Werewolf Chapter 14

Primary Defensive Battle of Ryun Height (Part II)
Chapter 14

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I hesitated, but decided to use the trump card here.
I ordered other werewolves to maintain vigilance and I start chanting the spell.
“Returned from the gates of Gevena, you who, declined from the gates of Hauran.
Behold my right hand. This becomes the freezing sun.”
For an instant, my whole body becomes engulfed in magic power, a freezing brilliance dwells in my right hand.
It is the ABCs of ghost techniques.

Waving my right hand, I ordered the skeleton spear troops, hidden in the forests on the west, to advance.
It might seem ridiculous to move two thousand skeleton spear troops just to oppose, at most, four hundred infantry and cavalry. In fact, I want to keep their existence hidden for the decisive battle sooner or later.
However, while being reluctant to show the war potential, if the enemies rush inside the city, it would be disastrous.
As of now, without any negligence, let us crush them with full power.

Only the problem was, the slow movement speed of skeleton troops.
They can not advance at a fast pace. Ambush is their specialty.
As I expected, the Mirarudia alliance army noticed the skeleton spear troops emerging from the forests on the west side.
They can’t catch up….

Thereupon, the enemies breaking their column formation reformed it into a line formation with the cavalry only. Without change, speed increased dramatically
No way, are they going to leave the infantry behind?
The infantry also picked up the speed, but if it is only that much, skeleton spear troops would be in time for the interception. It looks like, they are going to divide into multiple routes.

While patiently staring at the enemies approaching closer, Hammam grumbled.
“The cavalrymen… are around fifty”
Very less in number, because the cavalry needs money. Even more so for the archery unit.
“What would you do, commander? Archery unit can not breakthrough the castle gate, ….”
I shook my head to the question of implicitly observant Hammam.

I ordered the sixteen remaining on the castle walls,
“We will intercept the enemy archery unit in front of the castle gates! Hammam squad, Woddo squad, Shurein squad, Jerik squad, follow me!”
The werewolves made a surprised face for a moment, but it is absolute obedience towards the leader of the pack. Immediately, they put up a reassuring nod, and jumped off the castle walls.

Jumping from a height comparable to a four-storey building, the werewolves landed quietly. Maintaining the four person squad, war preparation is started.
“Hammam squad, Woddo squad, Shurein squad, spread out on the left-wing! Go around and cut into enemy right hand side!”
The right-handed archer carries the bow in left hand. It should be difficult for them to aim at the right side as they would lose their postures on the horseback .
In spite of gradually approaching archery cavalry, twelve werewolves sprint towards the right side of enemy troops.

“Commander, what about us?”
Jerik and the three werewolves under him looked at me.
I replied while estimating the distance from the enemy.
“Jerik squad is my direct protection squad.”
“Yes, leave it to us, commander”
The blacksmith’s son with reddish-black fur, laughed with a grin.

The archery unit of Tuban draw closer very fast. Before long it was in the shooting range of bows, but they didn’t fire.
I don’t know the reason, but this is a good opportunity.
I inhaled a breath and howled to the utmost limits.
This is the magic I am most proficient in, ‘Soul Shaker’.

Indeed, from this distance, the howl imbued with magic can not show its full potential.
The ‘Soul Shaker’ has power to shake the soul at point-blank range, but it seems like, this time, it was not sufficient to completely confine the enemy.
Stamina-wise it is not a technique which can be used continuously, there is a need for a bit more improvement.

However, it was fortunate for me that the opponents were the cavalrymen.
Only a few soldiers faltered from my howl, but their horses began to fluster.
The speed of enemies reduced in the blink of an eye. Some of the horses, threw off their riders after falling into complete panic.
Trailing horses got dragged into that, even more soldiers fell off the horse one after another.
It was a huge chaos.

The twelve werewolves which had cut into the right side of enemy troops, begin the assault without letting that chance go.
Well, let’s do a bit more.
“I will use support magic. Cover me.”
“Yes, commander. I will defend against the arrows.”
Jerik stood in front in order to cover me. Other three also consolidate around in order to protect me.

