Werewolf Chapter 13

Primary Defensive Battle of Ryun Height (Part I)
Chapter 13

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Since we occupied Ryun height city, about half a month has has passed by.
Ryun Height was trying to regain its appearance of a trading city, a bit of liveliness had returned to the city.
However, before the invasion, it is a base city for trades where the trade routes intersected, where many caravans used to come and go frequently. It is not much as before.
But now, they have acquired a new business opportunity, that is the trade with demons.

“How’s the business?”
I, now, have come to visit the caravan of inujins gathered at the south gate.
There are roughly a dozen of non-military inujins. There are some ten-odd carts parked, and around them is a crowd of human… no inujins.
“Ah, Vaito-kun”
Faan-oneechan, who is the person in charge of south gate, smiled after seeing me.
“Business is good. Look, look, I received so much silverworks.”
“Bribe is no good…”
Seeing the silver ring and necklace Faan-oneechan had, I sighed.

In the world of demons, where strength is considered absolute, it is difficult to explain why bribe is no good. I gave up quickly.
“Hey Vaito-kun, aren’t inujin supposed to hate silver?”
Because Faan-oneechan is holding up the silver ring with a curious face, I will explain.
“That is a rumour circulated by humans.”

Looking at Faan-oneechan’s blank expression, I continued further,
“The silverworks of inujins, humans could not imitate. The humans who didn’t like that, spread the false rumour.”
Thanks to that, inujins were driven away from the mines and they had to live in the forest in hiding. It is an unfortunate story.
Even after that, inujins are not particularly holding a grudge, but think of it as misfortune.

I enquire Faan-oneechan about the situation here.
“Are the transactions with humans going well?”
“Yes, it is great. At first, they were afraid, but seeing the appearance and behaviour of inujins, they got used to it.”
When I look around, there are also human merchants, who have gathered. They are still a little timid, but price negotiations are all the same.

“These silver spoons, since I will buy fifty of them, won’t you give a discount for five of them?”
“It is fine for three.”
“Ok, that’s settled then.
“Inujin-san. Won’t the salt from south beach be in the return cargo?
“Ah, I wonder if sugar is better than salt.”
“I have it, I have, it’s just a little expensive though.”

Hmm, hmm, it’s not a bad feeling. Although they won’t count towards the military power, but it was good to bring those inujins.
Just to be sure, I remind Faan-oneechan who is grinning while looking at silverworks.
“If there are any dispute, be sure to quickly inform the trade association of Ryun Height. Be sure not to arbitrarily handle it yourself.”
Faan-oneechan has a light mood, but she has a strong sense of justice. It will be fine. Probably.

Taking a break, I buy the fruits from a caravan that came transporting goods from the southern countries. It looks like a pineapple from previous life, but the cross section is bright green.
“Is it tasty?”
“Hmm, I really like this.”
I pay the price after taking the round slices from the inujin that looked like a borzoi.
(T/N: Borzoi is a breed of dog.)
The smell is perfect, but sugar content is so-so. I realize again maybe the fruits from previous life were sweetened.

When I was chewing the green pineapple without knowing its name, suddenly the inujins and werewolves started a commotion.
“What happened?”
Faster than the reply of my subordinate, my ears sense the abnormal event.
It is the emergency dog whistle. From the direction of north gate, it could be heard faintly.

Three whistles!
It’s the enemy attack.

Before I order, Faan stands up.
“Close the north gate! Notify the caravan to take refuge inside the city.”
I gulped down the green pineapple and transformed on the spot.
The humans nearby are unable to stand up due to fear, but it is not the time for that. If I don’t transform, then I can’t howl.

I issue emergency call to the whole army of werewolf troops and inujin troops. Because it is my command, everyone is supposed to move at once.
Immediately I start to pick up personnel from the personnel of south gate.
“Jerik squad, Monza squad and Hamman squad follow me! Rest of you defend this place until you get a specific order! Protect the citizens!”
As soon as I ordered, all the named subordinates transformed at once. The screams all around are rising, but it can’t be helped at this moment.

“Let’s go!”
With twelve people in three squads, I leave the south gate. As I run along the roof, werewolf howlings can be heard from here and there.


The content of all the howlings give indications of an enemy raid. It is possible to have instant communication because we are werewolves.
However this howling is very simple, so there is no notion of tense.
(T/N here tense is as in past tense and present tense)
From this much, you have no choice but to guess either this “Strong” is the impression after actual fight or just that the enemies look strong.
Please, don’t be fighting already!

When I returned to viceroy’s mansion, I pull out three squads from here also. Total, twenty four werewolves, approximately half of the total.
When we rushed to the castle walls of north gate, the inujins on duty were trembling.
“Vaito-sama, enemies are here!”
“I understand already, it’s not necessary to blow the dog whistles anymore. Where are they?”
I jump, and land upon the scout tower of castle wall. Other werewolves also observed the enemies from the places they like.

Hammam, the werewolf with dark brown hairs, mutters in a calm tone. He comes from desert, so he has good sight in spite of being a werewolf.
“Commander. Looking at their banner, they appear to be Mirarudia alliance army. Affiliated with Tuban.”
Tuban, so that means, the industrial city north of Ryun Height. If I am not mistaken, they are supposed to have a archery unit.
But it is mysterious.

Monza, who has a carefree personality, has her head leisurely tilted to a side.
“This Tuban, isn’t a big town, right? From the looks of it, it’s not even around four hundred including foot soldiers and cavalrymen?”
“Weapons for castle siege are also not visible.”
Even Jerik, the son of blacksmith, was puzzled.

With at most four hundred soldiers, it is impossible to encircle Ryun Height, which is comparatively large in population. Also, they don’t seem to possess means to breakthrough the castle gate.
Unless it is a group of madmen, they should not begin a fight when there is no chance of victory.
With only that much military force, it is not possible to capture Ryun Height.
In that case, I can only think of one thing.

“Monza squad and Sukuji squad, defend castle gate at once! If there is any suspicious movement by anyone, arrest them thoroughly.”
“Roger that.”
Eight werewolves descend towards the north gate.
It would be nice if it is my miscalculation….

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