tdadp ch 79

79th Episode: The difference in strength

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I was offering them collaboration but they are doing fine themselves and their schedule will be one chapter a week or more…)

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“Should I take him as my nephew? Hm….”

Yu was somewhat irritated seeing Joseph walking beside him. Joseph kept on muttering something. It wasn’t strange for him to talk to himself but he was clearly overdoing it right now. After breakfast had finished, Yu couldn’t help but notice his strange behavior.

“Do you have a problem?”

“Eh, Yu! No, none at all.”

“But you are acting strange.”

“Well, how should I say it.”

“I don’t know, why are you asking me?”

“Hey how about a little bit of help over here?” at this time, Lalit shouted from the distance, asking for help from Joseph.

“Eckart, hold your position!”

“Your request is unreasonable.”

As Yu and Joseph were talking with each other while walking, Lalit and Eckart found themselves surrounded by monsters. Their appearance was like a giant tree and if not for the fact that could move, one wouldn’t realize that it was a monster. With height of 4-5 meters , they were monsters called 「Treant」. Compared to them, even the 2.5 meter tall Eckart looked like a child. The 「Treant」 swung down its branches towards Eckart, taking advantage of its height. Eckart could only raise his shield to try and block but his feet sank to the ground because of the impact.

“We need to cut off its branches to limit its attack. Moran, you cut it down while I attract its attention and Memetto, use 《Water Magic》 on it.”(Ann)

“Leave it to me.”(Moran)


“Your enemy is me! 《Taunt》!” (Ann)

“The spirit of water, hear my call, become my blade. 《Water Blade》!” (Memetto)

This was the usual winning pattern for the trio. While Ann was tanking, Moran unleashed flurry of attacks and from the back line Memetto cast her magic. As Memetto finished her chant, Ann and Moran stepped back in unison as they were used to syncing with each other. Soon the 《Water Blade》 hit the 「Treant」 and it caused it to split into two.

“Hehehe, this is easy. Over there, if you need help just tell us.”

Moran said that to Siam that was now surrounded by five 「Treants」.

“Darn it. That woman is making fun of me. Inu, where are you?”


Siam was busy with fending off the 「Treant」’s attack and fighting back by using his 【Magic Sword】’s skill. His sword was enveloped in a bright red flame. However his party’s strength was unbalanced. The 「Treants」 aimed at Inu and its attack landed on him. Like a stone being thrown into the air he was pushed backwards.



When he landed, the attack seemed to had an effect on internal organs. Inu coughed up blood as he fell to the ground. The 「Treant」 didn’t change its target. It was ignoring Siam and heading towards Inu. It was slowly approaching the motionless Inu.

“This is bad! Inu, run!”

Samoha shouted but Inu didn’t react. He could only crouch down because his insides were torn up. Before the 「Treant」 arrived, a small shadow reached Inu first.

“Ugh… who are you?”


Even if she was saying that, Lena casted 《Heal》 on him. Under the effect of the spell, Inu’s pale face regained some colour.

“I’m sorry to trouble you. Thanks to you I survived. Ugh, behind you!”

Inu noticed the 「Treant」that had arrived but it was too late, it already started to swing its branch downwards. The moment the branch was going to come into contact with Lena, Inu closed his eyes.


Accompanied with a dull sound, Inu opened his eyes slowly, not wanting to witness the gruesome scene. However Lena was standing there normally and continued to cast 《Heal》. The 「Treant」 saw that its attack had failed and started to launch another one. Once again, its attack couldn’t reach her. It was stopped by her 《Barrier》.

“You are treating me while also fending off its attack?”

“…I’m done here. “

After Lena finished treating Inu’s wound she turned back and faced the tree monster. While she was treating Inu’s wound, she couldn’t cast an attack spell but right now she could do it freely. A flash of thunder appeared in her hands before it flew towards the 「Treant」. It was the third rank 【Black Magic】, 《Raging Thunder》. As the 「Treant」 continued its pointless attack that was blocked by Lena’s 《Barrier》 as usual, the lightning hit it.

“…persistent tree.”

The tree monster didn’t stop attacking Lena even for a moment. Only when the thunder hit its body did it stop. It happened in the blink of an eye as the 「Treant」’s body turned into a black charcoal with smoke slowly rising from it.

“Whoa, to be able to defend its attack and to then finish it off in a single blow. How powerful.”

