming from the front, running and screaming.

“Tch, how can you fail like that?”

A man was running while chastising his party. Behind them more than 10 figures could be seen. They were green skinned creatures coming in a flock. It was ogres and the number was continuing to increase.

“Yu, what should we do?” (Nina)

“Let’s halt our break.” (Yu)

Yu said that while standing up and lifted Lena’s head from his thigh and then walked towards the party that was coming.

“I wish that idiot dwarf would just die! He failed to release the trap and caused the monsters to chase us.”

“Brit, I don’t care anymore, just run!”

The ogre flock was chasing their prey while letting out a cry.

“Stupid! All the members either fled or abandoned us.” (Brit)

The man saw Yu and stopped beside him for a moment.

“I know this make no sense but please just escape!” (Brit)

The other party members also stopped next to Nina.

Marifa then moved behind Yu. Nina also grabbed Yu’s hands.

“Yu, I’m fine.” (Nina)

“Nina, please release my hand. I wanted to loot the ogres so much.” (Yu)

“Oh? You want to save us? Because this is our mistake, we will try to hold back even just one ogre.” (Brit)

“It’s not a big deal.” (Yu)

Yu then shot a magic towards the ogres.

“No chanting? But it was only <<Stone Bullet>> a first rank [Black Magic].” (Brit)

Yu only used a basic magic of the first rank. A small stone was flying towards the chest of an ogre. The second it touched the ogre its chest burst open. It was a big hole, one unlikely to have been caused by the small rock. It was like a grenade. Once the small rock got inside the body it broke up into smaller pieces like flowers and caused a big destruction.

“What happened? It died because of that <<Stone Bullet>>?” (Brit)

The ogre party stopped for a moment examining the hole in their companion and the next moment it went into ‘frenzied’ mode. The enraged ogre caused Brit to be startled before he saw what Yu had done. Around him, tens of <<Stone Bullets>> were flying in the air. In the next instance they were barraging the ogre horde.



The ogres’ death cries echoed in the dungeon. The ogres who were known for their strong bodies and skin had become minced meat in only a few minutes.

“Uncle, I will take the magic stones from those ogres, you have no problem with that, right?” (Yu)

“Oh, of course. Please take it.” (Brit)

Brit could only answer so.

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    “There is no boos on the 10F. It is disappointing we can’t get any items.
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