Wild Hunt part 1

Book 2 Chapter 9 – Wild Hunt part 1


After the meeting with the prince we were assigned a task, eliminating some local monsters. Regarding the city, it was located near the outer gates of the Empire. The city provides some of the best grown fruits and vegetables around. As such, it would hurt the Empire greatly if the monster were to impede on the Empire’s door steps.

In the days that follow, I did some personal research regarding the world and its ranking system for monsters. Their ranking system goes from rank F to E to D, C, B, A, S, SS, and finally SSS. Supposedly anything that is rank S or higher only exist in legends.

Hopefully we won’t have to deal with any unneeded trouble. The number of ranks were the same so I did some calculations to determine their corresponding ranks to [Eternia]. However I had no information on them so at most all I could form was a basis.

It was decided that Rumo, Requa, Als, Haus and myself were on the same team. Als was later recruited after a couple of discussion. Much to her dismay. We were assigned the northern part of the forest. Shae, Traus, Kugei, and Yusei were assigned to the southern quadrant. Our plan was to work up and down and eventually meet one another after the extermination.

With preparation finished, it would take around two hours to reach the designation. We all sat in silence as the carriage buckled on the bumpy road. Als sat near the end next to me. Even now she still ignored me, turning her face away towards the small window. Requa was humming an odd tone, Haus was keeping himself occupied with a book, and Rumo simply sat in utter silence.

“Soo…Do we know what kind of creature we are dealing with?” I’ve always had a small issue with complete silence, it was too awkward for me. So I decided to strike up a conversation to get some more info and maybe pass the time.

“According to reports, the monsters appear to be Wumba.” Looking up from his book, Haus replied to my question. Going over the materials, nothing came to mind with the name Wumba. By the sound of it, I imagined some hairy creature.

‘I’m about to find out one way or another.’ I mused to myself. The conversation died down and again we sat in silence. The agonizing silent ride ended within several hours. Reaching the site of town, we were finally out of the cramped carriage.

Looking around, what greeted us was a desolate and ransacked town. Debris and rubble littered the ground from the destroyed homes. Brings a whole new meaning to ‘It looked like a tornado ran through here.’

Observing the dead town, I quickly a patrol of knights that we were to rendezvous with. Rumo and the other took their time to unpack the carriage. At that time, my eyes fell on Als. With Als’s situation, her normal attire wouldn’t be appropriate for the mission at hand.

Lending her some new clothing, Als’s sported a light brown leather armor. Using Sirva proportions, I fitted it to match Als’s measurement. I’ve also applied several enchantments to the clothing to provide additional help. Lighter mobility, greater magical strength, increase defensiveness, and so forth.

From a far, I couldn’t help but whistle at her looks. The light armor greatly complimented Als’s body’s proportions. She encapsulated an Amazonian like figure. Power and grace.

Turning away, Als was already mad with the sudden assignment of the extermination mission. “If she catches me staring, I’ll never hear the end of it.” Muttering to myself, I needed to get back on track.

Greeting the patrol, they took the carriage off of our hands. Traversing through the deserted town, the five us near the edge of forest. Going into unknown territory, it would be foolhardy to walk in with a plan of action. However, we ran into a small bump regarding how to take the mission. Namely, the group leader.

Rumo and I entered a heated argument over whom to lead the group. Rumo continued insistence was off putting. Ever since the time with the prince, Rumo grew more…aggressive. It may have just been me, but it seems that whenever the prince is involve. Rumo gives 100 and 10% extra effort to the cause. The argument was put to rest and Rumo ultimately won.

Reaching the boundary of the forest, it was time to head in. The dense nature reminded me of a rainforest excluding the humid air. The trees spanned several meters tall and wide, blocking the sun’s ray. A wide range of plants caked the massive trees.

Normally in such a wide and dense forest, there would be wildlife living about. Yet there was nothing, not even the soft noises of a single bug. The only noises that echoed throughout were our footsteps. Crushing the dead leaves that plagues the ground.

