tdadp ch 78

Episode 78: Night Pervert

(ps: the chapter is keep on getting longer, 3k words raw ajajaja, and the title is misleading lol. This chapter is 2,3k words aaaaaaaa… so much)

(ps: regular chapters count this week, tdadp 1 more left, other series is done, I’ll continue on the sponsored, some original and the 6 new project now only have 5 to go. Yeay)

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After escorting the mother and daughter pair, Yu still hadn’t returned to where Joseph and the others awaited. Around the area, carcasses of 「Giant Ants」 could be seen.

“There might be other 「Giant Ants」 lurking around.”

Lalit said that as he started to dismantle the 「Giant Ants」 as subduing proof. Samoha got tense and serious hearing that. (Tl note: now one of Siam’s lackeys got a name, Samoha lol)

Since Yu and his party had yet to return, Siam had taken the front line, defeating monsters using his 【Magic sword】. Memetto, Eckary and Ann also helped in the battle. The annoying thing about the 「Giant Ants」 wasn’t their strength. It was that worked in groups which caused even Samoha and Inu to fight hard in battle. (Tl note: now the other lackey got his name, Inu)

“Darn it. Yu isn’t likely to come back today. We might need to spend the rest of the day camping here.”

Inu and Samoha heard Joseph and got scared.

“Joseph, are you kidding me? This place is full of monsters with rank 4!” (Inu)

“It is as you say Inu, we can’t let Siam camp in such a dangerous place.” (Samoha)

Lalit and Eckart as the more experienced bunch listened to that with an amazed face.

“Hahaha, this is so funny. It’s not strange for adventurers to stay the night in a dangerous place. A higher level dungeon requires days to clear and if you think this place is dangerous, you’d better abandon any dungeon related quest later on.”

“Joseph, I’ll follow your decision. We can’t go back and just abandon this mission by returning to town. Inu, Samoha, make the necessary preparation.”

Under Siam’s order, Inu and Samoha couldn’t find any other excuse. Soon, the camp was erected.

As a servant of Siam’s, who was a noble, Inu and Samoha erected a camp worthy of being called a noble-like camp. Inside the tent, there was a desk and a simple chair, tableware made from silver and the size was big enough for all of them.

“Really, having a noble in the party is making a huge difference.”

“If you want Joseph, you can stay with me.”

“Well, I’ve been waiting for you to ask me.”

Meanwhile Ann and the girls prepared their own tent and refused Siam’s invitation. When Yu arrived, he raised his own tent. He created chair and a desk using 《Earth Magic》, raising their tent not far from the others. Marifa lay a thin fabric on the chair and a white cloth on the table.

“Oh, that was a good idea- creating chair and desk using 《Earth Magic》. Although we have 「Item Bag」, but the amount it can hold is limited. I’ll remember this trick and learn 《Earth Magic》 later.”

Memetto was preparing a meal while watching what Yu was doing.

“Yeah, let’s do that later Memetto. Speaking of which, Siam really looks like a noble dressed like that.”

Siam by now had changed his whole attire. He was now covered in a dazzling silver robe. There was even an accessory, made from pure gold,hanging from his neck. He looked like a royal knight rather than a plain adventurer.

“Does every noble dress like this?”

“Siam may look like an amazing person dressed like that but the real amazing thing is the equipment over there.”

Memetto was cooking the dried meat, when Ann said that shifting her gaze.

“You see Nina? Dragon bracelet, Demon bracelet, Fairy earrings, Damascus dagger and Mithril dagger. Lena has a mithril staff, and a Rock Dragon ring. That is not standard equipment of D rank adventurers. Even B rank adventurers have a hard time collecting them. I wonder if they have a great merchant or noble backing them.”

“Equipment isn’t everything. Hmph, the real adventurers should be judged on their ability.” Moran said while chewing on a piece of hard bread.

“Yu, do you mind if I and Eckart join you? Because none of us can cook.” (Lalit)

“Yes, no problem.” (Yu)

“Thank you!” (Eckart)

Eckart sat down with the usual friendly smile and Yu paid him no attention as he concentrated on the pan. He took some fat from the 「Boar soldier」’s meat and put it on the pan. The fat acted as oil before he put in the meat. Soon the smell of cooked 「Boar soldier」 meat filled the air. Yu followed up by putting in various types of spices and herbs and lastly added some water and vegetables.

In the mean time Marifa poured the drinks and prepared the table. There was a butter roll bread which was a popular in the Comer city bakery, served with ham and fresh salad. Even before the meal was ready, Lalit and Eckart were drooling and involuntarily swallowed their saliva.

