Werewolf Chapter 7

Aide VS Aide
Chapter 7

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Demon army headquarters, Glenstadt Castle.
(TN: Glenstadt, Glen= narrow valley, Stadt=city in german)
The name is somewhat majestic, but actually it is a abandoned castle in remote region. Destroyed in a battle between humans several hundred years ago, now serves as the base camp for the demon army.
Originally ruins, however, rebuilt by making full use of magic, this castle is now an impregnable strong fortress.
Shrouded in the magical mist, which no one can see or approach. Any human coming in contact with the mist would become paralyzed, playing the role of a sensor at the same time.
Even advancing with a large army, they would face complete annihilation without barely reaching the castle.

For us demons the insides of mist is pleasant, I walk with teacher on my shoulder. Since it is forbidden to teleport directly inside the castle, we had to enter from castle gates.
To avoid being misunderstood by the guards, on top of after my transformation into werewolf, I walk carrying teacher on my shoulder.
“Appearance is ominous, but the air here sure is pleasant.”
“Since I am a human ~jano. Well it is not hateful.”
As expected, teacher seems to have abandoned half of her humanity.
The ryuujin troops guarding the castle gate made a path immediately after seeing our faces. The elite ryuujin troops are in charge of defense of entire castle.
They all belong to the first division. Thus the head of first division was none other than the demon king.

While walking inside the castle, someone walks from the other side of mist. It is a huge shadow.
“That guy?”
At the same time teacher murmurs, I also realize the identity of the other person. I understood immediately from the stench of blood.
“What, the third division.”
It was a giant with a beast-like visage. Height was around three meters. Almost nearly twice as me. He is of shishioni race. He was holding a steel club with a half-naked body.
He, being an aide of second division, is the commander of shishionis. He is called Dogg.
It is wrong to laugh on his name. In the language of shishioni, it means something like ‘Mad Person’. In other words mad dog.
It makes me laugh even more.

The mad dog Dogg, bowing to teacher just as a formality, looks down on me.
“Coming to report this time?”
It was a tone like making a fool. It seems like this guy is returning after his reporting. I don’t know the time difference, but in this guy’s head, there is only victory or loss.
When I was seemingly bored, Dogg still flared up.
“I don’t know if that is a trade city or whatever, but with only capturing something like that, is a report even necessary? I took over the mining town Boltz.”
Swinging his prided club Dogg is making a triumphant face. What might be the reason to be happy.
“It’s a mine, MINE. Do you understand? We can excavate iron. In a trading city nothing can be dug up. There is no value.”
Ah, I got it.
In other words, he wants to show that his spoils has a better value.

This half-wit would never get how much value a trade city can have, Other demons also, even the humans of this world have many things which they don’t understand much.
I know how much valuable circulation of money is, but it is not easy to explain, nor do I have any obligation to do so. So I lightly shrug my shoulders.
“It’s good that you are carefree.”
Instantly Dogg’s face is flushed. So shishioni also have red colored blood.
“You, Who do you take the great me to be! I am the genius with the blood of shishioni, Dogg!”
Genius…? Well, because shishioni are as intelligent as elementary school students. Since this guy is around middle school level, I think genius will be a genius.
“I am a magician which possesses the power of werewolf, yet who do you think is strong? Wouldn’t you know if you are a genius?”
“Of course! It is the great me!”
What should I do, this idiot.
I glanced at teacher, but she lightly floated away from me.
“As fellow aides, get along with each other ~ja”
Teacher is also seems to be troubled by dispute.

Since it can’t be helped, I look up at the shishioni.
Among demons, power is everything. Once you lose, you become lower ranked.
Let me be his opponent casually. I glared at Dogg.
“Even though you are weak, don’t obstruct road with your large body, MOVE”
“What did you say!”
The club was swung downwards. So sudden.

Of course, I would not be hit by a thing like that. From a werewolf’s perspective it looks as if it is stationary.
The strike from club only shattered the stone pavement, and scattered the fragments everywhere.
“Hey, don’t break the castle of demon king.”
Since the opponent attacked first, I decided to play with him a little bit.
“You need a little punishment.”

Werewolf and shishioni.
The shishioni have more power compared to werewolves.
Because the build is completely different, this is obvious. Swinging the large club around indiscreetly can attack a wide range at once. They are the specialist of destruction.
But shishioni’s build can also be their weak point.
Beginning to move in a large body is slow.
Although it is slow, to take advantage sufficient skill is required, also courage is needed. On top of that, it is difficult to strike a fatal wound in the tough flesh of shishioni.
Then, even if you struck a fatal wound, still the club swung downwards can’t be stopped. It is a dreadful monster.
But, that’s only for humans.

While I was thinking something like that, I evade the second strike. Even though he is a vice commander, do shishioni amount to this much only.
The club without nails is not much of a threat even swung downwards in full force.
The non-benevolent me doesn’t have any intention to keep him company until the third strike.
Jumping a little, I throw a flying kick onto his chin.
If it was a human, the face would be in pieces, but as expected of shishioni.
It is over with only broken jaw bones. They are considerably robust.

Normally that wound would have been sufficient to surrender, but Dogg is also a respectable commander of demon army.
Without losing even a little bit of fighting spirit, conversely swung his club with fierce vigour.
It is a blind attack, but if connects, even I would bear a severe wound. Dodging carefully, let me greet the finishing blow.
Which reminds me, teacher was watching.
Let me use a little bit of magic.

With simple hand signs, I dwell the magic power in my palm.
“Don’t hate me”
The werewolf’s claws had a trace of devilish light.
The claw with a black luster penetrate the broken chin.

Werewolf’s claws are sunk into Shishioni’s chin. It is crushing the broken bones.
Even Dogg also felt extreme pain with this. Completely losing his fighting spirit, he drops his club.
“Hey, give up.”
I advise him to surrender, but this stubborn guy doesn’t raise his voice.
It can’t be helped.
“Just lie down a little.”
As I crushed Dogg’s broken chin, I put back my wrist as it is.
Jolting the shishioni’s head in a funny way, he faints. It caused a cerebral concussion. Dogg toppled over with a tremor. He won’t stand up anymore.
If shishioni are specialist of destruction, then werewolves are specialist of massacre.

“There there, it is enough ~ja. Hm hm, it was a good fight.”
Teacher who overlooked the battle lightly descended, and praised for good fight in a good sounding voice.
After treating Dogg’s chin skillfully, she patted his shoulder unreservedly.
“The daring and resolute warrior style, surely is the personality of a vice division commander ~ja.”
“Ah, aah…. uh..aah…”
Even though the wound is healed, Dogg is still groaning.
It seems teacher has used the most painful healing magic out of many. Instead of strengthening the natural healing powers to close the wound with minimum amount of magic, it is the one which causes intense pain until complete recovery.
Teacher was simply treacherous.

Then teacher turns toward me and pats my head with a dissatisfied face.
“What kind of fighting is this. Reflect a little.”
“Y, Ye…”
I think of this as a brilliant victory but teacher seems dissatisfied.
Flying lightly, teacher is complaining.
“Making it entirely fearful, do you meant to toil my heart.”
Ah, she was just worried.
She was not only simply tricky, but also she was a overprotective teacher.

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