tdadp ch 70

70th Episode: Marifa first Labyrinth ④

Editted by buboleche

D rank dungeon Golgo is named so because it was found by a C rank adventurer of the same name 219 years ago.  Until now it was one of the favourite dungeons for rookie adventurers because the B rank adventurers of Comer city go to “Enrio Kusakai dungeon”. So Golgo was full of newbies that also came from the countryside.

1F to 9F were suitable for E rank adventurers and if they decided to challenge the 10F boss, it would usually be suicide. 10F and deeper was recommended to adventurers of at least D rank that had at least a level of 25 with the minimum party of 5.

If a party could successfully conquer all 30F of Golgo, it was the starting point where they could be recognized as a fully fledged adventurer. On this day, a new party was going to clear Golgo dungeon and they were definitely the youngest. In the deepest part of Golgo dungeon was a party that was currently fighting. Since 21F and deeper levels monster consisted of orc species, hence the boss of 30F was also an orc.


The Orc General unleashed [Warcry] but they had already experienced the same tactics from the ogre (subspecies). Lena and Marifa distanced themselves while holding their ears.

“Pardon me~” Nina activated her unique skill and instantly appeared behind the Orc General. And performed the [Dagger Skill lvl1], <<Critical Strike>> with both hands. It was aimed at the gap between the steel armor that covered the Orc General’s whole body. But the thick skin and muscle made it impossible for her Mithril and Damascus daggers to pierce trough.

“Nina, move back!”

Nina hearing Lena’s words tried to move away but her dagger was stuck in the tightened muscles so she had no choice but to release her hand from the dagger. She made it in time just before Lena unleashed a third rank [Black Magic], <<Raging Flame>>.


However the Orc General had high affinity to the fire element. It unleashed the skill <<Breath>> which worked by inhaling air vigorously trough the nose and blowing it out from the mouth to instantly dissipate the fire.

“How persistent!” (Lena)

“Lena, don’t melt my dagger!” (Nina)

Nina said that while letting out a pathetic voice. She was now bare handed trying to avoid some of Orc Soldiers.

(Tl: apparently orc general have orc subordinates but the author just don’t tell us it was there lol)

Aiming at the orc soldier, Marifa let loose her arrow and using the skill <<Power Shot>> easily piercing trough the Orc Soldier’s skin. But it didn’t stop the Orc Soldier from swinging down its battle axe at Nina. The weight of the battle axe and the Orc Soldier’s strength was parried by Nina bare handed.

Usually a thief class couldn’t do that but Nina’s strength was enhanced several times by Yu’s enhancement and Dragon Bracelet. Nina’s strength was now comparable to the Orc Soldier. After parrying the axe Nina grabbed the Orc Soldier’s neck and twisted it using [Assassination Skill lvl 2], << Neck Screw>>. The head twisted once and fell to the ground with foam coming from its mouth.

Another Orc Soldier was coming but this time Nina had the time to take out her spare dagger from the item pouch. It was Sword Breaker and the Black Steel Dagger as she calmly chopped the Orc Soldier to pieces. Another Orc Soldier tried to run away seeing its comrade die but Marifa’s arrow pierced in between the eyes directly to the brain.


“No, it was different.” (Mari)

“It’s the same.” (Lena)

“No, it’s not.” (Mari)

“I’ll let it go if you call me sister.” (Lena)

“I won’t call you that.” (Mari)

It was the same technique to surround the arrow in wind like <<Power Shot>> however it was more like making a wind barrier around the arrow. Marifa had to thank Lena for the hint but she didn’t want to accept the fact that she had to call her sister.

“Both of you, The Orc General is still alive and is now enraged.”

The Orc General was furious that his subordinates were killed. He took the Mithril dagger and Damascus dagger that were stuck to his flank and pulled them out. Although blood flew from the wound it wasn’t the bleeding wasn’t hard because of the thick skin. The Orc General then clenched his black steel hammer and rushed towards Nina while raising it.

The Orc General unleashed the [Hammer Technique lvl 3], <<Breakdown>> and Nina in reflex put her dagger in front to block it. When the hammer and the black dagger connected, around 5m radius below Nina, cracks formed. Cold sweat also dripped down from her forehead.

“Nina, I don’t know how much fire and thunder it will take to damage it.”

Lena calmly analyzed the strength of The Orc General and thought about what to do next. Marifa also shot arrows but they were repelled by the armor and the skin of The Orc General.

“Lena, prepare <<Raging Thunder>>.”

Nina ran towards The Orc General while Lena was doing so. The Orc General moved his hammer and tried to hit Nina again but this time she dodged it. Because his attack had failed, The Orc General went into defensive mode. Nina overwhelmed him with a flurry of attacks and aimed at the wound on his flank while using a lvl 2 [Dagger Skill], <<Sharp Pierce>>.

