Werewolf Chapter 16

Werewolf-style Interrogation
Chapter 16

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Thus, Ryun Height defense battle was over too quickly, but it is evident that postwar period is more troublesome than battle itself.
Most of the citizens don’t know what had happened, but they seem to have noticed that a battle happened outside.
Speaking of the enemies of demon army, of course it is humans.
They obviously are aware of the fact that we had killed humans in the battle.

Even if it is a proper battle from our point of view, for general populace it is not different from ‘Monsters are killing humans’. The battle between humans holds a little different meaning.
Well, what’s to be done.

I confirm that my subordinates buried all the war dead besides the castle walls. Hmm, it is a well made grave.
But, I had hoped them to make at least a single gravestone…. Too cold. Is this the difference between humans and werewolves.
Let me consult with the mason guild later.
After I joined my hands to show respect towards the enemy soldiers who fought bravely just now, I headed to the viceroy’s mansion.
Oh, let me quietly return to my human form.

The moment I returned to viceroy’s mansion, an angry roar summoned me.
It is Faan-oneechan coming towards me dragging Gaani brothers with her.
I think it’s been ten years since I have seen her so angry. What had happened.
“Vaito-kun, sit there!”
Ah, I was being scolded.

I don’t know the reason, but anyway, can’t oppose Faan-oneechan.
As I am told, sitting on the chair I looked at her.
“Wha, what happened?”
“It’s not what happened, it’s WHAT HAPPENED!”
Faan-oneechan hits the table with a bang. Gaani-elder brother clinging to her right hand swung together.
“Vaito-kun, in the battle just now, you yourself also plunged deeply into middle of enemies?“
“Ah, aa”
I nod.
Suddenly Faan-oneechan pierced me with her gaze.

“The commander must not be rushing into melee battle! The main point is if something happened to Vaito-kun, who would command the skeleton troops?”
That’s also true. I had completely forgotten about my position as the leader of soldiers.
Somehow after I reincarnated into a werewolf, there seems to be a tendency to be over excited when it comes to battle.
Even though I carry memories from my previous life, this head is a werewolf’s head, there might be a rush of adrenaline. It is intriguing.

“Are you listening?”
“Ah, yes, I am listening!”
I unknowingly spoke formally with a straightened back.
Faan-oneechan, still dragging Gaani-brothers somehow or other, came closer to me.
“You are not the neighborhood boy Vaito anymore? Because you are our boss.”
“Ah…. it is true.”
It was entirely my mistake.

Seeing my face, Faan-oneechan softens her tone.
“Really, be careful. Only Vaito-kun is reliable. Because, we don’t know how to handle humans…”
Certainly, if I am to disappear, there is no one who could take over the current occupation plan. It is easy to imagine what would happen next.
Therefore I once again bowed to Faan-oneechan.

“Sorry, Faan. I was thoughtless. Hereafter I devote myself to issue commands.”
“Hmm, leave the fighting to us.”
Faan-oneechan finally showed a smiling face.
It was a dazzling smile like the sun in summer.
Nevertheless, it is indeed troublesome to be the person in charge….

As the anger of divisional officer Faan subsided, I resume my official duties. There is something that needs to be taken care of hurriedly.
“Eh…. that, are the captured men in the basement?”
Then Gaani-younger brother nodded.
“Ah, six in total. As instructed all of them are locked in different rooms.”
“Thanks. Guard duty?”
“Monza squad”
It is definitely fine, if it is Monza. If I were to make a secret police of werewolves, then I would make her the chief. She is that kind of a person.

Standing up I gave order to those three.
“All right, I will go for interrogation. Don’t let the viceroy into the basement until then.”
“In that case, is it my turn?”
Faan, giving a big stretch, made a victory pose.
“Just in case, I am considered to be the second most powerful person after Vaito-kun. I will let them know properly.”
Well, let’s head to the basement.

“Ah, Commander.”
Sitting on the stairs in basement, Monza lazily turned to me.
“going for questioning?”
“I will. I ask you to keep records.”
Leaving the guard duty to the other three, we begin the interrogation.