For the first several minutes, there was no sign or hints of anything. Gradually, the scenery changed. Tree’s damaged, branches and bark ripped and some were completely uprooted. These occurrences only grew more frequent.

Our eyes were on the surrounding, keeping watch for any movement. Anxiety swelled up within me as I wondered if there was truly anything here. Until.


My ears twitched at the familiar noise. I recognize the sound to be the pinging sound from my radar. That meant only one thing; enemies.

“Everyone form up!”

My sudden outburst caught the others off guard but the loud rustling noise made them focus again. A perimeter was formed with Rumo, Haus, and Requa at the front and Als, and myself at the back. Steadly, a rumbling noise resonated through the surrounding.

Growing louder by the second, they finally arrived. The Wumba as they were called looked very similar to chimpanzees. Their fur resemble a magenta hue. Their body was very bulky, especially their arms which were quite large. Standing, at around two and a half times a normal human. Several large canines protrude from their teeth’s.

‘Huh, so that’s a Wumba…’ Thinking to myself, the puzzle that I have been wondering was finally solved. Looking over the massive body of the creature, I could see why the ministers were apprehensive. Pitting the Empire’s knight against these beast would be a disaster.

In total, ten Wumba greeted us. Their number weren’t imposing, rather their sheer size. It was made clear that an all-out fight wouldn’t work in our favor.

“Rumo…What do we do?” Holding our ground, the question fell onto Rumo.

“That’s simple. We take them down!” Rumo answered.

“Are you an idiot?!” Just before Rumo could charge forward, I immediately stopped him. “Those things outnumber us. Combine with their strength, if we rush in, they will pick us apart!”

“Then what do you suggest?” Haus asked again.

“The three of you will be the vanguard. They have us surrounded so spread out; cover as much ground as you can. Do not focus on dealing the finishing blow, do as much damage as you can by attacking from a safe distance. Als and I will be in the middle providing you with support. Our main duty will be distracting the excess Wumba so you three can do your job. After a few minutes, we will alternate between the Wumbas and repeat the process.”

I instinctively called out a battle plan. As the guild’s main strategist all the duties of coming up with battle plans fell onto me. Be it for raids, dungeons or random monster encounters I had a strategy for everything.

They all looked at me, nodding that they understood what to do. I felt a bit of jealously and anger from Rumo but he didn’t have much time to express it as they were coming. Letting out a loud roar the Wumba charged in.

“|Shattered Earth|” My first duty was to lay the foundation for the strategy. The ground rumbled before breaking apart. Shifting, the Wumbas were caught off guard as pieces of the ground rose and descended.

“Go!” Giving the signal, the three of them dashed forward.

“|Heavy Slash|”

“|Rapid Pierce|”

“|Quick Strike|”

Activating their skill, they attack their respective monster. At most, it was two per person. Leaving Als and myself with the remaining four. Attracting them away from Rumo and the other, the two of us got to work. During that time I finally had time to Identify and analyze the monsters. Everything popped up as usual, the name, level, health but most importantly of all, their rank.

As I had surmised, Eternia ranking system matched that of what I hypothesize. The average level amongst them were around level 24. Although they were high level they fell rather easily. The answer to that was obvious, they were monsters.

In typical MMO’s and RPG’s monster were always higher levels than average players. Monsters were creatures that solely rely on power, with the higher tier being more diverse and powerful. But the reason why ‘players’ and humans were typically stronger than monsters was because of one thing, diversity.

Strength could easily be filled up with magic, equipment’s, speed, teamwork, one skills, etc… Especially teamwork as more diverse play style and fighting will always over pure strength alone. That’s why humans and ‘players’ are able to keep up to high level monsters.


“|Crystal Shard|” Casting her spell, the Wumba endured a hail of crystals. The Wumba defended against the attack by using their massive arms. Their thick fur and large body mass resisted Als’s crystals. Her spells lacked the stopping power needed. However, our synergy more than made up for it.

As Als distracted them, I would do the heavy blows. “|Heavenly Thunder|” Casting a massive AOE spell, thunder rained down upon the creature. Jumping back, we repeated the same method. Our method was certainly slow but effective.

