Werewolf chapter 3

Howl of Demon Wolf
Chapter 3

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From there onwards, the story was quite fast.
Airia calls all the frightened maids together, and orders.
“Call the messenger. Instruct the whole army to suspend the battle. We surrender to the demon army.”
Uh-oh, that’s right, I should also inform my subordinates.

“I will howl for a bit. Don’t be afraid. It’s a message to my comrades.”
Facing towards the maids, who were almost unable to stand due to fear, I inform as gently as possible.
After that, I went outside the window, and started howling.
“Aooon! oooon! Ooo!”
The windows starts vibrating, all the maids scream “Kyaaa!”, “Hyaa!”, and fall on their buttocks.
There was someone who wet her pants…… oh dear, I did a very bad thing!
But with this, my order should have been transmitted in the entire city.

“Mission accomplished! Assemble”

Following immediately, howling sounds of werewolves could be heard from nearby places.

“Come at once.”
“Follow the leader”
“There are no injured this way”

The sounds coming to my ears, gradually became quiet. It seems all the one-sided battles that happened at different parts of the city have ended.
I hope that they haven’t gone too far.
Soon, all the werewolves gathered in the plaza in front of viceroy’s mansion.
At a glance, all of my subordinates are robust wolf-men and wolf-women possessing an intimidating air.
Even though I say that, they are not really my subordinates.

“I’m a little tired after fighting for the first time in a while. It is hard on the lower back.”
A gray werewolf smiles at me. He is Woddo-jiisan, who lives in my neighbourhood. He is a white haired good-natured old man in his human form.
The one nodding beside him, is Meari-baasan, and the ones showed up from behind are my cousins.
In short all of them, are my acquaintances or relatives.
Werewolves hunt in packs. All the inhabitants of the same village, are recognized as comrades in the pack. If something happens, we fight together, like this.
That said, werewolves are demons.
And the only absolute law of the demon race is complete obedience towards the strongest.
Werewolves, also, are not exception to it.

The guys who keep doubting my abilities, started complaining immediately.
“Hey Vaito, is it fine with such a indulgent method?”
A big, redheaded werewolf made a condemning face in disapprovement. They are my cousins, the Gaani brothers. This one, perhaps, is the younger brother Nibert.
The older brother, Gabert, also expressed discontent directly.
“Because of these humans, how much our ancestors were hunted, did you forget that? We should just massacre them.”
These guys are my childhood friends, and they are physically stronger than me.
It seems they still do not acknowledge me as the commander of werewolf troops even now.

It can’t be helped. It is tedious for me who was a human in previous life, but these guys won’t understand if I don’t show my power.
When I jumped down from the second floor window, I stepped in front of Gaani brothers.
“Are you not satisfied?”
Then the two of them, for a moment, refrain from looking at each others’ faces.
I see, they thought that they would win if they both attack together.
As usual, Gaani older brother showed a cocky attitude.
“Ah, I wouldn’t do this kind of half-assed job. If I had been the commander.”
The red haired werewolf taller than me by a head, emphasized on the “If I had been the commander” part.
Seems he wants to fight.
The werewolves in the surrounding, judge the atmosphere and distance themselves a little. Other werewolves do not seem to be disobeying me.

I glare at the Gaani brothers.
“I am the commander. If you have a complaint, say that only after you defeat me.
“Is it fine?”
Gaani younger brother grins in ridicule.
The Gaani brothers, are among the big guns in the werewolf troops. They have good build, nicely trained.
If I fight directly, I would not even win a one-on-one fight. I don’t have memory of winning even once during childhood.
However, currently I am the substitute division commander of demon army.
Therefore I laugh.
“After hearing this, you don’t have to worry anymore”
I howled.

That howling was not a simple howling like any other.
The shockwaves run through and vibrate the trees and buildings in the surrounding. All the window glasses of viceroy’s mansion had been shattered.
Gaani brothers falter back a few steps. All of the other werewolves, stiffening their bodies, also crouched down on the spot.
The werewolf howl, possesses a capability to terrorize the humans as well as the beasts.
However, the humans with strong will are not affected that much, and it doesn’t work against demons above the same rank. Of course, it will not work against werewolves.
But my howls carry a strong magic. This is a howl enhanced by magic.
I am not a warrior, but a magician.
The third division commander of demon army, werewolf magician Vaito. That was my world now.

This is one of my magics, ‘Soul shaker’.
In one howl, it altered the magic power floating around in the surrounding into exclusive use for demons. Humans won’t be able to use magic for a short while, and the magic power of us demons will increase.
And it is a secondary effect, this howl brings out an intense fear to the people hostile to me.
However brave one may be, it is useless. Because this binds the heart with magic, same as trying to resist the anaesthetics.

Sure enough, Gaani brothers had stifled completely.
Right now I can easily kill both of them in one go. I walked up to both of them.

And then, I pop-a-fist lightly against their solar plexus, which are defenseless.
I laugh at the Gaani brothers who are shivering.
“Have faith in me”
At that moment, the magic power subsided and Gaani brothers became free.

But both of them already lost their fighting spirit completely. Their wolf ears were drooped disgracefully.
Gaani older brother speaks finally.
“A,ah….. Understood…. You are the boss…. I will obey.”
I laugh and announce to the werewolf troops again.
“The demon army third division has captured the trading city Ryun Height. From now on, I strictly forbid fighting other than self-defense!”
The werewolves lowering their head, sweared obedience to me.

After that, I explain again to the werewolves.
“Our aim, is to keep this trading city under control and in cooperation with the demon army. Therefore, there is no point in harming the citizens or facilities. Is it clear?
“I don’t understand.”
Gaani younger brother tilts his head, this is not rebelling, but he just lacks general understanding.
Gaani brothers are brave, but frankly they are idiots. From the olden days.
I explain again so that these guys can also understand.
“Listen, this city, is same as a tasty deer for the demon army. Don’t shred it to pieces before even having a taste. I will kill you.”
“I see, understood.”
This time, Gaani younger brother is nodding in agreement.
It is a mystery that if he really understood or not, I have to be satisfied with this much.

Gaani older brother mutters while folding hands.
“But, is it possible to really do something like that? From the surrounding humans, I sense a strong killing intent”
This is as he says. I am also sensing the surrounding hostilities.
“Doing something about that is my job, and this can only be done by me. Therefore follow my orders absolutely.”
When I lightly growl, Gaani elder brother also ducked his head.

I explain to the other werewolves once again.
“Uum, I promise to provide good food, if you want to hunt, then hunt as much as you want in the nearby forest, please just never attack humans. Is that ok?”
Because the other party are the neighborhood uncles and aunts, it’s very difficult for me. When I noticed it had already became a polite speech.
But, all the werewolves, receive me favorably.
“Fu fu, it is alright ja~. Because it is absolute obedience to the boss jano~.”
“Also we have to be prepared for the next war.”
Because the veteran werewolves were obedient, the younger ones did not seem to have any objection.
“I am hungry! Vaito-anchan, give me food!”
“Naa, where do we stay tonight? Isn’t it fine not sleeping outdoors?”
“Ah, be silent children! I will quickly make proper arrangements, so stay silent!”
The werewolf troops are short of people, so I had brought all people from the elderly to children, whoever is useful.
Exceptions are the eldest and sick people, children who don’t follow orders and their guardians.
Therefore, our werewolf troops looked overbearing and really dreadful, but members are not much different from that of a neighborhood council’s picnic. There are two, still in their early teens.

Compared to the population of three thousand, the werewolf troops are only fifty six. Even after including the two hundred inujin troops outside, it is still not sufficient to rule the city.
Will it really be fine? I, myself, became a little anxious.

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