Werewolf Chapter 22

An Informal Audience
Chapter 22

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“By the way, is governance of the trade city Ryun Height going well? I received some reports that it got attacked by a small scale enemy. “
That’s right, I have reported about that incident.
I honestly reported about the scheme of Radiant Church Priest to liberate Ryun Height and that I banished him.

“I see, the clergyman had a secret collusion.”
There are no clergyman among demon races. There is only one religion that worships the ‘Demon King’, who appears once in several decades, or possibly several centuries.
Demon King silently nodded, and commented.
“Sometimes religion pushes humans to madness. Is there no choice but to rule by force?”
The sore place has been pointed out.
As this remains, my Ryun Height governing policy would be considered narrow minded. I explained in a rush.
“Fo..fortunately disorder was kept at the minimum. Banishing the leader as he was, and not appointing a substitute, I have stopped the movement of hostile forces.”

The demon king motionlessly staring at me, asked.
“As long as you keep up your governing policy, hereafter also you’ll have to compromise with the religious forces. Do you understand?”
“I am readily prepared.”
Honestly speaking, I am having more difficulties than expected. I, myself, was not very religious in my previous life, so I actually can’t understand their feelings.
But even with that, I don’t want to kill humans whenever possible other than on the battlefield.
Somehow I’ll have to try.

I don’t know whether my resoluteness was conveyed or not, but the demon king didn’t pursue the matter further.
“Regarding each city’s governing policy, that is left to the commander on site. As long as the governance in Ryun Height is proceeding smoothly, I approve that policy.”
“Thank you very much.”
From now on, my worries have increased by one, but for the time being I seem to have got through it.

The demon king continued.
“Just now, I had a war council with the second division regarding the northern war front of Mirarudia. Do you have an understanding of the situation?”
“Unfortunately I have only heard casually.”
Somehow, the second division seems to have lost the momentum they had at first. I have heard such rumours from the inujin caravan.

That rumour being true, the demon king slightly nods.
“Counter attack of humans have become furious. Hence, the second division commander, personally leading the entire army, departed for the front line.”
I see, that was the ostentatious feeling in the castle. When I looked, there was a map spread on the round table with various writings all over it.
Looking at it roughly, one of the three cities they had captured in the beginning seemed to have been recaptured. It seems they’ve lost consecutively in subsequent wars.

The demon king, rather than rebuking me for looking at the map, pointed his rough fingers at it.
“I have heard ruling the two cities in the south is proceeding smoothly. From now on, these cities would deeply affect the strategies of demon army. Keep it in mind”
Straightening my back, I bowed.

After that the demon king offered me to sit on a chair.
“From here on wards, this is an informal audience. I allow you to sit. Be seated.”
The ones that can sit in front of the demon king are the top executives of division commander class. Pulling the chair nervously, I sat on the chair not being able to calm down.
Looking back fleetingly, I found Barce, also an aide like me, to be standing as is.
I would have been comfortable, had he sat with me, but he was standing in attention with his hard to read reptile face.

Facing the demon king across the round table, I wait for the next instructions.
But looking at him so close, there is an staggering sense of tremendous intimidation. I am almost intoxicated from the released magic power.
“From sometime ago, I wanted to have a talk with you at ease for once. Among the various commanders of demon army I recognize you as one of the excellent commanders.”
“I am very much ob..obliged.”
The demon king asks me with a calm demeanor.
“For example, I have heard that you have divided your werewolf corps into squads of four people. Speaking of which, is there a special meaning to the number four?”
I bow my head.
“I’m awed at your divine discernment.”

Of course, there is a meaning to the four people squads.
While doing a dangerous task, a pair has more survival rate compared to someone alone. This is the same for both humans and werewolves.
That’s why, having two persons in a team, called two man cell, is basic for policemen or some of the military personnel.
Even I, myself, also have personal experience making a buddy for the swimming lessons in elementary school.

But I had realized that there is a limit to a-two man cells.
Once one of the two is injured, they lose their combat capability. The other person has to aide his injured partner, so without any back up they have to retreat.
Even if one forcibly fights as it is, the battle potential automatically falls below half.

Thereupon, I combined two two person teams. This is the four person variant.
Even if one is injured in one of the teams, the unhurt team would continue the battle. Otherwise the three of them can merge and fight.
On top of that, even if only two of them remain after the casualties, they can still barely maintain the two man cell.
Again, during reconnaissance occasionally one of the teams can go for scouting, and the other can maintain safety at the current position …. Such operations are also possible.

Even if I say that, I didn’t think of all that, rather these are the knowledge from a game in my previous life, it’s not a story to brag about.
Nonetheless, it was the first time anyone’s asked me this question.