“Come, the meal is now ready. Don’t be so reserved.”

Quickly Nina sat beside Yu and Lena tried to take the seat on his other side. Their expressions changed when Joseph suddenly sat down and took Lena’s place before she could sit down.

“Can I join you?”

“I thought you are going to stay with the noble camp and how can I refuse when you already sat down?”

“Well, they didn’t serve rice and I see you have some.”

Marifa stood behind Yu and gave the remaining meat to Suke and Coro. Lena who was angry at Joseph, took it out on the poor wolves and pinched their nose. Marifa could only watch her while laughing.

(Tl note: at this point, Marifa is laughing because Lena spot is taken and just like her, she couldn’t sit near Yu)

Seeing Marifa laugh at her, Lena fixed her posture as if nothing had happened and cleaned the dirt that was attached to her robe.

“You forced me to do this.”

Lena then moved to Yu’s side and sat in his lap.

(Tl note: Nina and Marifa open must be gaping open lol)

She wore a triumphant face while glancing at Marifa whose only response was her twitching ears but it was obvious she was holding back and trying to not act violently in front of Yu.

“Oh, Lena, you took a good spot.” (Nina)

“I was wondering how you haven’t done this already.” (Lena)

“I wanted to do it but…”

Lena’s small stature didn’t disturb Yu, but if it was Nina, she thought that she might need to go on a diet first.

“Really, this meat is so good. The vegetables are sweet and perfect. I could eat this a whole day long.”

“The food is good, even the bread and salad taste amazingly good.”

Lalit and Eckart hands didn’t stop even for a moment. Siam and Ann were sending  them envious glares at them.

“It feels like the family has come to have a feast.” (Lalit)

“I wonder if you can call it that instead of gorillas raiding your kitchen.” (Joseph)

“Gahaha, you guys are flattering me too much.” (Eckart)

“Sigh, I wish I didn’t know these two.” (Joseph)

As they continue eating, they shared stories which deepened their bond. After dinner had ended it was time to decide the night guard shifts.

As the night went on, only the sound of the crackling firewood could be heard.

“Master, where are you going?”

Suddenly, a voice asked. It was Kuro.

“I’m going to take a bath.”

Suke and Coro opened their eyes but after seeing that it was only Yu, they returned back to sleep. Soon, he disappeared into the darkness. He might’ve wanted to use this time to deprive skill from the monster around but an unexpected company was coming.

“Master, I’m going with you.”

“Master, I think I need to guard you too.”

Marifa came up to Kuro and followed after him. So right now he needed a change of plans. He maked a tub using 《Earth Magic》, filled it with water using 《Water Magic》 and heated it up using 《Fire Magic》.

When Yu started to undress, Marifa came closer to the side to keep his clothes but she froze in place seeing his back.

(Tl noe: just in case you forget, it was full of wounds from his step father abuse and the loan shark)

“Marifa, do you want to enter first? I can also change the temperature if it’s too hot.”

Since there was no reply, he asked again. “What is it?”


Marifa replied softly as her tears spilled over. Afterwards Yu asked Kuro to back away and Yu remained with Marifa.

(Tl note: I wonder when his bath scene with girl will be explained. So far he enters with Nina but that scene was skipped like this one. Hahahaha pardon my ero minds)


In the middle of the darkness the figure of a man walking could be seen. Kuro holding his battle axe stopped in front of him.

“Human, stop it!”

“Oh, it’s just the goblin that belongs to Yu. You know, Yu is taking a bath so I think I will enter together with him, for some male bonding time.”

Joseph tried to walk past Kuro while making some funny expression as Kuro swang his battle axe.

“As I said, you cannot proceed.”


“I don’t think you have the right intention dressed like that.”

“What is wrong with my appearance?”

“An adult man walking in the middle of the night, wearing only boots and underwear, is that normal?”

If he dressed like that walking in the city someone might have rang the alarm. Pervert!

“It is my duty to protect my master from such dangerous people.”

Kuro then unleashed his 【Body Enhance】.

“Whoa, what a surprise to see a monster beautifully executing that technique.”

Kuro had always been training up to this day, how could he not be confident in his technique.

Not to mention that Kuro was originally a rank 4 monster. Under such rigorous training, his ability had already surpassed those of rank 4. He was like a strong black wall, standing between those who wanted to inflict harm to his master.

Kuro swung down his battle axe, amplified by the 【Body Enhance】, the force behind it could be imagined. However his enemy was Joseph.


