Werewolf Chapter 6

Chibi Division Commander
Chapter 6

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Thankfully, the viceroy Airia was very cooperative, I could sleep without much hardship that night. Of course, I put people to stand guard in shifts, and I was vigilant enough to look out for any signs of unrest. Next morning, Ryun Height seemed to have regained sufficient stability.

“Last night, there were some people who committed theft exploiting the turmoil”
The youngster of werewolf troops brought the news to my room. Maybe because of the yesterday’s incident with the Gaani brothers, his gaze was unusually ardent. Like looking at a hero.
“What should we do? Should we execute them as a warning?”
If he had been transformed into a werewolf, he would have been wagging his tail. Just like a dog waiting for ball game.
But I shook my head.
“We are soldiers. Not the police.”
I briefly explain to the youngster who tilted his head in wonder.
“Ah, it’s to make the humans take care of maintenance of public order. Punish them according to the law of Ryun Height. What is it according to the law here?”

Thereupon the human secretary in the same room hurriedly answered.
“In case of theft or destruction, as long as same amount has not been paid back, they are subjected to forced labor. If you do not return the goods then it is double the amount.”
“So it’s like that. Make them work in the fields until they have not earned the compensation amount.”
“Since the number of people in this city has increased by 256 since yesterday.”
Needless to say, it is the portion of inujin troops and werewolf troops. It is easy to do food requisition, but overdoing would invite revolt. The resentment of the victim is terrifying.
(T/N: Here victim(食い物) also means food.)

“For now, all the traffic is completely banned for humans. Buy all the merchandise off of the peddlers with adding a little extra. Tell them to stay in the lodge for a while with that money.”
This expense… it can’t be helped, let me ask Airia. Again I would be in debt…
“Next, leaving the sewerage directly under the castle walls as before is dangerous, so begin the repair work immediately. Since there is a chance of enemy invading through the drainage, tell them not to forget to strengthen the defense.”
With only two hundred of the inujin troops, it’s not possible to have them do large construction work. Because with three shift system, I can move only about sixty of them in each shift. This is tough.
“Increase the assigned duty of Gaani brothers. As the payment I would let them have chicken. Work if you want to eat.”

By the time I realize, it’s already forenoon without even having time for breakfast.
Wanting to eat something, I stretched myself leaving the seat.
“A little tired ~jana”
A cute voice was heard.
When I hurriedly turned, behind me a small child was lightly floating. It is a girl with pointed hat and black mantle.
I  immediately went down on my knees.
“I have been waiting for you, Gomoviroa division commander.”
“Oi, call me Mobi-chan”
Chief of demon army third division, the great sage Gomoviroa puffed her cheeks in displeasure. Just like a child.
But she definitely is the strongest magician in demon army, in spite of being a human, she is the closest of among the close aides of demon king.
Later also many troublesome cases were brought to me one by one.
“The peddlers caught up in the battle made a petition that they want to get out of city for the sake of reopening trade.”
“According to the investigation of inujin troops, the drainage system directly under the castle walls is deteriorating.”
“Gaani brothers complained that they want to eat more meat.”
I ended up dealing with all of them.

“‘Mobi-chan’ is not happening. At least let me call you teacher.”
“You are quite stubborn.”
My teacher Gomoviroa sighed, but suddenly looked like smiling.
“Well, fine. Ryun Height siege, looks like it went well ~jana.”
“It’s the blessings of teacher. By the way…”
Given teacher is here, her direct protection troops supposed to be here. I expect it.
Then teacher smiled.
“My skeleton spear troops appear to be very much yearned for. I merged those two thousand troops with the inujin troops.”
“As expected of teacher.”
Teacher’s specialty is spirit art. The skeleton troops which she summons are skilled soldiers that can move at will.

