Werewolf Chapter 5

Postwar process is arduous (Part II)
Chapter 5

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“It is surprisingly tiresome…”
I, who occupied the guest room of viceroy, let out a sigh while looking at the approaching dusk in the townscape.
If there is a rebellion of citizens, we don’t have power to suppress it amicably. We’ll have to kill all the people disobeying us.
Now, I can only pray that nothing happens.
At that time, the door of my room was knocked.
“Come in.”

The one came in, was the viceroy, Airia.
I have left her as viceroy without revoking her status. Because I have decided that, she is capable and holds the trust of citizens.
The question is whether she will cooperate with us earnestly or not, it is hard to say anything about that.
Once she, as the viceroy, calls out to the citizens, a rebellion would break out at once. It is also possible to attack us by moving the palace guards.
Of course, we are not so easy that something would happen with only that much, but the control of Ryun Height will be lost.

When I was thinking such things, Airia looked clueless.
“Vaito-dono, did something happen?
“No, it’s nothing. Is there something you need, Airia-dono?”
Since we both are the chief executives of this place, we pay attentions to other’s proposal.
Airia, thereupon, informed with unashamed face,
“I have suppressed the commotion inside the city to the minimum. For now there are no signs of rebellion or escape.”
“Is that so, then I am grateful. Within little time, I will lift restrictions one by one, I will make an effort to restore the former livelihood as soon as possible.”
When I reply, she makes unashamed face more and more.
“That is not a problem, but …. The persuasion of palace guards did not go very well.”
“The palace guards?”
I thought they surrendered meekly, but it doesn’t seem so simple.

Airia’s story was as follows.
The palace guards are not her private army, they are affiliated to the allied armies of Mirarudia alliance, which governs Ryun Height.
This is because, before the existence of alliance, there were a lot of wars, due to that, the viceroys can not have their private army. To order the palace guards anything other than the general duties, approval from Mirarudia senate is necessary.
I confirm again with Airia, to understand the situation.
“In other words, you can order to surrender, but you don’t have the authority to order them to cooperate with demon army. Isn’t it?”
“Yes, it is like that. The only thing I can do at most is to request them.”
I can not sense untruth in her expression or words. It doesn’t smell peculiar when people lie. Werewolves can pick up the faint smell of sweat and guess the hidden emotion.
“That’s a problem.”
I folded my hands.

The palace guards are only two hundred in number, but they are experts in maintaining public order. If they don’t cooperate, then the maintenance of public order has to be done by werewolf troops only.
But we don’t have enough people or method. If all the werewolves were maintaining the public order in the first place, then eventually, when it comes, I would have to fight the Mirarudia alliance army with only inujin troops. There is no chance of victory.
In case of ordinary demons, either they would threaten the palace guards or half-kill the leader as an example, but I would definitely not do such things.
Ruling with fear always leads to revolt, and it is a difficult task to maintain just the right level of fear. Going too far would be counter productive to ask for rebellion.

When I was troubled, Airia nervously spoke,
“Won’t you do terrible things to the palace guards?”
“Do you want me to?”
When I smiled wryly, Airia shook her head.
“It’s not like that, but I thought you would surely go for harsh measures.”
“It will go well with demons, but for humans it will not go well, don’t you agree.”
Also, I understand their position. If it becomes known that they were cooperating with demon army, it would be an issue of liability when Mirarudia army takes back the city.
After some more worrying, I gave up the thought of using palace guards.
“I understand their position and feelings. If they comply with disarmament, I will not demand anything further. Please tell that to them.”

Airia tried to leave my room, but after hesitating for a while before the door she, finally, turned around
“What happened?”
When I urged, the beautiful woman dressed as a man, prepared herself to speak.
“For public order maintenance, there is another way, that is to use trade association.”
“Trade Association?”
“The trade association in every ward of Ryun Height cooperate for the maintenance of public order and disaster prevention. Because if a crime or accident happens, then the trade will be disrupted.”
I see, it is like the neighborhood council. I was living in a big city in my previous life, and in present world I was raised in a hidden village of only werewolves, so I hadn’t thought of such things at all.
Airia continues.
“The trade association is under my direct control. They are not as effective as armored palace guards, but they can take care of things such as patrolling.”

To this unexpected proposal, I thought a little.
This proposal is very beneficial to us, but there wasn’t any gain for Airia. It will just create a debt with trading association.
Therefore, I needed to verify her real intentions.
“Why do you propose so?”
Her answer was surprising.
“This is gratitude towards Vaito-dono.”
Because I never thought that the invaders would be appreciated, I said in a weird voice.

Then Airia shows a gentle expression.
“You people did not even kill a single person except for the palace guards who fought. If you wished, you could have massacred the citizens.”
“That, well, maybe that is so.”
We can Certainly do it, but there is no point in doing that, that’s why we didn’t do it. We are not in a position of receiving gratitude.
But to Airia, it doesn’t seem like that, she bows deeply to me.
“That’s why please, from now onwards, I request generous treatment towards the citizens. I would not spare any effort for that.”

For the viceroy thinking foremost about Ryun Height, cooperation with the demon army is also one of the diplomatic cards. Even if, in the future, this city is freed by Mirarudia army, no one would blame the viceroy for her decisions.
As I thought, this beautiful woman in male clothing, is neither a coward nor a soft-hearted person. She might be weak when panicked, but usually a shrewd realist.
Once I know the circumstances, there is no reason to reject the proposal.
“Thanks. This matter is like a personal debt for me, I will definitely repay it. I request you to work with the trade association.”
Airia smiled, as if feeling relieved.
It was quite lovely.

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