Werewolf Chapter 9

Religion Meeting (Part I)
Chapter 9

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After leaving demon king’s room, I finally got back the sensation of being alive.
“I thought I would die, teacher.”
“Surprisingly, you are a coward, jano~”
Teacher got on my shoulders, while laughing violently.
“The Demon Lord’s conduct is very overbearing but he is in fact very kind, ja~. Except for a significant error, he doesn’t normally punish.”
“I wanted to hear that before we met…”
When I sulked, teacher patted my head without reservation.
“I thought you would be knowing that much. You rookie”
“sorry for being a rookie….”

While we were having such this conversation in the courtyard, a shishioni came out of the fog. It was the second division commander Dogg, I slightly put myself in guard.
“Want to fight again?”
But he denied.
“It’s a little vexing, but this time, it was a loss for my great self.”
Saying so, Dogg yielded us the path.
In the world of Demons, strength is the justice. Those, who don’t follow this law, don’t live long.
“You are unexpectedly sincere!”
I crossed Dogg, while still being on my guard, but he didn’t even show any animosity.
Instead, he said this.
“Next time, I will crush you.”
“Still want to fight?”
I was amazed, but strong should accept challenge from anyone that is the law.
“Alright, until next time.”
Shishioni laughed making a creepy face.

After coming out of the castle, teacher uttered suddenly,.
“Don’t be careless. He is also an unique person among the shishioni, ja~.”
“He seems to understand a little bit tactics.”
When I nodded, teacher continued further.
“Also, he had trained after understanding the strengthening technique. That agility is way out of the league compared to other shishioni. He has less openings compared to his large build.”
“May be that’s why?”
“Anyways, werewolves can understand better.”
Teacher patted my head without reservation while laughing pleasantly.
“ He may be a genius to leave his name in history as a shishioni but not as much as you. Because you are my pupil, jano~.”
Teacher got down from my shoulders after saying so.

“Since I have military duties, it’s goodbye for now, ja~.”
“For the command of skeleton troops, what will you do?”
“I told them to follow your commands, make a proper use of them. If something happens, I will be there immediately.”
“Is that so…”
It is disheartening if teacher is not there, also, a little lonely, but teacher is a top executive in the demon army. It can’t be helped.
“Well, I will fulfil my duties of governance and defense of Ryun Height properly.”
“Hmm, pay attention to the movement of Mirarudia army. Also, don’t take the human nature lightly, ja~.”
When teacher waved her hands with a smile, I chanted the spell.

For now, I returned to Ryun Height. My room is the viceroy’s mansion. I was a little concerned if it was fine during my absence. I was absent just for an hour only. But, in this world without a clock, I can’t be sure.
“Oh, it has arrived.”
Seeing the large amount of silver coin bags stacked in a corner of room, I was once again surprised by the deftness of Demon King. Looks like, someone delivered by magic.
Today also, there are many issues that require payment. I am grateful for this.
“Alright, let me finish it in one go”
When I turned back to human, I resumed the office work.

I took out the map, and thought about what to do hereafter.
Mirarudia is an Alliance comprising of seventeen city-states. The senate holds a large power, but it doesn’t change the fact that it is a hodge-podge of different parties.
Currently, demon army is concentrating its entire force on conquering Mirarudia. Second division is in the middle of capturing the northern part of Mirarudia, while the third division is capturing the southern part.
We have already captured three towns in the north and two in the south.

“The second division is rushing ahead…”
By the way, the town, Dogg of second division had captured, is not even a proper town, it was just a mining town. It was not counted in this.
Except for these kind of cities, the second division had also assertively captured essential strategic locations. It feels like the person in charge of second division is on a flashy rampage.
Well, they only killed and destroyed. If that was fine, then even we could also do so.

Well, here the problem arises, that is movement of Mirarudia allied army.
The job of Mirarudia allied army is to maintain order and defend the city. The scale of peacekeeping troops seems small, they should be inexperienced in recapturing the city.
Besides, they can not leave their own cities. Then each city would have to contribute a little to the troops. One thousand may be the limit of total deployment.
When it comes to it, they will not be able to send them towards both north and south simultaneously.
“If one asked which, then it would be north right?”
In the north, the second division is acting violently. Disregarding both damages and occupied territory, the second division had captured until Shuberm, a strategic location in the north by an unreasonable advancement.
There was supposed to be an army of two thousand elite heavy cavalry and three thousand, infantrymen, but still it was captured. I don’t even want to imagine the scenery.

If the Mirarudia army is dispatched towards the north, then it would be peaceful here.
…. No, in any case, I should also confirm the strength of our side.
At first, there are 56 in the elite werewolf troops I can command. They are elite among the elites, but lacking in number.
There are 200 inu tribes. They are small and weak, so as war potential, they are below werewolf troops. But, fortunately, there are 2000 skeleton spear troops lent by teacher. They are strong. Arrows are not effective, and leadership is flawless. They would not shrink back from fear.
The army strength is around 2250, but food is required only for 250 persons. It is because the skeletons don’t need either food or sleep.
I am indeed grateful.

“Why are you grinning, Vaito-kun?”
When I was called suddenly, I looked up immediately. Oh, it is Faan-oneechan.
“Eh, Ah? Wh, what happened Faan?”
“Well, there is a little problem. You see, it is about the treatment of Radiant Church.”
“It’s them?”
There are many religions in Mirarudia, but the biggest are the radiant church. The doctrine that respects cooperation and philanthropy, but in this case, the bad interpretation make it look like a totalitarian. Even though they are philanthropist, they seem to have lack of interest towards heretics.

Faan-oneechan breathed a sigh, while playing with the end of her ponytail.
“It is about the priest of radiant church in this town, he is requesting for the freedom of belief. Do something for the worship and pilgrimage duty.”
I folded my hands.
Well, worship is fine. In the name of religious gathering, there might be some people planning strange things, but banning those people is also useless.
But, approving the pilgrimage duty is somewhat difficult.

In the radiant church, there is an obligation to visit at least one of the many sacred places. According to the documents I sent previously in a hurry, pilgrimage has to be done once in two years.
“Among the population of 3000 in Ryunheight, around forty percent are radiant church believers, so is it 1200 people?”
“Around half of them, that is 600 people have obligation to visit some place for pilgrimage this year.”
Faan-oneechan also made a worrisome face. It is like that.
I pondered while patting my head.
“It seems to be around hundred people who would try to run away under the cover of confusion.”
“Also, there would be people, who would infiltrate here, in the pretense of pilgrimage.”
“Aa,there’s that also.”

While I was being troubled, Faan-oneechan intently looked my face.
“Does it have to be banned?”
“That is so, but it is unwise to restrict faith thoughtlessly.”
I stood up. I remembered the bloody history which I had learned bitterly in previous life.
“I would like to request the viceroy of Ryun Height to gather all of the religious leaders.”
“All of them?”
Faan-oneechan looked amazed, so I nodded vigorously.
“All the leaders of the Radiant faith, the Stillmoon faith and also from other indigenous faiths.”

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