Werewolf chapter 10

Religion Meeting (Part II)
Chapter 10

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As I expected, this meeting became awkward. Everybody was looking at me with vigilance.
The priest of the Radiant church, a position leading forty percent of the population.
The manager of the Stillmoon shrine, twenty percent of the population follow her.
The rest are from other indigenous faiths like animism, nature worship etc. Because it is a trade city, there are many drifters, those are members of multifarious faiths.
Even werewolf worshiper was among them. It is fine to be choked with tears of gratitude, but I don’t want him to pray.

Priest of the Radiant church, wearing a dignified robe, stood up immediately. He was a middle aged man with a good physique.
“I am Yuhito, Priest of the Radiant church. Art thou the commander of demon army, Vaito-dono?”
“Indeed. I am third division commander of demon army, Vaito”
While maintaining as much dignity as possible I put the petition, sent by him, down on the table,
“I saw the petition of Yuhito-dono. Before I answer about individual circumstances, I have something to convey to all the leaders of each faith gathered here. Is that fine?”
Then the Priest of Radiant church nodded serenely.
“Yes, if it is to receive reply.”
He was unexpectedly calm. Since he sent a petition, I guessed he would be like a fanatic, but he looked dignified.

In front of everyone, I convey the decision:
“I will convey decision regarding the faiths in Ryun height taken by third division of demon army.”
Everyone became tense. Well, the werewolf worshipers looked with shining eyes. So don’t pray.
I continued speaking, while I pretended not to see him.
“We pay respect to your faiths and will continue to allow the freedom of faiths in Ryun height, as before.”
As I displayed a pleasant smile, everyone had an expression of relief.
There were many with a forced smile.
Oops, I had to remind them,

“But, following three things are prohibited. First, any hostile act towards the demon army. It contains things like, inciting rebellion and insult of demon king etc. Although I said that, I won’t ask you to worship the demon king. It suffices to follow the rules of society.”
I looked at the faces of everyone, but there didn’t seem to be any disagreement.
“Second, all the acts of violating the law of Ryun height. The law has to be followed thoroughly.”
This also did not seem to have any objection. If they had, then I would definitely complaint to Airia.
Then this was important.
“Third, the acts of persecution towards heretics. If you want your faith to be recognized, you should also permit faith of others.”
The people that reacted to this were the leaders except for leader of the Radiant church.

Besides, the Radiant church is the largest faction, their peer pressure is strong. The forced relentless religious conversion of the heretics by the Radiant church was common knowledge in this world.
The concerned persons were following it with good faith, so it was easily manageable.
Accordingly, I cautioned them, at the same time, I did a favour towards other sects.
“Demon army will not force anyone to religious conversion, also would not approve of it. Like we worship the demon king, each person may worship their own gods as well.”
The werewolf worshiper cried from overflowing emotions, but I decided to ignore that.

For a brief moment, the radiant church priest certainly had a frown. From now on, they won’t be able to do forceful religious conversion in the name of missionary work.
I showed him a smile.
“So it is like this, the worship and pilgrimage of radiant church are approved. There is provision for establishing restriction during war time, and this is also specified in the law of Ryun height. Are there any objections?”
The troubled face of radiant church priest became covered with a smile, and he bowed politely.
“I thank you for your generous consideration. I did not even think that the freedom could be granted to such a degree.”
This fellow is rather a sly fox.

I replied such with a smile:
“Therefore, I would appreciate if there are not riots”
“Ha ha ha, certainly would not do”
Priest Yuhito finally showed an expression like a human. Even though there is no complete trust, at any rate I must be careful, so that, this guy would not cause a strange atmosphere.

As these were only directions from me in this meeting, it was over quickly.
It seemed the other leaders also had some petitions, but given that I acted in advance approving all of them, they didn’t had anything left to say.
While all the participants left one by one, the leader of the Stillmoon faith walked up to me. She is a decent woman around thirty. In contrast to the priest of radiant church, this person was plain.
“Thank you, Vaito-dono. I extend my thanks on behalf of all the Stillmoon believers.”
She was a woman, who would bow her head very deeply. She didn’t say anything, but it seemed like she was bothered by the forceful religious conversion of radiant church.

She continued in this way,
“We, the Stillmoon believers, will cooperate with Vaito-dono completely. But it is only limited to Vaito-dono”
Cooperating with demon army is still impossible, but cooperating with me was a form of gratitude towards me personally.
“Thank you. Respecting the individual, improving diligently, there are many who have a deep impression towards these teachings of Stillmoon faith. It is impossible for me to treat it as a special sect, but I would like to treat courteously equivalent to other sects.”
Even if I said that, it was like a political comment, but it can’t be helped as I am actually a politician. The current me could only say this much at best.

The leader of Stillmoon faith nodded with a smile, and came for a handshake. I responded to that. It might be the first time that a werewolf and human were shaking hands.
“Vaito-dono, if thou art in a predicament, please use my magic. Even though I am a novice, still I will use my poor ability.”
Thereupon she again introduced herself with a smile,
“Sorry for the late introduction. I am Miti. I have opened an private astrology school in Ryun Height.”

There is a reason behind becoming friends with Stillmoon faith.
In Stillmoon faith, which respects individualism, non-intervention and self-improvement, there are many artists and magicians. They are small in number, but they possess power to influence the people and even the ruler.
Of course, as a minority their standing is weak, but they are troublesome as enemies.
“Thank you, Miti-dono. Because I am also a scrap of a magician, it is highly likely that our topics also match. I will be in your care from now on.”
As a werewolf I am good at body strengthening magic, but as for forecasting past or future with prediction magic, humans are very proficient.
It might be because the humans are excessively fond of the fortune telling.
The insecurity and the expectations towards the future, drive them towards prediction magic.

Because there was an unexpected outcome in the meeting, I returned to my room.
To prevent the residents of Ryun height from rebellion, I have to start working on the plan to seize the human nature.
It should be before Mirarudia allied army arrives.

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