Werewolf Chapter 11

Peaceful moment
Chapter 11

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The 10000 silver coins received from demon king were more useful than expected.

At first, I prepared the lodging of werewolf troops and inujin troops.
When I issued an ordinance via Airia that I wanted to buy old houses and inns, all the private houses and inns in the neighborhood of viceroy’s mansion, applied together .
“Now, because this mansion is the base of demon army , there are many wealthy people who are thinking of changing residence.”
Airia had a bitter smile, but it was certainly like that.
“If possible, isn’t it better for you to move to a peaceful place quickly?”
“Because I am the viceroy, I can’t go. I have to make sure that you people will protect the citizens.”
She was a persistently honest woman.

I bought the selected properties at more than the market price, so that no one could complain later on. With this, the inujin troops, also, could come inside the city.
“Vaito-sama, thank you very much!”
“It is a splendid house! Hey, there are silver coins!”
“That is the price of house! Don’t use it as you please!”
After somehow distributing the lodging house among the inujins in high spirits, I was finally able to close the castle gates. Leaving it like that is too careless.

The appearance of skeleton soldiers were too scary, so I deployed them altogether in the forest outside.
If the Mirarudia alliance army would come, then it would be from north side. But as there is no forest on north side, inevitably they would hide in the forest on the west side. It was the forest in which we hid during invasion.
With this, nothing beside the castle walls would be visible to anyone looking from afar.
They would neither produce smoke from cooking, nor wander around to relax. Until there is an order, they would have to continue to standby in the forest.

The total silver coins paid as price of houses are about 3000. Either way that much money is required to reasonably accommodate around 250 people.
Next is food expenses. In this world, the daily income for the common jobs is around one to two silver coins. With that much one can survive.
I have requested former general storekeeper, Meari-baasan of the werewolf troops, for accounting, but….
“Because everyone eats well nee~, I will use around 300 coins per day nee~.”
“That much!”
By my calculations, in another twenty days, the warfunds will be almost exhausted.
Gotta do something fast.

“Those who don’t work, don’t get to eat!”
In front of the 200 inujin troops, I shouted,
“As soon as the drainage system reinforcement is finished, you all will do the farmwork!”
I plan to stay in Ryun Height for a long term. If it is like this, food expenses will have to be earned by ourselves.
“To cover the army provisions, is an important military service. There might be some dissatisfaction, but…”
The eyes of inujins are shining brightly.
One among them, opened his mouth coyly.
“Vaito-sama, leave it to us. That military duty, we will accomplish it splendidly!”
“Oh, is that so…..you seem awfully eager”
Then, they all replied in unison,
“We love digging holes!”
Really. so, Basically they are all dogs.

We are the rulers, but at the same time, we are also freeloaders. In any case, robbery should not be done.
If the Mirarudia alliance army comes while we are in a situation being blamed by majority of citizens, with a revolt from both inside and outside, the defense would be impossible.
But, just making sure that we are not being hated, is not enough.
Even more service is needed.

“Should we eliminate the thieves?”
Gani older brother growled with dissatisfaction, but I don’t care.
“Since the palace guards will not cooperate, catching the thieves is our job. It is fine to beat up as long as you don’t kill.”
“Vaito says difficult things naa~….”
Gani younger brother complained, but I didn’t pay any attention.
“If it is said that the city fell into ruins because the demon army invaded, then it will be a disgrace to us. Work hard, so that it would be said because of the demon army came, living became easier. I will let you eat meat accordingly.”
“Alrighty, let’s do it!”
Those guys are easy to handle.

After that few days were busy like anything.
Since the town was captured suddenly, many travelers got locked in the city. In addition, the radiant believers have their pilgrimage duty.
They want to leave the town, but since they know about the surprise attack by werewolves, it is impossible to let them go.
Because it is inevitable, I put out an ordinance,
“Now, because there is a ferocious demon of the demon army loitering around, it is dangerous outside. As I guarantee your lives,so for the time being, don’t go outside .”
Regarding the pilgrimage duty of Radiant believers, an ordinance of wartime amnesty was passed with joint signature of viceroy Airia and priest Yuhito.

Besides law reforms and negotiations with trade association etc., there were many things to be done, but because I have the viceroy and leaders of faiths coaxed together, somehow I was able to cut through.
In the human society, many things can not be done with fangs and claws.
However, thanks to that, Ryun Height regained daily life, a little by little. Because the trade is stopped, there is no liveliness, but that also needs a little patience.

“Vaito-sama, there is a report from castle gate guards! A group is approaching from south gate!”
The messenger of inujin troops rushed in, while sticking out his tongue from being out of breath, and reported.
I stopped my hand signing the documents, and asked him who looked like a shiba dog.
(T/N: Shiba is a breed of japanese dog.)
“It seems same as us!”
I grinned broadly.
“Oh it arrived.”
Finally, seems like something indispensable to a trade city, has arrived.
It’s a caravan.

“Are you the commanding officer, Vaito-san?”
The inujin with a beagle-like face, who reached the castle gate, asked while looking at me.
I nodded.
“Yes, I am Vaito, third division commander of demon army. I am the chief executive here.”
When I held my hand out, the inujin grasped back my hand.
“I am Kuu, nice to meet you. Also, my younger brother is in your care.”
“Joey is a excellent soldier. He is a hard worker.”
Joey is the child soldier who carried out the duty as messenger of inujin troops during invasion.
Because he is excellent, I am thinking of making him the leader of inujin troops eventually.

To meet the elder sister of my subordinate like this, is not really a coincidence .
I had thought of what to do after capturing the city, so I had negotiated with inujin trade association beforehand. Learning that Joey’s older sister is a trade dealer, immediately I got in touch.
Negotiations were simple. Because they immediately jumped at the extraordinary condition that they will soon be able to trade with humans.
Of course, on the premise that the demon army has to guarantee their safety.

Behind Kuu, her subordinates are unloading the cargo. It seems like they pulled the cargo until here in a cart similar to the trailer towed by bicycle. The quantity is quite something.
“What is in the cargo?”
“Jerky of deer meat and horn carvings. The rest are silver work and wooden mosaic work.”
Kuu looked up at me with a bragging face.
“Handiworks are numerous, but definitely better than human craftsman.”
Because these guys have small hands. There are natural leather gloves, suitable for craftsman.
Just to make sure, I ordered the inujin soldier.
“I entrust you with the cargo check. Don’t take bribes, ok?”
Inujin soldier similar to Dachshund galloped forward.
(Editor’s note: Dachshund =a dog of a short-legged, long-bodied breed.)

Not only, it is from outside territory of Mirarudia, but also these are various valuable articles made by demons. For the merchants of Ryun Height, they would want those very badly.
That’s right, I have to request another thing.

“Hey, Kuu”
“What, commander-san?”
Kuu, who was bribing inujin soldiers by feeding jerky, looks back without being shy.
I, instead of blaming her, asked for this,
“I need charcoal and sulphur, in addition to saltpeter. Can you supply?”
“Nnyoro, I think…. I can do it. But what do you use those things for?”
I grinned towards her, who made a face full of curiosity.
“It is a military secret.”
I have already secured funds. Finally, I should start developing gunpowder.
I came from a world with science.
Sometimes it feels like I am forgetting.

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