“Hey, don’t you know they are weak to fire?” Siam who was fighting in the distance asked Lena.

“Don’t you know that we are fighting inside a forest. Did you think it was wise to use fire?”

“What’s your point?”

“In case your fire caused a spark and the surroundings cought fire, we could’ve ended up in a forest of flames. Maybe your brain couldn’t think of such a thing.”

“You dare mock me? It was a reflex. I was suddenly surrounded by 「Treants」.”

“You think you are great normally?”

Siam looked around and saw Ann, Lalit, even Nina were fighting the 「Treants」that had ganged up on Siam earlier and were already defeating them.

“I can see you came to help me. But what about him?”

Siam was referring to Yu who was getting surrounded by 4 「Treants」that were coming from behind him. Without even looking, Yu aimed his hand to the back and casted first rank 【Black Magic】, 《Stone Bullet》. Immediately dozens of small stone grains were flying towards the approaching monsters. The small rocks burst open and caused a large hole on the tree monsters’ bodies. Three of them died instantly. The last one didn’t fall upon the attack since it was the largest, 6m tall. Although its body was full of holes, it kept on moving, trying to attack Yu. It swangs down its branch and Yu dodged it by jumping.

Taking into calculation that the human body couldn’t jump that high and Yu’s jump was around 3 meters he couldn’t dodge the tall monster’s attack far enough.

“That fool!”

Of course the one who said that was Siam. The six meters plus the branches’ length were long enough to reach Yu. There was no reason that this attack cant hit him.

In the next instant nobody could believe what they were seeing. Yu jumped once again. Everyone was dumbfounded seeing Yu jump once again in the middle of the air without any foothold. Only Memetto was aware of his trick.

The「Treant」missed his chance and stumbled down to the ground. Yu came and delivered the finishing blow by slashing down with his sword.

“I didn’t know you can use it like that.” (Memetto)

“Memetto, what do you mean? Is that a skill?” Ann asked her out of curiosity. However Memetto was looking at Yu as if awaiting approval.

“Come on, tell me.” (Moran)

“Wait, let me think this trough carefully.” (Memetto)

Memetto was now biting her nails. It was her habit when thinking. She tried to sum up what she saw briefly.

“When he was jumping in the air, that wasn’t a skill. Ann didn’t you realize that for a brief moment, when he jumped in the air, we could feel magical power being emitted. He condensed a large amount of magical power in the air and used it as a foothold. It’s like he made a thin thread in the air. Probably he found the mother and daughter pair yesterday by using the same trick but it was by extending it forward.”

“Memetto, if they were not your words, I would not believe it. That magical power fluctuation was invisible to my eyes. You said that it was very thin and like a thread but do you know how much concentration you need to spend just to maintain one of them? If he could find the daughter and mother pair from yesterday with this method, are you saying that he is keeping it searching all the time?”

Memetto could only fall into silence hearing Ann’s rebuts. Moran on the others side was just confused by their conversation.

“Tch, only that many 「Treants」. Don’t be so proud.” Siam said that while approaching Yu but he wasn’t paying attention to him. Yu’s eyes were looking at Joseph that was leaning on a tree, sleeping. He even snored.

“That man seemes to be out of his mind… tch, there is still another one.”

“What did you say?”

Everyone was surprised except Lalit and Nina who had prepared their weapons already.


From the place where Lalit pointed out, a giant mushroom appeared. The mushroom had legs and arms coming out of it like a cartoon character but Memetto’s expression turned grim, seeing it.

“「Flame Shooter Mushroom」, Moran , Memetto, be careful!” (Ann)

When they heard Ann saying that, the two girls immediately made distance from the target.

“Everyone, 「Flame Shooter Mushroom」 is a rank 4 monster. Be careful and maintain your distance.”

Moran tried to convey the message to the others but Inu and Samoha were  already running towards it.


“When facing it, you can’t go near.”

“I am amazed at how reckless they can be.”

When Inu and Samoha approached the 「Flame Shooter Mushroom」, it let out a strange shriek sound and its body started to shake.


Suddenly, from its umbrella shaped body many red colored spores were released into the air.


That 「Flame Shooter Mushroom」’s spores touched Inu’s arm and it felt like it was on fire. Samoha had it worse as it had hit his eye. He covered his eyes using his hand but the outcome wasn’t any better. He couldn’t see so he swallowed the spores.


The severe pain came as the spores entered his lungs. His insides were literally being burned.

