Werewolf chapter 2

Capturing the Trading City Ryun Height (Part II)
Chapter 2

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“Don’t worry, I won’t eat you….”
Ignoring the escaping humans, who were unable to stand up due to fear, I jumped lightly.

My body gently floated in the air and I jumped up to a height of third floor. I was able to get a panoramic view of the city.
As planned, the werewolf corps has surrounded the Viceroy’s mansion. There were several guards, but it had become pitiful.
“I had said to hold back as much as possible and not kill but…it can’t be helped.”
Strength and fighting spirit of a werewolf is difficult to hold back.

I ran along the nearby roofs and jumped off in front of the Viceroy’s mansion.
At the worst possible time, the reinforcement of guards arrived.
“Protect the Viceroy-sama.”
Brandishing their swords, five soldiers swooped down on me from behind.

First I kicked the one on my back lightly and then I turned around to start attacking.
I blocked a sword with one arm and broke it off.
Since attacking with my claw could mistakenly kill them, I’m only throwing light jabs towards breastplate.
Oops, was that too much? It is more difficult to hold back than I thought.
Because it couldn’t be helped, I decided to drop the remaining three with a low kick.
Undoubtedly their legs would break , but they can be healed afterwards with magic.
While I was thinking of this, all five were toppled over on the stone pavement.
“I’ll treat you later, for now just sleep there.”
Telling that to them, I broke in through the second floor window of Viceroy’s mansion.

What I broke was a glass window of such a poor quality, which would not be found in my previous life. The thickness was not uniform, on top of that, transparency was also poor with bubbles and impurities.
After breaking the glass window without any hesitation, which was equivalent to the monthly income of an upper class citizen in this world, I entered the viceroy’s mansion.
The room, that I jumped into, is the office of the viceroy. I had investigated beforehand.
Just as I thought, there was the viceroy.
“Who are you?!”
The one glared at me is a woman in her twenties. She is wearing clothes like suits, but this is formal wear of a noble man.
She had a saber hanging on her waist.
I look inside the room, but there is no presence of guards. There was neither a response to hearing nor to smell. Outside the room also there is only sign of werewolves.

While being careful, I bowed to the Viceroy, hoping to not look sarcastic.
“I am the demon army third division commander, Vaito. I assume you are the viceroy Airia-dono. Am I right?”
“That’s right.”
Viceroy Airia’s face was pale, but she nodded firmly. It’s not that her lips are trembling, but the words just wouldn’t come out any more.
Although she isn’t called as the vessel of emperor, but it is probable that she is fit to be the vessel of commander.
At least, she is superior than me.

Because I had already decided that she is an enemy to be respected, I start talking as calmly as possible.
“Our army has taken control of the entire city of Ryun Height. Any resistance would be futile. Therefore, please consider surrendering.”
Viceroy shouted while clenching her fist with a pale face. She is a superior person, but doesn’t seem obedient.
“This city, Ryun Height is an important strategic point of our alliance! To be under control of the likes of demon king”

In order to silence her, I opted for a little rough approach.
“In that case, die”
Baring my fangs, I stand ready.
Just as I thought, viceroy was petrified with fear. Her whole body was trembling.
That was expected. The opponent is a werewolf. A monster, which can tear off heavy armors with claws and runs faster than the cavalry. Not an opponent against which such delicate young lady can win.
I take a step forward to further the provocation.
“For the honor of viceroy-dono, I shall grant you the right to fight one-on-one to the end. Come on, draw your sword.”
She put her hand to the sabre on her waist in a hurry, but she could not grip skillfully, because of the fear. She is not much accustomed to the fighting, it became clear in a glance.
“I,I… a second class regional noble…. the Viceroy of Ryu, Ryun Height…”
May be she is confused, she tried to do self-introduction of one-on-one fight before drawing the sword. If I remember correctly, self-introduction is after drawing the sword.
I bare my fangs, and howled lightly. The window glasses vibrate as if they were about to shatter.
Instantly, she screamed and dropped the saber. She fell down on her butt.

I almost burst into laughter instinctively, but it couldn’t be helped if the opponent is a werewolf. Even I would not have been able to stand up due to fear if it were my previous life.
So I stopped howling, and I moved closer to the Viceroy sitting on the carpet.
“Like a werewolf could ever be defeated with such a sabre! Even if you defeated me, you can not save the city. Give up.”
With her trembling hands, Airia then picked up the sabre and pointed the sharp edge towards herself. Her lips are trembling with a ghastly pale face.
“If, if that’s the case…”
“Wait, wait, wait!”
I rushed in a hurry and snatched away the saber from her hand. She is ridiculous.
“There is no point in committing suicide. Use your head a bit more!”
Airia is now looking at me puzzled like an idiot. It seems her thinking has stiffened from the shock.

I sighed, responded,
“You know, we, the demon army have only invaded the town. Although we have not killed any citizens, which would be scary. Do you realise that?”
“E, eh,yes,…. I understand that”
Like a child, Airia nodded.
I continued persuasion with a nod.
“We’re going to rule the humans, however, we neither want to kill them nor enslave them. In general we don’t mind them living as they did until now. That’s why a human leader is needed. Do you understand?”
“Umm…. in other words, I would continue to be the Viceroy?”
She being the viceroy, as I expected, has a quick understanding.
“In order to prevent the chaos, won’t you give in?Surrender and cooperate with the demon army. If possible, we will also agree to the demand of humans to some extent.”
I waited for her reply.

Airia seemed troubled, but soon vitality returned to her eyes.
Decision was fast.
“If there is a lie in these words, I will call out all citizens to a do-or-die resistance. Do you still want that?”
“I don’t mind. Under the direct order of demon king-sama, this city is left to my discretion.”
When I nodded, Airia stood up. She held out her hand, so I returned the sabre.

Airia held the sabre reverently with both hands, presented it to me again, respectfully.
“I, Airia Ryutte Aindorf, the Viceroy of Ryun Height city, officially surrender to the demon army. Please treat us generously.”
I nodded, with this the voyage of capturing the city came to a close.

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  1. Is he one of those MC that is non-human and yet still have concerns and hesitation to kill other humans? But once the demons are killed he could care less?

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