The demon king deeply nodded to my explanation.
“Let me use it as a reference. Aide, record the current statements of Baito.”
It’s not Baito… rather vice division commander….
Well, it is a problem with the structure of their mouth, complaining won’t solve anything.
Barce was skillfully recording the current conversation.
“As you command. I have recorded the statement of Vaito-dono.”
No, wait.. Barce can correctly pronounce me, ‘Vaito’, right?

The demon king continues to ask me questions.
“This is a good opportunity, if you have anything to ask regarding the demon army, state away.”
I am just a vice division commander. I may sound bossy, but I am nothing more than a mid-level executive.

I had never expected that a person like me would get a chance to ask the questions regarding the demon army to the demon king in person.
“Don’t be anxious. Since this is an unofficial audience, there is no need to take responsibility for your remarks.”
Even if you say it like that.

As a matter of fact, the demon army has been sufficiently modernised.
When I enlisted, I was surprised by the fact that there exists a supply train.
The demon king’s headquarters, Glenstadt castle, is a huge accumulation point for supplying personnel and goods to the frontline.
Since the supply lines are maintained by the first division, we can fight with peace of mind.

Meanwhile, the human army depends on pillaging or purchasing. In worse cases, it’s on the whim of the soldiers.
Had I been reincarnated as a human, I would have gained merit for introducing the supply train, but that I could not do in the demon army.
The enlistment system and training regimen are also well-prepared, so they can build a new unit in a short period.
The humans seemed to be afraid that ‘the demon king can summon military forces infinitely from the hell’, but in reality it is just that sophisticated a system that has been established.

The demon king looked at my face, prompting the remark.
“Don’t be afraid. Speak.”
I am not really holding back, but the question, right… oh, right.
“With all due respect, I want to enquire regarding the chain of command of our demon army.”
“I permit, you may speak.”

In these last few years, the demon army has expanded its battle prowess at once.
In the beginning, it was only an armed group of ryujins, but in the blink of an eye, it became this large-scale by adding believers from other races.
However, that was the reason of various disorders.
For example, my social status.
An aide or a vice division commander, which one is it?.

When I joined demon army, the respective divisions were called ‘Ryujin Troops’, ’Kyojin Troops’, ‘Majin Troops’ etc.
(TN: Kyojin: giants, Majin: devils)
When the scale got bigger, the division was used for displaying the majestic appearance.
However, the chain of command and the responsibilities below the division commander level remain vague.

For example, Aide Barce is a close associate of the demon king, while the shishioni Dogg is just a group leader.
Then, I am the local commanding officer governing Ryun Height.
Speaking of the ranks, obviously it would be Barce, me and then Dogg.
Yet everyone has the same rank. On top of that, is it an aide or is it a vice division commander, that is not distinguished.
At a glimpse, it looks the same.

“Considering the current scale of demon army, there are a lot of ambiguous matters in the chain of command or the class system, I am anxious that this might be a problem hereafter.”
Saying this, when I looked at Barce, he had an stiff expression.
Maybe I am the first and last person to criticize the demon army’s organisation in front of the demon king himself.

The demon king nodding in a calm demeanor, indifferently explained.
“That is a good question. Since following the strong is the way of life for demons, there would be more inconvenience if army is structured.”
Rather I think it’s better to make the hierarchy clear, but what is the difference?

“If we establish strict chain of command or rank system, there is more chance that the weak soldiers with wisdom would be superiors of stupid but powerful soldiers. But the demon army is not matured enough to accept those.”
Now that I remember, there were those who started fighting me…
“So, keeping the hierarchy vague, I can only entrust it to the division commander’s order. Naturally, as you say, I’ll have to revise it sooner or later.”
Unexpectedly so, the demon king seems to be critical to the rule of supremacy of the strong.

Immediately, I apologized to the demon king for impoliteness.
“A fledgling like me has said too much. I beg your honour for forgiveness.”
“It’s ok, your question is sharp. I am also satisfied with your ability to govern Ryun Height.”
Saying such, the demon king happily continued.
“That’s right. I suddenly remembered the elated face of Gomoviroa when she recommended you.”
What kind of exchange happened….
But the demon king seemingly satisfied with himself, stopped the audience.
“The audience this time was extremely meaningful. Hereafter, come by periodically and report the governing status. I have expectation from you.”
“Yes my lord.”
It was thus, that I was finally freed from the presence of the demon king.

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  2. Is the demon king reincarnated too? “Baito” seems to be normal mispronunciation of “Vaito” as many languages replaces ‘V’ with ‘B’ when ‘V’ isn’t in their language’s phoneme set.

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