Not long after, Kuro’s pained voice resounded in the middle of the night.


After easily defeating Kuro, Joseph resumed walking. He was surprised to see Nina standing there.

“Aw, Ojou-chan, what are you doing dressed like that?”

Nina’s appearance wasn’t any different from Joseph’s. She was only wearing underwear and a white shirt above.

“I could ask you the same thing. Where are you going?”

“I heard Yu was taking a bath so I wanted to have some male bonding time with him.”

“Tch. You can’t do that since I’m the one who will be entering with him.”

“Then, we can all enter together.”

The next second, Joseph was taking a step backwards because of the tremendous bloodlust being emitted by Nina.

“Are you courting death?”

“Ojou-chan, I wonder is that the real you. You are talking differently.”

“Is that so? Maybe… I am still in my puberty, after all.”

Nina’s killing intent kept on growing wilder. Joseph was also surprised how different she was from her usual playful demeanor.

“Are you guys fighting?”


“This is Joseph’s fault.”

Behind Nina, Yu appeared with Marifa stand behind him.

Because he had just finished taking a bath, his upper body wasn’t covered. He only wore short pants and a towel hung down from his neck.

“Yu~ Joseph said he wanted to enter the bath with you but I am the one who is supposed to go with you.”

Joseph was now puzzled. Nina returned to her usual self and her killing intent could not be felt anywhere. However when his gaze shifted to Yu’s body, he could feel an anger bubling

“Who did that to you?”


“That, the wounds on your body. Did yu get them during fights?”

Even if it’s only his upper half, it was covered badly in wounds that had healed. But just by lookin at them one could tell how severe they were.

“It would be nice if that was true.”

“was it Stella?”


“Then who did that?”

“They were given to me by the woman who gave birth to me and the man who married her. I wish they were received during battle, though.”

(Tl note: now his mother abused him too?)

Joseph clenched his teeth and fist so hard that a little more force and he would’ve started bleeding from it.

(I wonder if we offended him when we talked about how the dinner felt like one in a big family) – Joseph

“So, where are they?” (Joseph)

“I don’t know and I don’t even think I will meet them again. Anyway, are you going to enter the bath, the water is still warm so you can enter it  anytime.”

Seeing that, Nina walked towards Yu and hid his scars by hugging him from the front and Marifa did the same to his back.

Joseph could only remain there silently and couldn’t believe what he just found out. Yu couldn’t imagine that it was Joseph when he was standing there with such an expression.


Status window
Name: Siamese De Blood Race: Human


Job: Knight, Magic Knight Level: 31
HP: 1364 MP: 421
Strength: 347 Agility: 198
Vitality: 353 Intelligence: 81
Magic: 132 Luck: 26
Passive Skills
Swordsmanship: LV2 Archery: LV2
Spear Mastery: LV1 Shield Mastery: LV1
Active Skills
Sword Strike: LV2 Bow Technique: LV1
Spear Strike: LV1 Shield Technique: LV1
Black Magic: LV3 Magic Sword: LV3
Body Enchance: LV2 Speed Technique: LV1
Special Skills

Equipped weapon:

  • Silver Sword(Grade 4): Auto Repair

Equipped Armor:

  • Silver Helm(Grade 4): Magic Resistance Up
  • Silver Aarmor(Grade 4): Abnormal State Resistance Up
  • Silver Gauntlet(Grade 4): Strength Up
  • Silver Greaves (Grade 4): Agility Up
  • Knight Shield (Grade 5): Fire and Water-Resistance Up

Equipped Accessories:

  • Knight Cloak (Grade 5): Wind and Earth Resistance Up
  • Mithril Earrings (Grade 4): Magic Resistance and Magic Up


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  1. thanks…

    Lena who was angry at Joseph, took it out on the poor wolves and pinched their nose.
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    Joseph was now puzzled. Nina returned to her usual self and her killing intent could not be felt anywhere. However when his gaze shifted to Yu’s body, he could feel an anger bubling
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    (Tl note: now his mother abused him too?)
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    However when his gaze shifted to Yu’s body, he could feel an anger bubling
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  2. When I saw “Siamese De Blood” I thought ‘wut de bloody hell is dis name’

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  3. Marifa replied softly as her tears spilled over. Afterwards Yu asked Kuro to back away and Yu remained with Marifa.

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  4. “The Siamese is a clever, active cat and is known for his willingness to play fetch and walk on a leash.”

    I’m going to post this everytime I see his name, please live long in this series, Siamese!

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