Eventually we managed to trim their numbers down to five Wumba remaining. Everything was going well until one released a deafening scream. The reason for it was later revealed as the sound of reinforcement could be heard.

Groans could be heard from everyone at the turn of event. Despite the battle going in our favor, we expended a lot of time and energy to chip them down. Now they replenished their numbers.

“Enough of this!”

Rumo tightly gripped his great-sword and readied his stance. The sword glowed, radiating power. He swung his sword in a horizontal fashion, launching a wave of energy. Three of the Wumba were caught in the attack. It was a clean cut through their body. The others roared in retaliation and charged with Rumo doing the same. Requa and Haus charged in to back Rumo up.

“Hey! We need to stick in formation!”

“We have other problems!” I didn’t have time to argue anymore as I felt my arm being tugged. Pulled to the side, Als pulled me away as several more Wumba appeared. Surrounding us, Als and myself were isolated by the Wumbas. Clicking my tongue in frustration and refocused my effort to us. Hopefully the others could take care of themselves.

“|Pyro Spiral|” A vortex of flame formed in hand, radiating heat. Throwing the torrent of fire at the creatures, it expanded catching one off guard. Catching fire, the flames spread across the flammable fur while the remaining Wumba grew cautious.

Realizing that I was a heavy threat, they prioritize me. This was to alleviate some of Als’s burden, however even against one Wumba. She still retain some trouble.

“|Crystal shard|”

Als spells were all but useless against the creatures massive arms, which blocks all of her attacks. I couldn’t help but panic as it slowly backed her into a tree.

“|Crystal Spear|”

Upon hearing the name of a new spell I turned to her in surprise. The crystallization process proceeded as perusal but this time if formed a long spear shape. Firing at the monster, it reacted as before. Putting its hands up to defend against the spell.

It believe it could block the attack, it was wrong. Flying with incredible speed, it pierce through the creature’s chest. The Wumba let out one last roar in defiant before dropping dead. A triumphed smile emerge at Als’s victory. Unfortunately it was short live.

Als’s body wobbled, escaping the Wumba I caught her as she collapsed to her knees.

“Als! Are you alright?” I cried. Als’s slowly nodded her head in response. Before I could ask any further, the remaining Wumba sense an opening to attack.

“|Lightening Vortex|” Retaliating, my attack went unnoticed as the wind around us accelerated and lightning sparked the air. Scaring them, they fled.

Helping her to her feet I suddenly remember about Rumo and the others. Looking back, I was glad that they were alright. Their numbers dwindled as Rumo and the rest fought relentlessly. When their numbers was only but a few, they fled.

“Is everyone alright?” Als and I took little damage but the same wasn’t true for them. The damage they sustained were evident. Dents and muck covered their armor with minor cuts across their faces.

We’re alright….Out of breath that’s all.” Chuckling, Requa made a Thumbs up to show that they were fine. Letting out a sigh of relief, I was glad that we made it out alright. After confirming that everyone was ok I finally turned my attention towards Rumo.

“What the hell were you thinking?! Why did you rush in?”

For the first time since we got to this world, I raised my voice against someone. The others went silent while Rumo directed towards his anger at me as well.

We were superior to them, we could have easily taken them all on.” Rumo argued back.
“It seems that you’re forgetting us as well. What would happen if they had called in more reinforcement? What if Als and I were taken down? You can’t simply rush in blindly, there are reasons why plans exist!”

A heated debate was bound to occur. Voicing our angers and complaints at one another. A fight would have break out if it wasn’t for Requa and Haus to separate us. I calmed myself, repeating in my mind that the argument was the last thing we needed. Eventually I calmed down and so did Rumo.

“Gather around, I’ll heal everyone.”

“I won’t be needing your assistance.” Rumo walked away from us while chugging down a health potion. I suppress the urge to call him back and simply healed the rest with |Healing Ward|.

“Thank you.”

“Man magic sure is convenient sometimes. Maybe I should study up on it.”

“…Thank you.”

