tdadp ch 72

Chapter 72 Episode: Flower garden

Edited by buboleche

At the main street of Comer city where a lot of people were coming and going, regardless of day and night, a conspicuously prominent girl was standing. All the people that walked by turned and looked back once again at her.

The reason was because there were two dog-like black wolves with the girl. One was walking excitedly in front of her and the other was walking timidly behind her. The onlookers’ gazes fell on the black wolves then at the girl, who seemed to be the owner.

That was expected. The girl was a young dark elf with a still growing body, who would eventually grow up into an enchanting woman.

“Suke, please don’t walk behind like that, you are a wolf you should be proud of it. Coro, please calm down a little, you are like a sore thumb, standing out.” The two wolves were scolded by Marifa. Suke rubbed his head on Marifa and let out a pathetic crie, while Coro was still waving his tail happily and didn’t realized that he had just been scolded. Marifa could only sigh a little seeing the two.

It was already Marifa’s 16th time inside the dungeon and every morning she always trained the black wolves before going to the dungeon in the afternoon. She also showed superb effort in training her skill. The two wolves that she brought today were one of the young and talented wolves. Although it took more effort to reach the store because of the two, she still arrived, not without struggling, of course.

She arrived at the slave shop by moving trough the crowd. The man was already waiting there. He looked at the dark elf girl and the two black wolves however his gaze was mainly fixated on the girl as if he want to devour her.

(She was still young but her body was not that bad. It was too bad I let her go.)

Coro let out a small growl when he felt the man’s gaze and Suke was looking up at Marifa uneasily.

“It’s been a while Dan, is Mago here?”

The man name was Dan, he was the grandson of the slave dealer Mago. However he was surprised that the beautiful girl seemed to know him.

“Why do you know my name?”

“Did you forget me already? I’m Marifa. You guys were taking care of me until a month ago.”

“You are Marifa? That’s a lie!”

Dan of course knew Marifa. Marifa was an ugly girl with a blind eyes, a big scar on the neck, and was as skinny like as a skeleton. The dark elf in front of Dan’s eye was a girl that was not lacking anything. A healthy girl with a charming growing body.

“So, is Mago here?”

Dan nodded in a hurry and guided her to Mago’s room.

“Hoho, it’s been a long time. I’m surprised seeing all of your wounds healed.” Despite his words, Mago was calm.

“Let’s stop with the joking.”

“I do not remember telling you a joke. So, what is your business today?”

“Did you forget? Today is my first payment due date. Also you need to check the potion.”

Marifa then took out potions from her item pouch that wass attached to the apron. The potions were nicely placed in a glass container with a lid. It would then have a label placed on them to be sold by Mago. The rumor of the first batch was already spread among adventurers and it was known they could only be bought trough him. Even if he was only running a slave trading post, he wanted to regain his former glory and open item shops.

“And this is the payment. Please look at it.”

From her front pocket Marifa took out a coin pouch. Mago opened it and counted. It were 53 pieces of gold coins.

“How did Yu gather this?” Mago was not unreasonable in asking so. Speaking of the 53 gold coins, a C rank adventurer could barely gather them.

“It was earned from the dungeon.”

Mago and Dan’s eyes opened when they heared that. Yu was able to obtain the secret to the potions, negotiate about the price, heal Marifa’s wounds, and now he heard about him being a strong adventurer.

“Hoho, although I heard that he had talent but to be able to earn this much in one month.”

“I also have another thing to ask.”

“What is it?”

“Gold flies and silver flies, despite the fact that we are soaking in their kindness, we are only flying around the house.”

Dan tried to understand what she said. It was a saying among the citizens. “Nobles were a flock of flies that gathered around gold”, “merchants are silver” because the fact that nobility gold comes from the taxes and merchants silvers come from their profit. It was as if saying that they were doing nothing but being treated with kindness, so Marifa felt the same way about Yu.

“So, what is troubling you?”

“Do you have Lori flower?”

Dan became quiet hearing that.

“Lori flowers are quite unique. It was a white flower that could turn into red.”

“Do you have it?”


“Please, tell me if you have some.”

“Yes, it is regrettable I don’t have it this time.”

After that Marifa resumed her duty. They decided the date of the next potion delivery and all other things. When she left, Mago immediately got a glass and poured sake and drank it. It was his usual routine after facing a noble opponent.

“Yu, is lunch ready yet? My stomach is getting noisy.” Mussu said that while sitting on the sofa in the living room.

“So noisy. I will make it after Marifa comes back. It was your fault for coming here to have a meal anyway.” Yu would genuinely wait for Marifa before making the lunch.

“Yu-san, please take this.” Nungu had prepared crackers and grape juice with some fruits as a snack.

“Nungu, sorry to trouble you.”

“No, it was my pleasure. I’m a butler so doing this kind of work is my job. Don’t mind me.”

The feeling he emanated was the same as Stella however Yu hadn’t noticed yet.

Mussu and Nungu visited Yu everyday whenever they got freetime and having a meal together had become something regular.

“Yo Nungu, give me some wine. You have to prioritize in serving me. Me!”

“Don’t mind something so trivial.”

“Eeh? This is not something trivial. I also know you did something in the back. Is it because of me or Yu? I heard you sneaked into Gorubado viscount’s and baron Peritto and suddenly they became quiet.”

Yu and Nina were eating the crackers while watching the scene. Across them Lena was also thinking if she should get some snacks too.

“Nothing. I was just giving flowers as gift.”

“Giving flowers?”

“Yes, a beautiful red colored flower.”

Mussu heard that and lost his interest. While drinking the wine, every day seemed so peaceful.

(Tl note: if what I think is right, the Lori flowers that Marifa asked is the same flower that Nungu gives as a gift. It was basically a metaphor and the real meaning of the white turn red flowers is blood has been spilled? Lol)

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