It was aimed at the previous wound and she kept aiming at the same spot.

“It’s ready.”

After hearing the voice, Nina planted the dagger deep in the wound. Lena’s <<Raging Thunder>> aimed at Nina’s Sword Breaker that was embedded into The Orc General’s skin. The thunder then entered his body using the Sword Breaker as a conductor. The thick skin couldn’t protect the inside of the body and it fell to the back after the flashing thunder was finished.


“It’s still alive.”

Yu calmly stepped forward and cut the neck as he cast [Depriver] on it. Gaining  [Hammer Technique lvl 4] and [Physical Ability up lvl 3].

“Whoa, my dagger got dirty.” Nina’s dagger was now covered by The Orc General’s blood.

“Nina’s dagger became a victim.” (Lena)

“Nina’s poor dagger.” (Mari)

“No, it did not. It’s just dirty, I can wash it.”

(Tl note: they are joking as if the dagger passed away lol)

Without paying attention to the silly conversation Yu started to salvage the material from The Orc General and took the perfect magic stone.

“Yu, is it okay if I open the treasure box?” (Nina)

“Oh, Nina or Lena are free to open it.” (Yu)

Today Yu didn’t open any of the treasure boxes in the dungeon. He wanted to try and see whether the content has been set or it all depends on luck. So he let Nina or Lena to open them rather than his 1 luck.

From The Orc General Yu managed to gain a perfect magic stone of rank 4 and put it into the item bag.

“What?” (Yu)

“Mithril staff…” (Lena)

Apparently Lena remembered that Yu still hadn’t enhanced her staff because he ran out of perfect magic stones.

“Because we have rank 4, I’ll try to grant [Casting Speed Up], [MP Consumption Decrease], [MP Recovery Speed Increase] and [Magic Resistance Up].”

“That’s fine…”

After the enhancement was finished he handed it back to Lena. Lena’s cheeks reddened while she clenched the mithril staff. After that she was spinning happily on the spot.

“I’ll treasure it.” (Lena)

“That is a luxurious staff.” Marifa seemed jealous seeing the quality of the staff.

“The other treasure box contains a jewel.” (Nina)

After they were finished they got out using a ‘Teleport Stone’ and headed to the Adventurer’s guild.

“Ladies and gentlemen, good evening! What kind of business do you have today?” when they arrived it was already dark but Collet greeted them energetically. When she heard that Yu wanted to sell large amount of materials she brought them to a room. Two other receptionists, Crans and Sylhet came along too.

(Tl note: finally the other receptionist got a name lol)

They immediately examined the quality of the materials.

“Scale of salamander, poison grizzly nail, this one is in bad condition but there’s a lot of ogre skin. ogre (subspecies) skin, and this one here… Orc Soldier skin, and Orc General skin? Did you clear Golgo dungeon!”

The total amount for the ogre skin was only 30 silver because the ogre skin was in a tattered state.

“You were finally able to clear it?” (Crans)

“Finally? What are you saying? This is outrageous! Yu-san just came here two months ago and he was probably the youngest one to clear it.”

Collet approached Yu excitedly but Marifa stopped her from going closer. Crans and Sylhet too came from behind and gave their consent.

“Sorry to intrude but we have finished examining the price. Ogre skin, ogre (subspecies) skin, salamander scales, fur, claws, poison grizzly liver, orc fighter skin, liver, orc soldier skin, liver, orc general skin, hearts, silver dagger and a crystal jewel also aquamarine, the total is 4 gold coins and 45 silvers.”

The price suddenly added up so much once the gem was counted. Yu immediately remembered that jewels in this world had a high value. Collet who finished counting was fidgeting. Yu apparently knew what seemed to be the problem.

“Please take this.”

“This? What is this?”

“This is a strawberry jam. You usually use this with bread. It is quite delicious.”

After that Yu left the room and the receptionists bowed down.

“Yu-san, thank you for this.” (Collet)

“What is this? Is it made from the ruby strawberry in the large forest? This is handmade right?” (Crans)

“Liar. A ruby strawberry jam can only be found in the capital and the price is five silver.” (Sylhet)

After they got home, the three receptionists were still fighting over the only bottle of strawberry jam.


