The world of mana – prologue


The world of mana – prologue

It was deep in the night and a snowstorm was rampaging through the snowy mountain. The snow falls so hard that you can barely see what is in front of you. A small figure can be seen trying its best to walk through the storm.

“Where am I?”
The confused figure has been treading through the blizzard for some time but it can’t find anything other than snow. Soon fatigue hits the small figure that dropped down and buried inside the snow. The last thing the small figure remember before fainted was a low roar of a big monster.


“Ugh… Where am I?”
The figure that collapsed inside the blizzard waken up in a completely different place. It was a spherical tent that seemed to be made with animal skin which provides warmth against the cold weather. There is a small table not far from the bed where the figure lays down. In the middle of the tent, there is a small fire which burned slowly to warm up the air. As the figure tried to sit down on the bed, from which seemed to be the door of the tent, a teenager girl around 14-15 years old comes in.

“Ah, you wake up!”
The girl approaches the bed and tried to examine the small figure condition. The small figure that is sitting weakly on the bed was a boy around 4-5 years old. His hair was black and there is a small scar on top of his right eyebrow that extended to his right cheek that doesn’t seem to be fully healed yet. The boy tried to say something but there is a sharp pain coming from his chest that hinder him.

“Ah, you should rest some more. Here, drink this.”
The girl takes a small kettle from near the fire and pour the contents to a small cup and give it to the boy. The boy drinks the water while being supported by the girl. After drinking, the boy felt some warmth spreading through his body and he feel better. Not long after, he falls into a deep sleep once more.

“Lyn, how’s the boy doing?”
While the girl is looking at the boy, a man comes into the tent and asked.
“Father, he wakes up a little while ago but after drinking the medicine he sleeps once again.”
“It seems that the injury on his body is not light.”
The man strokes his beard as he is thinking about something.
“Father, is it really okay to save him?” Lyn asked her father with worry in her eyes. Her father was surprised at her question before replying promptly.

“If you’re worried about his black hair colour, it wasn’t really a problem. A saying that said black hair brings bad luck was only a rumour. The real problem is why the boy was walking through the snowy mountain in the middle of the blizzard? If it wasn’t for some coincidence that the 「lord of the snow mountain」 roar cleared up the snow in that instance, I won’t even be able to find him. Just call me when he wakes up again.” After saying that, the man walks out of the tent once more.

Lyn then look at the boy again. She is looking at his black hair which can be considered rare. The people she knows all have brown, red, yellow, golden, blue, green or even purple hair. It was the first time she saw someone with a black hair. She was also curiously examining the boy’s clothes style which doesn’t seem to be originated from somewhere near. To put it in simple word, she was afraid due to the boy black hair but she is attracted to him at the same time. Where did the boy come from? Why is he here? How did he get such a scar wound on his face? Finally, where did he get such tattoo?

When she is changing the boy clothes, she found a tattoo branded on the boy’s back. It was at the shape of a circle with an inverted star on it. She was curious because the tattoo was only appearing for an instant before it disappeared. However, when it appeared it was glowing in red and she can feel the temperature rising for several degrees. Lyn put down her head on the table while putting her hands as a small pillow. She looked at the boy and murmured: “Just who are you?”

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