tdadp ch 69

Episode 69: Marifa’s first Labyrinth ③

Edited by buboleche

“Hmm, is it full of holes?”

Nina asked Yu, who made a bitter face. It was good that he defeated them quickly but the ogres’ bodies were full of holes. When selling the skin as material the holes would’ve reduced the price.”

“Whoa, I’m surprised. It was all because a stupid dwarf failed to release a trap and it got activated. If it were kobolds or even high kobolds we could’ve handled it, but suddenly a flock of ogres came out. We didn’t even have time to prepare ourselves or use a teleport stone, so we could only run while preparing for death. Sorry for the late introduction, my name is Brit, a D rank adventurer and member of the ‘Steel’ clan.”

“Yu Sato, D rank.”

“I’m Nina, D rank.”

“Marifa Nagutsu, rank F.”

The only one who didn’t give their name was Lena, who was busy polishing her wand. Brit could only give a wry smile seeing her.

“You are still young and yet you’ve already made it to D rank. That strength, do you have a clan?”

“Not interested.”

“Ah, it would be great if you join us. Although it’s rude, we need to return soon. If you make it back to Comer city, you can visit me in the guild.”

Brit seemed to still want to talk, so he took out the teleport stone with a little bit of regret.

“Finally that noisy old man is gone.”

After Brit and the party teleported, Lena joined the others. Marifa on the other side was respecting Yu more and more. He was even stronger than she had imagined. Her level of worship increased while staring at Yu with fired up eyes. After Yu finished skinning the ogres, they resumed their exploration.

Marifa had accustomed herself with the dungeon. She could launch the first attack even before Nina and aimed for the enemy that wasn’t targeted by Lena’s spell. The party started to cover each other nicely.


A High Kobold Soldier ran past Nina and aimed for Lena. Marifa hit its left shoulder and reduced its momentum of swinging the sword. When the sword came into contact with Lena’s [Barrier], a lightning struck it down.


After that Marifa shot an arrow into its neck taking advantage of the shock.

“You enchanted lightning to my [Barrier]? It was brilliant.”

Lena shifted her gaze to Yu but he kept making potions.

(To grant a [Barrier] a lightning spell was great. My MP still has some to spare) (Lena)

Previously, Lena could hardly manage her [Barrier] however after she got her 2nd job, she had more Mana left.

They proceeded trough the passage carefully. Nina’s [Awareness] could sense the hostility emanating from the room in front of them.

“There are around 5-6 monsters.” (Nina)

“I’ll do the preemptive attack.”

Lena then prepared a second rank [Black Magic] spell, <<Thunderbolt>>. After it was completed, the shrill voice of the High Kobold could be heard.

“It’s not dead yet.”

Yu said that while they were entering the room. The High Kobold Soldier in front was carrying a tower shield. It seemed that it was a magic shield because it could fend off Lena’s magic. Nina took her swords and plunged towards The Kobold Soldier however two Kobold Fighters came from behind and prevented it. Another High Kobold Wizard in the back was casting <<Fireball>> while a High Kobold Priest was casting <<Heal>> on the High Kobold Soldier.

“It would be troublesome if we don’t stop the wizard.” (Nina)

“I know…” (Lena)

Lena wanted to cast another spell but the room was too narrow and Nina was in close contact with the monsters. However before the wizard could complete the chant, an arrow flew and stuck into its eye.

“Leave it to me.” Marifa unleashed rank one [Bow Skill], <<Arrow Shower>> and launched another barrage.

The arrows avoided Nina who was fighting and landed on The High Kobold Wizard and High Kobold Priest who was chanting at the rear.

“Well done Marifa!” (Yu)

Marifa didn’t reply but her ears were getting red and twitched. Lena who was next to her was having a chagrined face. She lost an opportunity to shine. The party then proceeds smoothly to 19F. Yu also practiced his [Specter Magic] by reviving The High Kobold Fighter. He sent it forward to the boss room. After a while it was confirmed that the [Specter Magic] has lost its target.

“Next is the boss fight. I’ll recast <<Enchantment>> on you girls before we move forward.”

When they entered, the corpse of The High Kobold Fighter was lying on the ground. The monster who defeated it was an ogre (Subspecies). It was a five meter ogre carrying a two meter long bloody mace.

“It’s a red ogre!” (Nina)

“It has a high magic resistance. I can’t help much.” (Lena)

Lena’s voice changed when she noticed that her magic might not be effective on it but she still chanted a spell.


The ogre was utilizing [Warcry].

Lena and Marifa’s body were affected by the skill. Lena’s magic was interrupted while Marifa was crouching down holding her ears. It must’ve been hard on her with her sharp hearing.

Nina on the other hand managed to close in without being noticed by the ogre and tried her [Assassination Skill], <<Shadow Strike>>. She jumped but failed to reach the ogre’s neck so the hit landed on the right arm and cut it.

The ogre was a subspecies that had increased strength and high magic resistance but the Damascus dagger swung down and easily tore up its right arm without any resistance. Marifa who was freed from her stunned state shot an arrow at the pectoral muscle with the intent of making it fall to the ground. The ogre ignored that and tried to move its mace towards Nina.

“You can still stand?”

This time Marifa used [Bow Skill lvl 1], << Power Shot>>. It was an even more complex technique that enveloped the arrow in [Spirit Magic] of the wind element. The arrow sank down and cut the pectoral muscle of the ogre and caused it to stumble to the ground.


“Noisy…” (Lena)

Lena also finished casting her third rank [Black Magic], <<Raging Thunder>>. Although the skin of the ogre had high magic resistance it still landed on it. A bright lightning cluttering with a thunderous roar charred its whole body. It was now on its knees while smoke was rising from its whole body.

“Hehehe. Now I can reach its neck.”

With a mithril dagger in her left hand, Nina beheaded the ogre without it being able to react.


Status window
Name: Marifa Nagutsu Race: Dark Elf


Job: None Level: 12
HP: 110 MP: 85
Strength: 26 Agility: 42
Vitality: 23 Intelligence: 32
Magic: 52 Luck: 3
Passive Skills
Archery: LV2
Hawk Eye: LV1
Active Skills
Bow technique: LV2 ↑UP
Spirit magic: LV1
Special Skills

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