Status window
Name: Yu Sato Race: Human
Job: Magic Warrior, Enchanter Level: 29
HP: 962 MP: 1399
Strength: 308 Agility: 234
Vitality: 312 Intelligence: 264
Magic: 305 Luck: 1
Passive Skills
Swordmanship: LV7 Spear mastery: LV6
Physical ability up: LV6 Awareness: LV6
Brute strength: LV6 Mp recovery rate up: LV5
Axe mastery: LV5 Body mastery: LV4
HP recovery up: LV4 Trap discovery: LV4
Fire resistance : LV4 Shield mastery: LV4
Hammer mastery: LV4 Throwing: LV4
Brute arm: LV3 Scaled skin: LV3
Rebirth: LV3 Dagger Mastery: LV3
Strong body: LV3 Night eyes: LV3
Martial arts: LV3 Dragon Eye: LV2
Abnormal state resistance: LV2 Agility up: LV2
Leadership: LV2 Darkness Resistance: LV2
Silent step: LV2 Poison resistance: LV2
Staff mastery: LV2 Carving: LV1
Casting speed up: LV1 Spirit eyes: LV1
Cooking: LV1
Active Skills
Black magic: LV6 Spear skills: LV5
Axe skills: LV5 Sword Strike: LV5
Body Enhance: LV5 White Magic: LV5
Warcry: LV5 Alchemy: LV5
Shield skills: LV4 Spirit magic: LV4
Enchant magic: LV4 Magic wearing: LV4
Appraisal: LV4 Unlock: LV4
Disarm trap: LV4 Hammer skills: LV3
Space-time magic: LV3 Dragon breath: LV3
Dagger Strike: LV3 Magic Sword: LV3
Martial arts skill: LV3 Barrier: LV2
Blacksmith: LV2 Steal: LV2
Stealth: LV2 Spear strike: LV1
Specter magic: LV2 Magic awakening: LV1
Special Skills
Unknown World Magic Eyes: LV3
Depriver: LV3
Pack leader: LV3
Herculean strength
Beast killer
Sharp hearing

Equipped weapons:

  • Spirit Sword (Grade 4): Increased damage , Yu only

Equipped armour:

  • Damascus Armor (Grade 4): confusion resistance up and sleep resistance up
  • Damascus Gauntlet (Grade 4): instant death resistance up and charm resistance up
  • Damascus boots (Grade 4): magic resistance up and abnormal state resistance up
  • Magic shield (Grade 4): magic resistance up and abnormal state resistance up


Status window
Name: Nina Levers Race: Human
Job: Thief, Assassin Level: 28
HP: 406 MP: 200
Strength: 157 Agility: 308
Vitality: 136 Intelligence: 82
Magic: 62 Luck: 22
Passive Skills
Dagger mastery: LV3
Silent step: LV3
Awareness: LV2
Trap discovery: LV2
Dual dagger: LV2
Assassination mastery: LV3 ↑UP
Dodge: LV2 ↑UP
Agility up: LV2 ↑UP
Active Skills
Stalking: LV3
Stealth: LV3
Dagger strike: LV3
Assassination skills: LV2
Disarm trap: LV2
Body enhance: LV2
Unlock: LV3 ↑UP
Steal: LV1
Special Skills
Magic guide – ground/short warp

Equipped weapons:

  • Mithril Dagger (Grade 4 ): No effect
  • Damascus dagger (Grade 4): No effect

Equipped armour:

  • Snake Dragon Leather Gauntlet (Grade 5): poison-resistance
  • Dragon Bracelet (Grade 4): all ability up


Status window
Name: Lena Forma Race: Human
Job: Magician, Witch Level: 26
HP: 207 MP: 1023
Strength: 42 Agility: 58
Vitality: 55 Intelligence: 294
Magic: 402 Luck: 16
Passive Skills
Casting Speed Up: LV4 ↑UP
Staff mastery: LV1
Magic strengthening: LV2 ↑UP
MP consumption reduction: LV1
MP recovery rate up: LV3 ↑UP
Active Skills
Black magic: LV4
White Magic: LV3
Barrier: LV3
Magic awakening: LV2
Special Skills

Equipped weapons:

  • Mithril staff (grade 4): magic up

Equipped armour:

  • Mithril Robe (Grade 4): magic resistance up
  • Rock Dragon Ring (Grade 4): defense up


Status window
Name: Marifa Nagutsu Race: Dark Elf


Job: Trainer Level: 15
HP: 138 MP: 93
Strength: 40 Agility: 53
Vitality: 38 Intelligence: 39
Magic: 59 Luck: 3
Passive Skills
Archery: LV2
Hawk Eye: LV1
Active Skills
Bow technique: LV2
Spirit magic: LV1
Special Skills

Equiped weapons:

  • Elven bow (Grade 6)- No effect

Equiped armor:

  • Leather Jacket(Grade 6)- Defense up
  • Leather Boots(Grade 6)- Agility up
  • Leather Gauntlet(Grade 6)- HP up
  • Leather Choker(Grade 6)- Strenght up
  • Leather Bangle(Grade 6)- Magic resistance up



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  2. Thanks for the chapters !

    Although blood flew from the wound it wasn’t the bleeding wasn’t hard because of the thick skin.
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