“「Flame Shooter Mushroom」, is a moster from 「Barurotte Garden」dungeon, what is it doing here?”

Siam was baffled. He wanted to help his lackeys but he couldn’t approach them. The 「Flame Shooter Mushroom」 then approached Samoha and grabbed him by the neck.

“What can we do?” Eckart was trying hard to blockthe spores using his shield but some of them still hit his arm. His face distorted because of the burning pain.

Memetto tried to launch 《Ice Spear》 and it successfully hit. It pierced the 「Flame Shooter Mushroom」, but it looked like it wasn’t effective.

“You can only hit it from a distance and you shouldn’t approach it.”

Ann tried to warn Yu but he was busy discussing things with Nina and Marifa. After that, Nina and Marifa stepped forward.

“Nina? Can you do long range attacks?”

Marifa seemed to have a bow but Nina’s weapon was only a dagger. Ann couldn’t imagine her throwing it at the 「Flame Shooter Mushroom」.

“Don’t worry~. Just me and Marifa can defeat this thing.”

“This is rank 4 monster. You can only attack it from a distance.”

“Could you shut up?” Marifa said that to Ann who she became speechless.

“Nina, are you ready?”


Ann didn’t know what they were trying to do but tension filled the air. She tried to stop them so they wouldn’t get hurt, yet they ignored her.

The next moment, Nina was already running towards the 「Flame Shooter Mushroom」.

“Didn’t you see what just happened to Inu and Samoha?” Ann screamed involuntarily.

“I just need to prevent the spores.”

Marifa replied causing Ann to look at her. Marifa was now preparing a first rank 【Elemental Magic】, 《Water Ball》.

“That kind of magic won’t do any damage! Even Memetto’s 《Ice Spear》, didn’t cause any damage.”

However Marifa continued her chant. First shot, second shot, she kept on the 《Water Ball》 magic coming. It wasn’t directed at the 「Flame Shooter Mushroom」 directly, it was aimed towards the sky. The 《Water Ball》 burst and fell like the rain. The spores around the 「Flame Shooter Mushroom」 dissipated as they came into contact with the water. The 「Flame Shooter Mushroom」 shook its body and tried to release another round of spores into the air.

“Sorry, I won’t let you do that~”

Nina wielded daggers in both hands and appeared behind the 「Flame Shooter Mushroom」. The 「Flame Shooter Mushroom」 stopped moving as the dagger sandwiched its head.

“This must be a lie. For 「Flame Shooter Mushroom」 to be defeated so easily.”

Ann could only mutter this while seeing the scene in front of her. Nina collected the material while Lena treated Inu and Samoha.

“Eckart, are you alright?”

“Yes, now I can move my arms.”

Yu was there applying 《Heal》 on him and jokingly said he was pathetic.

“Hahaha, that is a good name, Eckart the pathetic. It has a nice ring to it.”

Lalit came and teased Eckart by saying so.

“Oh? Do you want me to tell that to the others? I remember I saw someone just standing in the corner doing nothing.”


Yu could only smile seeing Lalit and Eckart with red embarrassed faces, teasing each other.

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  1. thanks

    great chapter

    Yu could only smile seeing Lalit and Eckart with red embarrassed faces, teasing each other.
    –> true… nice atmosphere here

    “「Flame Shooter Mushroom」, is a moster from 「Barurotte Garden」dungeon, what is it doing here?”
    –> is a monster

    Eckart was trying hard to blockthe
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  2. This LN is slowly convincing me that in this world, every advemturer who isnt yu and his party are basically idiots.

    Id also like to know which of Yus 70ish skills gives him the ability, to make wire thin magic. That isnt a skill, its concentration but apparantly only the 12 yo that is able to use it becauses yu is awesome even without his deprivision skills.

    Either yu is a closet genius, or everyone else is just an idiot who cant even reason out the simplist of skills. I personally think the later.

    • Or maybe, you should read more closely. I’m pretty sure that the thread-skill is the one he has been using since before he even killed the Rookie Hunters, the thing he calls “Heavens Net” that always detected Joseph no matter how good of a stealthgear he used. Pretty sure he got it from a Spider type monster, so it is a skill and not magic manipulation, hence it is actually a lot easier for him to do than it would be for a normal magic user in this world. Remember, he can even steal a monsters unique skill humans simply do not have access to.

  3. “The Siamese is a clever, active cat and is known for his willingness to play fetch and walk on a leash.”

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