tdadp ch 75

75th Episode: Meeting

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In a hut filled with spies from The Holy Church, one monster could be spotted. A man was standing beside it while another man was in the air being lifted by the monster’s tail that was coiled around his neck.

The name of the monster was 「Chimera」a rank 4 monster with a goat body, a serpent’s tail and a lion’s head.

The man standing beside him had a specialized job, 【Beast Tamer】.

“Did you know you just failed your mission?”

It was the Beast Tamer that was saying this to the head spy that was currently being strangled by the 「Chimera」.

“One more mistake and you will be immediately ‘relieved of duty’. Now, do you feel like telling me your report?”

The man gave a signal to the 「Chimera」 to release the man. The head spy was breathing heavily trying to catch his breath.

“Haa, haa, It will be the same no matter how many time I say it! We weren’t able to analyze Yu Sato’s ability by using 《 Analysis 》. He has a wide range 【Awareness】skill that makes it hard for us to come closer and Joseph is always protecting him.”

The next moment the head spy was hit on the head.

“Even so, is that the extent of your skills? Even a blind man can see that. Don’t you have anything else to add?”

When he said that, a 「Forest Panther」came forward letting out a low growl preparing to lunge itself at the man.

“Wait! A dark elf girl!”

“Dark elf girl?”

“Just recently Yu Sato purchased a Dark Elf girl from the slave dealer. Her name is Marifa and Yu Sato completely healed her condition. Her status may be lower than his other companions but she was able to tame a dozen 「Black Wolves」to guard his mansion. That’s what makes it harder to collect information about him. Other than Joseph, Mussu is also guarding him from behind the shadows.”

“And you call yourself a member of The Holy Church spies when you are unable to break trough a mansion guarded by 「Black Wolfs」, a mere rank 2 monster?”

The man glared at the head spy while stroking the head of the 「Forest Panther」.

“Of course I can get past their guards but another formidable gatekeeper awaits there?”

“A gatekeeper? Doesn’t a spy like you excel in 【Assassination】. You can’t take him out?”

“It wasn’t a normal gatekeeper. It was a goblin and not a normal one on top of that. It was a variant goblin and it doesn’t need any rest. I didn’t even see it go to bed. Some of my comrades even…”

The head spy showed a bitter face remembering his fellow companions.

“How can I let this mission be prolonged any further? I’ll give you some pointers. In one week high level adventurers from Comer city will go to the capital. Earl Mussu will also go to the Capital and Joseph will accompany him. You know what you have to do, right? Use any means possible to get Yu Sato. The security in Comer city will be weakened so you better use this opportunity wisely.”

“Yes sir, I will do my best.”

After that the 「Forest Panther」beside him jumped to behind him and bit another spy in the neck. From the wound a fountain made of blood appeared and dyed the floor of the hut bright red.

The man controlling the beast was named Clyde. He had been stripped of his title as a knight of the order of Holy Knights of The Holy Church. Doing this level of cruelty was not a problem. If he had to he could even exterminate the whole Comer city and its 100,000 residents. He couldn’t sleep due to the excitement he was feeling when thinking about it.

“One week from now…”


The next day Yu was called again by Mofisu. This time it was regarding a quest. Yu and his party headed to Comer city’s east gate and gathered with the rest of the subjugation group.

The subjugation group consisted of Siam and two of his lackey from the ‘Crimson Meteor clan’. Moran, Ann, and Memetto from the ‘Kimutsuki Flower’. Lalit, Eckart, and last but not least, Yu and his party.

After Joseph saw that everyone had gathered he nodded and spoke.

“Listen! This time we will head out to investigate a forest 10 kilometers to the east of Comer city.”

“Isn’t that the 「Forest of Marma」? At most the monsters are only rank 1 or 2. Why is there a need for so many of us?” Moran said that while wondering.

“Yes, our destination is 「Forest of Marma」.”

“I won’t go. Do you think I’m a fool? Even if it was a D rank labyrinth, I won’t go. We even cleared the Capital city’s  「Garden of Barurotte」dungeon and the「Golgo dungeon」easily. It’s just a waste of time doing some low level quest. I think even the rest of ‘Kimutsuki Flower’ clan agrees with me.”

Moran wasn’t just a normal adventurer. Although she was a woman she had dived into dungeons more than the average male adventurers of the same rank. Of course it was normal for her to reject such a low level quest.