If there are two thousand skeleton spear troops, it is even possible to fight with thousands of human armed forces. And they don’t even need food.
Teacher sighs.
“You, thinking of useless things again, right? Like ‘Because skeletons don’t eat, maintenance isn’t a problem.’”
“Eh, well.”
“Take the labour of production into consideration also. I have created them one by one with much love and effort.”
“And yet, you can make a hundred more if you have one day.”
“Did you say something?”
“No, not at all.”

Teacher is an expert in magic, but she is not a specialist of strategy. So she can’t comprehend my difficulties even a little.
“Isn’t it good to do food requisition in the first place. Humans also do it, right?”
“I don’t like requisition. I would be hated then.”
“Not to be hated after invading is a quite selfish story.”
Teacher laughs loudly. Teacher is originally a human, but her thinking is just like a demon.
If she feels like, with a single fingertip, she can entirely disintegrate the viceroy’s castle. To turn the entire Ryun Height into a barren land, it won’t even take half a day. She is already different from humans.

Nonetheless, since she is a human to begin with, among the demon army, teacher is an outstanding moderator.
“Well, I took you as a disciple because I liked that part of yours. I don’t teach magic to anyone who likes blood.”
“I am grateful.”
I still clearly remember the conversation we had when I first visited teacher’s place.

‘“What, you want to become a magician? You, aren’t you a werewolf?”’
‘“I am not strong enough… But I want to be strong.”’
‘“For what purpose?”’
‘“To protect everyone in village. Also, I want to be respected among my comrades.”’
‘“Aren’t you really honest… Well, fine, for now let me see if you have talent for magic or not.”’
‘“Yes! Thank you very much!”’
‘“Just give up if you don’t have talent…. Hey, are you listening?”’

It seemed Teacher also remembered the same thing, and smiled bitterly looking at me.
“I was confident that werewolves possess the ability to manipulate magic in theory, but I never expected it would be this much. Well, there was not a shred of talent for spirit magic.”
“Because I am a werewolf.”
The magic I use are for body strengthening. Magic power only works moving towards inside.
In my previous life’s words, it’s like Buffer. Although it is strictly like a hobby, still I can somewhat use the healing magic.
I am not proficient, but owing to the fact that I learned magic, I became the strongest werewolf that existed.
Since the werewolves are a powerful race in itself, even among the demons they are prominent in strength. Well, it would be around vice division commander.

“But teacher, I didn’t hear that you were coming here.”
When we met at demon army’s castle before, teacher was supposed to be stationed in castle. The second and third division had attacked several cities at once, the division commanders were supposed to rush whenever the reinforcement is required.
Thereupon teacher replied while laughing.
“No matter how you look, the one who needs most reinforcement is your place, right? Since other disciples also have enough military strength, my reinforcement is unnecessary.”
“Is, is it so”
As expected I might have constricted the military force too much. The other vice division commanders are leading an army at the scale of a thousand men.

Trying to put up a front to the best of my ability, I showed my puffed chest.
“Praise me as I have conquered with the minimum amount of troops. On top of that, it is zero loss, zero.”
“I acknowledge that you have made the best use of werewolves’ natural ability. I bet you were trembling in fear that a rebellion will break out around the evening.”
“That, how..”
“I know your personality far too well.”
The great sage Gomoviroa while laughing started to float and sat down on my shoulder.
“Hey, do you have anyone to rely on as an official representative?”
“Ah, Yes. I have entrusted the authority to command a part of werewolves to the girl, Faan who was at the castle gates. Did you meet her?”
“Ah, that girl you like.”
“That, how..”
“I know what you like all too well.”
Teacher is smirking with a childish expression.

“Well, fine, then give me a moment. I must report it to the demon king.”
“Am I also going?”
Since just an aide going to report separately is very rare, I find it strange. That level of report should be done by the division commander.
But teacher after shaking her head, said to me that,
“It is the demon king’s honourable intention to hear words from the commander who actually gave directions. Stop complaining, come with me.”
Teacher chanted the spell like singing in a cute voice.
In the next moment, my vision softly got warped.

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