Werewolf Chapter 20

Teacher, Once Again
Chapter 20

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In the shadow of a watchtower of castle walls, I secretly sent off Priest Yuhito.
Certainly he is an enemy, and also the person behind the foolish plot, but I cannot bring myself to hate him.
If a city is invaded by monsters like us, I know that there would be people who would like to regain the city however extreme the method may be.

Well, Priest Yuhito would be fine.
I have conferred him with the status of official envoy of Viceroy Airia. He is also a clergyman in active duty, so there is no worry for him being adrift in the streets.
Driving that troublesome old man off to his hometown Tuban, let me have some peace over here.
Monza, standing beside me, is making a unsatisfied face, but ignore her, ignore.

“Isn’t it fine to just go and kill him now?”
Grabbing Monza’s head in a tight hold, I put power in my grip.
“Humans are weak, but it’s a problem if you kill them. Look, it’s like bees.”
“Ah… bee, sure is frightening.”
Monza, in her childhood, has suffered terribly when she broke the nest of bees imitating a bear.
It seems she is convinced.

Climbing down from the watchtower, I continue to walk on the main street. Monza followed me.
Buying some twenty skewers in the nearby stall, I gave Monza half of them to thank her for her work.
“Well, with this the Radiant Church would also be quiet.”
“Hmm. Ah, this dipping sauce is tasty.”
“This delicious dipping sauce feels just like using fermented soybean.”
“Commander, do you know cooking very well?”
“However I am an expert at eating.”
Of course I can’t say something like it is exactly the same as the soy sauce I desired so much.

After that, as I predicted, Radiant Church suddenly became quiet.
The reason is simple. The absence of the head of the church, Priest Yuhito.
He, by the decree of the Viceroy, has proceeded to Tuban as the envoy. Well, he would not be back again, but still he is the leader.
During the absence of Priest Yuhito, they cannot take important decisions.
Having said that, if they make another leader, it would be troublesome when Priest Yuhito comes back.
That’s why they have to continue waiting for return of Priest Yuhito indefinitely.

As expected Viceroy Airia suspected something, and enquired ’Did something happen on the night of meeting with Priest Yuhito?’.
But I don’t have any obligation to tell her the truth. The target this time was not Ryun Height, it was us, the demon army.
So I replied like this.
“I talked only of the doves.”
Since Airia made a suspicious face, I added further.
“He was truly a humane person.”
“Well that would be like that but…”
She became more and more suspicious.
Until the day of telling her everything comes, I’ll have to put up with this.

Therefore, the radiant believers having dissatisfaction towards us, the demon army, were unable to do something as a religious organization.
What I wanted to do is something like this.
The method to purposefully vandalize a person who is not to be killed, this was written in a novel I had read in my past life.

Citizens of Ryun Height, who were anxious for a moment, with the dispatch of Priest Yuhito as an envoy, seemed to have quite relieved.
After ten days, the war outside the castle walls got buried in the daily life as an affair of the past.
Just as intended.

While I was gloating in my office as a strategist, I heard knock on my door.
“Please come in.”
Immediately after I replied, a small child with a pointy hat makes her appearance in the room.
It’s teacher.
“What happened, suddenly?”
“I knocked now right.”
It’s even more surprising.

The great sage and famous spirit user Gomoviroa came closer to me floating lightly.
“By the way, there was a skirmish~jano
“As per the report.”
Since I had sent an inujin messenger immediately after the war, it should have been transmitted that I had annihilated the volunteer soldiers of Tuban.

“The skeleton spear troops I had borrowed, had received a little damage.”
Since I let the two thousand skeleton troops fight until they completely annihilated the three hundred fifty enemy soldiers, they received quite a fierce resistance.
Even then, only hundred or so had been felled, as expected it was the difference between quality and quantity.
This can be said to be closer to unharmed.
To use them in the next fight again, I hid them in the west side forest.

Teacher seems to be extremely dissatisfied.
“Again I have to create the reserve forces within a day…”
“Isn’t it alright, owing to that not a single werewolf or inujin died.”
“A person not using spirit technique, can easily say something like this.”
Because her appearance is like a child, it’s totally like she’s throwing a tantrum.

Apart from that, I have to report the additional things.
I explained in detail about the war this time, which was a plot of Priest Yuhito of Radiant Church whom I exiled.
“Understood. Well, that’s just like you”
After listening to the explanation, Teacher nods in agreement.

“Oh, it’s a strategy to conceal the movement using the absence of the leader. It sure is a little roundabout.”
“Even teacher would do something like this, right?”
“Well may be, but it is troublesome to keep down the dissatisfaction of underlings. Depends on the situation”
Saying so, teacher looked at my face.

“You, even compared to me, who is a human, seem to have quite a human like thinking.”
Teacher grins. Unknowingly, I think she might have seen through that I have memories of my previous life.
I can be frank about the truth with teacher who is intimate with the truths of life and death, but this time I would have to explain about the world I had lived in my previous life.
I don’t think it is still the time for that.

Teacher still intently looked at my face, but finally shrugged her shoulders a little.
“Well, receiving my education, anyone can smell like humans.”
“Oh, that is so!”
Without pursuing the matter further, teacher shows a smile this time.
“Either way, we can say you defended this town well. The subsequent dealings were also good.”
“Th, Thank you very much”
“So be relieved, make an excuse to the demon king.”
I watched the surroundings vanish warping in a whirl dumbfoundedly.

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  1. Thank you for the chapter and all the hard work! this is awesome can’t wait to see the meeting between him and the demon king.

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