After dragging out the eldest of the six men, I began the interrogation in one of the rooms in the basement.
He is in his forties. His attire is neat, even the fabric of his clothes is also top class.
There is no answer.
It’s fine even if he don’t say anything. Given his attire, he should be living a luxurious life in Ryun Height. I would know if I ask anyone.

“Monza, would he understand if we drag him out to the plaza and pilloried him there?”
Then Monza seemed to guess my intention, while turning the pen round and round, slowly answered.
“Instead just kill this person, how about asking the next one? Such a waste of time.”
The man is expressionless, but gradually there is smell of sweat. It is the smell of fear.

I decided to scare him a little more.
“Anyhow, we are killing him, so let’s do that after we find out his family.”
I said only that much, but expression of the man visibly changed. The smell of fear increased rapidly.
A movie, I watched in my previous life, had a scene like this. Well, I never thought I would be doing this….

After scaring him plenty, I quietly said.
“Hey, did you plan to kill werewolves? If you can’t answer, I will kill you here.”
This is not a threat. If he doesn’t concede, it’s a matter of asking until we ask the next one.
After showing an expression of suffering, he opened and closed his mouth. Then again he opened his mouth, and replied.
”no…. It’s not that”
“Then what was your objective? If you can’t answer, I will kill you here.”
The man shuddered again, in the end he barely replied.
“I went only to see the si..situation….”
“I really hate liars. Let’s kill him.”
Monza muttered at the best possible time, the man is scared. I also gradually became afraid of Monza.

If Monza is playing the bad cop, then It would be fine for me to play the good cop. It is just the right time.
“Well, wait Monza. These guys haven’t done anything yet. If they cooperate, there is no reason to kill them.”
“But he doesn’t seem to be cooperating… then, how about killing his family?”
“Calm down, no need to go that far.”
Although I don’t know how serious she is, but that man is frightened of Monza’s attitude. Perhaps he has wife and children. Their lives should be more valuable than his own life.

I, with a softened expression, said to the man,
“You went to see the situation outside holding a silver knife used for breaking seal of letters. Is it so?”
Although the man peeked at my expression, he doesn’t have any other choice but to nod. Since he is the one who said this while being constrained.
I smile.

“In that case, is there any reason not to give your name? If it is only that much, the demon army would not kill the citizens of Ryun Height.”
If he doesn’t name himself even with this much, then there was something he did, so that he can’t name himself. It’s fine to punish him with that judgement.
The man didn’t seem to be an idiot, and he said seriously,
“Kozun…Rafel company’s Kozun… branch manager in the we,west district.”
Speaking of Rafel company, it is an influential member of trade association. Oh, a manager hired there.
Well, well, let’s have him talk a little more.

Once one opened his mouth, a man lost to his fears is a fragile thing. How far should he remain silent, that judgement becomes corrupted.
“The west side store, does that mean the import store with sharp yellow color roof? The inujins were praising it to be an upright and good store.”
“Tha, thanks..”
Let me ease his mind a little with more idle talk.
Behind me, Monza must be glaring dangerously. I got it from his expression.

“In the trade association, Rafel company is cooperating efficiently to maintain law and order in Ryun Height. I am grateful.”
I implicitly hint your employer is under my control. If he is a hired manager, he would not dare to defy the employer.
After I put enough pressure as a ruler, I ask the man,
“I am asking once again, did you really not have intention to attack werewolves?”
“No, Noo! I didn’t have such intention.”
The reticence in the beginning seemingly blown off, the man hurriedly nodded.

I smile.
“In that case, demon army would not do anything to you. Including your family and workplace also.”
Conversely, if he is planning something, then it is like threatening to kill everyone including his family, but that much intimidation is allowed. We are the rulers.
I with a smiling face, continue,
“That being the case, let me send you back home at once. It is really good that it was a mere misunderstanding.”
Tapping the man’s shoulders who is still frightened, I decided to end the interrogation.

Let me just stick the nail in the end.
“Ah, right, I should return the silver knife. Because it is a valuable asset. Not to lose it, isn’t it better not to walk holding it?”
Of course the real meaning is, ‘don’t loiter carrying these things’. The man promptly nodded repeatedly.
He should have learned a lot from this. If he has not learned enough, next time he would definitely be killed.
I may be reluctant, but I also got used to play the villain’s role….

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