Haus, Requa and Als, respectively gave their thanks. Taking the time to rest, it was decided that we should take a break. Most of our equipment’s and supplies were stored within my [Infinity Bag]. This made it easy to store and carry.

Setting up camp, Rumo decided to go on guard duty, leaving us to wait for the food to cook. Resting, everyone kept to themselves. With Rumo gone, it was a perfect time to ask Haus and Requa a question that I have been wondering.

“Say…does Rumo seem a bit different to you?” The two of them looked to me with confused expressions.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, ever since the meeting with the prince, Rumo seems a bit more…aggressive than usual.”

Looking to one another, the two shared a soft laughter. Furrowing my brows, it felt that I was missing out on some form of joke.

“Sorry, sorry.” Clearing his through, Haus, answered my question. “Don’t worry, he’s always been like this. He especially gets like this when Alphonso is involve.”

“Alphonso? How so?” I asked for more clarification.

“Rumo and Alphonso are best buds. Knew each other since birth as they say. Rumo is loyal to the Empire and him. It’s not hard to see why he’s willingly to go so far.”

Adding in, Huas and Requa were trying to clear up the image around Rumo. My opinion of him lessen but that didn’t excuse his attitude.

“I see. And here I thought he hated me.”

“He doesn’t exactly hate you. Trust me, I know what that looks like. He’s a good hearted man, the only problem is that he fails to express it sometimes.” Again, Requa and Haus shared a hearty chuckle. Joining in, the mood lessen.

The conversation died down as there wasn’t much to talk about anymore. Als stayed silent during our talk, sitting the farthest away from us. Within a few minutes the food was finally ready. It was a light meal with soup, dried meat and bread.

A light meal was chosen over indulging ourselves as overeating would be severely affect us later on. Finishing up, we continued on our path deeper inside.


Continuing on our journey deeper, it was the same. Not so much as whisper as we continued on. The landscape was barren with pocket of soil and uprooted trees everywhere. I was starting to think that we got rid of all of them until my ear caught onto something. The sound of something being thrown, and it was big.

“Everyone get down!”

I ran to the front and used |Barrier| on all of us. The next moment a tree that looked to have been uprooted hit the barrier with a huge thud. The force was enough to shake the barrier and all of us inside. It didn’t end there as two more made their way over.

“Everyone scatter!”

During the short interval that another tree wasn’t thrown at us I quickly canceled my barrier for us to escape. We made it just in time as one more landed on where we were. Dirt was kicked into the air as the tree smashed the ground.

“Where is it?”

“Over there!” Following Haus’s finger, we all came upon the creature as it landed several meters in front of us.

While the Wumba looked like chimpanzees, this specific one looked more like an ape. It was significantly larger than the rest, about 1½ times larger. Its arms were massive and hairy. It snout was sticking out from its face with odd looking symbols on it. The fur was more crimson compared to the rest.

“Looks like we found the E rank monster that Alphonso mentioned.” Hearing Rumo comment, I quietly agreed.

“Hehe, looks like we caught a big one.”

“This one isn’t like the others, we may need to retreat and –“


I didn’t have time to finish my sentence before Rumo charged in and struck the Wumba. Confronting him, the monsters massive arms complete blocked Rumo attack. It grabbed hold on his sword, stopping Rumo in his tracks.

He would have been sent flying of Haus didn’t save him.

“Now’s not the time for daydreaming! Come on!”

Haus loud shout woke everyone up as they finally got their heads straight. Requa formed up with Haus and Rumo while Als got ready.

“We can’t take that thing without a plan! We need to regroup and fal–“

Once more my plea turned to deaf ears as they charged at the beast without so much as hearing my warning. I cursed under my breath and got to work.

“|Enchant- Dance of Warriors| |Magical Amplify|”

Using my support spells, I increased Rumo and the others physical strength while boosting Als and my spells.


In short our fight was a mess. The monster was clearly stronger than us, both physically and in experience. All we could do was run around him and attacking when there was an opportunity. Most of the time our physical attacks were deflected by its hulking arms while the Wumba easily dodged our spells by jumping around.

