Werewolf Chapter 17

Intimidator Vaito
Chapter 17

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Finishing the remaining five people’s interrogation one by one, I extracted information little by little.
The second one goes like this.
“I had a very good chat with Mr. Kozun.”
When I crossed my hands on top of the table, the young man completely withered in fear.
“Ah, well… anything about me…”
I smile cheerfully.
“If you also answer honestly, let’s have you return home safely. If you tell even a single lie….”
Behind me, Monza starts transformation into werewolf.
Looking at the youngman with a pale face almost on the verge of fainting, I smiled.
Surprisingly the interrogation proceeded smoothly.
Just as expected, when it came to the main point, they shut their mouth.
Seems like they are holding in a big secret which is not to be uttered with a small amount of threat.
Well, what to do.

After finishing interrogation, Monza mutters looking at the memo.
“All of them have different age and occupation. I thought they definitely are a ‘group’, but I lost my confidence.”
“The second guy, wasn’t he acquainted with the first guy? It is probable that others also had mutual acquaintance.”
Adjusting my appearance by looking in the mirror, I continued.
“Those guys were loitering near werewolves holding silver knives, they cannot be unrelated. Well they are still hiding something.”
Monza grins lifting her head from the memo.
“Then, shall we torture them?”

I refused Monza, who can say such disturbing things with a smiling face.
“If we overdo things, then we will give rise to the antipathy of citizens. It is almost the limit, release everyone.”
“E,eh? Is it alright?”
Monza makes an anti-climactic face. Seems a little disappointed.
So I gave her a new order.
“Of course, there is no need to send them straight back. From today, for a while, tail them thoroughly.”
“Ah, the wolf-escort. I’m happy.”
(TN: okuriookami-A wolf-escort is a ‘gentleman’, who escorts a woman home, only to make a pass at her)
Monza clapped happily, but was suddenly puzzled.
“In my squad, there are only four…”
“I will lend you squads of Woddo-jiisan and Hammam. Stick after them in shifts with twelve people. Is that fine?”
“Yes, commander”

Leaving the rest of the things to Monza, I returned to my room on second floor.
Just as I thought, immediately the viceroy Airia rushed in with a pale face.
Behind her, Faan-oneechan shrugged her shoulders. It seems like, there were sufficient exchanges during the interrogation.
Airia not in her usual state of mind, cane closer to me.
Well, that would be so. Currently she is in submission to the demon army, and that demon army has slaughtered the compatriot Mirarudia army, her situation is complicated.
“Looks like there was a war outside the city, please tell me the details! Also, what about those men?”

Offering her a seat, I started explanation sitting down.
“Because four hundred of Tuban soldiers attacked, our army repelled them. The men arrested were the people who were loitering around the north gate. All of them were armed with silver knives.
“Silver knife..?”
Airia made a dubious face, but soon realized the meaning.
“No way, attacking the werewolves?”
“I don’t know, but it can’t be helped to be perceived like that.”
Intentionally putting on airs, I leaned back on the soft back of the chair.

Getting more and more flustered, Airia urges me.
“Ple..,please treat them with leniency. I don’t want to see the blood of the people of Ryun Height.”
“It’s the same for me too Airia-dono”
Setting villain-ish attitude adrift, I show a wry smile.
“To tell you the truth, I didn’t want to kill the Tuban soldiers. But as the vice commander of demon army, there is some obligation to the war.”
Gazing at the flustered beauty in male clotheing, I continued.

“Similarly, as my position was given by the demon king to look after Ryun Height, I should confront the people who reject the rule of the demon king with a strict attitude. Do you get that?”
Implicitly, I am letting her think that… I am going to execute the arrested persons. But actually it is my plan to let them free and investigate in the background.
Interestingly Airia became ghastly pale.
“Wai..,wait! Please wait! Investigate a little more!”
“Unfortunately, for me, rather than investigating the truth, maintenance of public order is more important. The people under suspicion should be punished.”
Airia is on the verge of fainting, but I am not here to play buddy-buddy with the humans. If required, I would threaten them.

Since threatening them too much is counter productive, I decided to offer a negotiation around here.
“Nonetheless, those guys did not do something specific. There hangs a fine thread. That thread to rescue them.”
Remembering the story of spider threads, I put on airs.
For me to do such trickery, thinking about what the other guys tried to do, this much should be forgiven. In fact, executing them there itself would also have been fine.

Airia is waiting for my next words holding her breath. It’s a good look.
“There is no reason to let those guys, who aimed at our windpipes with silver knives, live, but I can’t ignore the appeal of Airia-dono. Well there is a debt regarding the public order affair. Let me show clemency.”
“Th…thank you very much…”
Relieved by my word, completely exhausted Airia put her elbows on the table. Seems she was under a great deal of mental strain.
Well well, with this I returned the debt when I requested her for the maintenance of public order.
Because from the beginning I didn’t have any intention to kill, this is kind of sneaky, but negotiations are things like this.

But the sneaky me did not forget to put forward the bargaining conditions.
“But, it is a strict condition that they should not do something foolish like this again. If something like this happens again, we will not show such lenient treatment like arrest.”
If they do it again, I will definitely slaughter them. This is not a threat. I am serious.
As my seriousness is transmitted, Airia also nodded immediately.
“Understood. I will order all the organizations under my jurisdiction to obey the demon army. It should reach to majority of the citizens.
“That is helpful!”
Even I don’t know how much effective that would be, but I can’t get anymore information than this.
It is essential to stop the threats. Covet too much, lose all.
Well, the rest depends on the work of Monza and others.

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  1. but I am not here to play buddy-buddy with the humans………….ummm yes you are, you are going out of your way to being all buddy buddy with them, they were clearly going to open the gate for the army to enter yet ur releasing them….pussy

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