tdadp ch 73

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73 Episode: Order of Immortal

Edited by buboleche

Chikin Mountain was a mountain in the Hameln territory that was also known as the “Dragon’s Nest”. It was because there were many dragon species inhabitting the mountain. The lowest one was a rank 6 Earth Dragon that could be considered as the weakest of the dragon species. If a normal person stepped into the mountains their fate was sealed.

One man dared to walk in that dangerous place while humming. He had furry ears and tail indicating that the man was from the wolf tribe.

The man’s nose twitched and he said: “Come out, my sense of smell can’t be fooled.”

After he said so, a 12m long dragon jumped out from behind. It had the distinctive red scales of the fire dragons. The fire dragon and the man eyes met. Although the fire dragon saw him as a prey, the man only grinned and took out the hammer he was carrying on his back without panic. Seeing that the man wasn’t frightened, the pridful fire dragon couldn’t let it go and started leaking out fire from his mouth.

“Hehehe, an angry fire lizard is more fun to handle.”

The enraged fire dragon swung his front claw causing large cracks on the ground because his target’s figure had gone missing.

“Muscles of iron, body of steel, grant me the power <<Harden>>.”

It was level 3 [Enchantment Magic]. His body’s ability enhanced greatly but the fire dragon didn’t notice that. The fire dragon’s mouth was starting to emit fire and it unleashed <<Breath of Fire>>. The man easily dodged and closed the distance between him and the fire dragon’s chest. He swing down his hammer and planted it in the dragon’s right foot.

The fire dragon didn’t take the attack seriously thinking that his hard scales could handle it. However the hammer used by the man wasn’t a regular hammer. It was created from the hardest scales of the dragon race, the steel dragon. Easily the man’s ‘Steel Dragon Hammer’ broke the fire dragon’s right foot.

“Noisy like a mosquito.”


The fire dragon fell to the ground letting out a scream. The man walked towards the fire dragon’s head and pinned it down using one of his legs.

“You can’t even be a good replacement for a torch.”

The man once again swung down his hammer while using the skill <<Hammer Fall>>. Immediately a red blood flower bloomed .

“Hehe, a beautiful flower.”

As if he already lost his interest, the man walked and started humming again.


“Hey everyone, is everybody here?”

“You have the guts to come late!”

“It’s good manners for the young ones to wait for their elders.”

“Don’t talk like that Meri-chan, you sound like a grandma.”

The one who said that was the man who killed the fire dragon to smithereens. He was now deep inside the Chikin Mountains. It was a place that couldn’t be visited because of the various dragon species guarding it.

“Oh, it seems I just came to a very dangerous place.”

“Dangerous? Of course not. There’s only my cute pet around here.”

The one who talked was a woman from the dragon race. Behind her, Earth Dragon, Fire Dragon, even Steel Dragon followed quietly. There was also the wolf man who muttered “what a monster”.

“For Go-chan, the death apostle from ‘Order of Immortal’, what could be considered as dangerous to you?” It was spoken by an Elf woman in a bright tone. The dragon woman didn’t hide her discomfort when she saw her.

“Goria, you should not make her angry.”

A dwarf came and tried to calm down the dragon woman.

“What do you care?”

The dragon woman’s body trembled for she couldn’t hold her anger. The three dragons that she brought with her instantly turned into minced meat. In the middle of their corpses the dragon woman stood calmly.

“Whoa… remind me to not provoke your wrath. So what is the purpose of gathering us here?”

Goria didn’t even think about waiting for her anger to subside before asking.

“I have work for you Go-chan. I need you to bring a human boy.”

“Eh? My job is only to kidnap a boy?”

He replied lazily while playing with his hammer.

“It’s a human boy with black hair and eyes.”

“Black hair and eyes.”

“Yes, The Holy Church seems to be interested in the boy too.”

“So, do you know where can I find him? I don’t want to massacre a whole country just to look for the brat.”

“I heard he is staying in Houdon Kingdom’s Comer city. Maybe you can finish the job in a week?”

Goria was angry now, too. His mission was to kidnap a boy and The Holy Church was also involved. If only he could go on a rampage.

“Alright, I’ll do it and return.”

“Go-chan, good luck on your first task. Meri-chan, by the way what is that lizard doing here?”

“Oh? You can take care of it if you want Azerotte.”

“Poor Lizard, coming for some meat?”

The dragon who just arrived on the scene couldn’t tell the power difference. It was stopped by the dwarf.

“Ehehe, don’t be impatient.”

Azerotte was smiling while holding up his right hand towards the dragon. In the next moment thunder poured on the ground in a radius of ten meters. It was the fifth rank [Elemental Magic], <<Thunderclap>>. It was completed instantly without chanting.

The dragon scales proved to have high magic resistance but the thunder easily burned the dragon until it was charred. Azerotte went away while the only one who was left was Goria who muttered: “monsters…”

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