“Wait, we from ‘Crimson Meteor’ clan also want the same exemption. To begin with my level is already 32. It’s enough to get promoted to C rank. Joseph, you should know this already.” Siam also said that he won’t do the quest.

“You guys are seriously just a bunch of blockheads. Do you think this would be such an easy quest? Recently a rank 4 「Yellow slime」was sighted at 「Forest of Marma」that normally only has rank 1 to rank 2 monsters. Do you know what this means?”

When Joseph said that only Lalit could understand what his statement meant.

“Joseph-san, is it possible? Has a new dungeon appeared?”

Lalit’s sentence silenced the noisy Moran and Siam.

“It’s not confirmed but the possibility is high. It might be a dungeon with a rank of C or higher. As you know the deeper the dungeon the higher the rank the monster will be. If this rank 4 「Yellow slime」is a monster that has been stranded from the dungeon’s lower levels…you can imagine the rest.”

“Alright, we will participate without complaining. However I was wondering what aret hey doing here?” Moran said so while pointing at Yu and his party.

Yu was obviously not interested as he was stroking Suke and Coro without even looking at Moran. Nina was combing Yu’s hair while he was doing that. Lena was basically just shy and Marifa was looking at Moran with hostility.

“What does that mean?” (Marifa)

“Well, if you look at our levels and jobs it’s apparent we are different. In particular your party’s equipment is mostly beginner clothes made of leather and you, you are even wearing a maid clothes.”

At that Marifa walked in front of Moran.

“What? Do you have any complaint?”

“Don’t you know it’s not a good thing to reveal your own job and level to everyone. Those kind of adventurers may even just lie about it. There’s no need to worry about this equipment since it was given to me by my master and is enhanced.”

Siam’s face turned red when Marifa said that.

“It’s certainly stupid to just boast about yourself. You on the other hand, do those dogs and goblin belong to you?  Your class may be 【Tamer】or【Beast Tamer】so it’s not that bad. However doing 【Enchantment】 to a whole set of beginner equipment is a foolish thing. I wonder who that foolish alchemist is. “

(tl note: if you remember, granting skill to equipment / 【enchantment】on equipment can only be done by alchemist normally.)

Moran then examined Marifa’s equipment and realized that what she had said was true.

Really, all of her equipment has 【Enchantment】 on them.〕- (Moran)

“Moran, why do you always act like this?”

App then came from behind and pushed Moran’s head down and made him bow to Marifa in an apology.

“I’m sorry. She is always so insensitive and hard headed. Please don’t feel offended by her words. Really, even doing 【Enchantment】to just one piece requires at the least 10 gold and one perfect magic stone. It is amazing to have a full set of enchanted beginner equipment.”

Yu actually didn’t mind at all about Moran’s words. He was playing with Sukke and Coro. Apparently the goblin mentioned was Kuro which was standing behind Yu and his party while glaring at the people from the ‘Kimutsuki Flower’ clan.

Eckart was standing blankly with a sleepy face, yawning.

“Haha. It seems like you have become close.”

Despite not having even introduced themselves yet, Joseph said something like that without seeming to care about the slightly prickly atmosphere.

“Moran, I’m still sleepy so quiet down.” This was said by Memetto who had been silent from the beginning.

“First App didn’t support me, now you to Memetto?”

“Moran, aren’t you aware of the killing intent that has been directed toward us from the very beginning.”

“Is that about the black goblin and that dark elf girl?”

“No, it wasn’t theirs that scared me. When you mentioned the foolish alchemist I could feel the thirst for blood from the silent girl carrying the staff. But more importantly the playful girl with the big chest’s blood thirst was as if she wouldn’t hesitate to kill us.”

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  1. “In particular your party’s equipment is mostly beginner clothes made of leather and you, you are even wearing a maid clothes”
    WUT?! When did they change equipment?! I remember their equipment costing 2000 gold per person.

  2. thanks,

    However I was wondering what aret hey doing here?”
    –> are they

    App then came from behind and pushed Moran’s head down and made him bow to Marifa in an apology.
    –> made her bow (isn’t Moran a woman ?)

  3. A made clothes is a beginner equipments? Bullshit! Everybody knows that a maid clothes is a legendary set that has been bestowed by the almighty *** ** ********.

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