I absorbed the magic power floating in the surrounding with a breath. Repeating the deep breaths, when I gathered enough magic power, I converted that to magic.
“Oh full moon smeared with blood, shine upon the frenzied us”
At that moment, the surrounding immediately became gloomy.
And the magic power drifting in the battle field started to flow towards us.

“Oh!oh!… it came, it came”
Jerik waved his tail with an happy face.
Same with the other three.
I, myself, also felt a power gushing forth from inside., my entire body was engulfed in a cool wind at the same time, and I felt a sense of security, like being protected by something.
It is the body strengthening magic which I specialize in. This was one of them, “Blood Moon”.
This is a magic which empowers allies to protects from enemy attacks and grants power.
All the twelve deployed should have also received the divine protection.

To back them up, I ordered the Jerik squad to attack.
“Let’s go, it’s a extermination war!”
After affiliating to the demon army, this was the first fight where ‘killing everyone is fine’. The werewolves shiver with the ecstasy of fight.

“Hyaa, uwaaa!”
The archer cavalry of Mirarudia alliance army fell into chaos.
Before they could fire enough arrows, the werewolves attacked with the speed faster than the horses.
The archer cavalry are the elites with mobility and long range, but now, they are not much different from the infantry with that confused and dull movement.
The arrows they are carrying, are short arrows to be used from the horseback, so they can’t produce the power of long arrows.
Their strong point was completely sealed.

Still, the fight was never optimistic.
I run while dodging the flying arrows. Dodging the arrows by matching their speed with my speed, was an extremely difficult task.
I was fine, but someone from Jerik squad collapsed after taking an arrow. It seems some among the twelve, who started the earlier assault, also got struck down by the arrows.
Please be alive. While praying for them, I ran without looking back.

At any rate, it is not worth it unless it becomes a close combat fight, so, we jump in the midst of enemies.
While continuing to howl, I plunged my claws into the archers on horseback.
My claws dove into the chain mail, small chains scatter together with blood splash. The scream drowned in blood and soon could not be heard.

Throwing aside the enemy who was torn down into two halves from face to throat, I immediately aim for the next enemy.
There is a guy who is aiming for someone with his arrow placed in the nock.
“Like I’ll let you do it!”
I jumped on the horseback and cut off the bow string before the arrow is released. At the same time, he screamed like I cut off his fingers.
It’s a pity, but you are the ones who attacked.

Let me skip the ones unable to fight. Needless to say, I pushed through between humans and horses, and cut off one after another with my claw.
The thin armored bow cavalrymen collapsed in funny a way.
Unawares, I was also drowned in the ecstasy of blood.

By the time I noticed, the battle was over. There was no sign of a standing enemy, the horses alive were empty.
“Seems like it’s over, commander”
Jerik wet with spurt of blood, said with a laugh.
Apparently, he continuously protected me all this time. It’s no wonder I am unhurt.

Looking far away, the enemy infantry and my skeleton spear troops were still in the middle of the battle. Since there is an overwhelming difference in battle power, mostly it has not been a fair fight.
I want to let them get away, but it is not possible as they have seen the werewolves. Because it is troublesome if they take this information back.
Victory was evident even if I leave it as it is, but I changed the formation of skeleton spear troops by holding my right hand up.

“Surround them”
From defense to envelopment extermination. Both edges of the skeleton spear troops which made a linear wall started to advance and went around to the back of the enemy infantry corps.
The two thousand skeleton spear troops which boast of its overwhelming number, closed down the both ends behind the enemy.
There is no escape anymore. Next is simply using that overwhelming numbers and leadership to grind them to dust.
The sounds of battle lasted for a while, but that was also over soon.
The skeleton troops takes no prisoners. As long as there is someone alive, attack would not stop.

Thus, the primary defensive battle of Ryun Height closed its curtains with the complete annihilation of enemies.

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