It was almost as if it was messing with us. Jumping and dodging around in a wild manner. Swing its arms carelessly. Luckily we were able to dodge most of it as it was mindlessly waving its arms around. Despite the childish antics it was enough to cause us harm.

Damn it! We’re getting nowhere.

We need to back off and come back with a plan to fully take on the monster. The only problem was Rumo who was still at it, trying to fight the monster. All of us took damage to some degree, Rumo, Requa and Haus took the most damage.

We couldn’t keep up with it. Eventually it must have gotten bored as its attacks were became more precise and powerful. Taking the full front of one of its attack was Haus.

“Haus! You bastard!”

Seeking to get revenge for Haus, Rumo charged in; hoping to get an attack him. He was easily swatted off by the Wumba. Before it could deal the finishing blow I intervened.

“|Smoke Screen|”

Sparks combusted in the air before blanking the area in a black cloud. I told the Requa  and Als to grab Rumo and Haus and follow my lead. We ran backwards to the edge of the forest to lose ourselves with the trees. After running nonstop we were finally able to catch our breaths.

“Did…Did we lose it?”

“I think so. You alright buddy?”

“I-I’ll live.”

Answering back, Requa carefully laying Haus down against a tree. Rumo shook Als off to stand on his own.

“Damn… it. The beast is strong. Next time I’l—Ahhhh!”

This time Rumo was the one that was cut off. Giving him a head-butt he wobbled a bit before completely falling down. The others gave frightened look as Rumo certainly was in condition for more injuries.

Without my new body the head-butt was like a light tap on the arm. For Rumo, it was enough to cause him a bloody nose.

“Wh…y..you! What ..he hell are yo…d..ng?!”

Clamping his nose to stop the bleeding. His words were jumbled up but it was clear that he was angry. But so was I.

“I can say the same for you. What the hell were you thinking charging in like that?! Do want us to die!”

Reaching out, I grabbed him by the collar and lifted him up into the air. Despite his weight along with the armor, he was as light as a feather. I could feel the others gaze as they watched the abnormal performance before them. A mage lifting up a knight with ease? Preposterous!

“If we didn’t retreated then not only would you have died but also them as well. Do their lives mean nothing to you?!”

Using my free hand I pointed to the others to get my message across. For the first time, Rumo remained quiet. Taking in the fact that was before him. Requa, Haus and Als were heavily battered and injured. Sweat and grime covered their faces.

“I don’t know why you’re like this or if you’re always like this. But next time, remember that you’re not the only one fighting.”

Dropping him to the ground I casted |Healing Ward| on everyone.

“We should be safe for now. Let’s get some rest before we think up of a way to beat that thing.”

Agreeing, everyone finally relaxed. We all sat in silence against our own tree. Keeping an eye on my digital clock, after ten minutes has passed. It was time to get back to work.

“In order to beat our enemies we needed to find out their strength and weakness. The creature is very mobile and strong.”

“Not to mention tough. Whenever I swung at it, my sword would bounce back as it I hit a full plate of armor. “

“It also appears to have intelligence. It dodged around yours and Als’s spell and use the surrounding to its surrounding.

A list was made and we came up with plans on how to defeat it. Soon it all ticked into place. The entire scenario was similar to a dungeon raid. In Eternia dungeon raids were among the most popular and hardest activity. It was expected for an entire party to die several times before finishing.

Applying the same method, I formulated a plan with the known data we have.

“We’ll divide into groups this time. Haus and Als, out of all of us you two are the weakest. You’ll be on the rear and provide us with support. Rumo, Requa and I will be the vanguard, we’ll deal with the monster directly. My role will mainly support, drawing its attention at a time to allow you to strike at it. Do not be afraid to use your swords ability. Keep a far distance with it, always move around. Everyone got it?”

One by one they gave their approval. Rumo sat at a distance and remained quiet ever since our arguments. I left the other to prepare as I raced toward the center.  I prepared a small orb of mana and fired it into the sky. It exploded similar to a firework for several seconds.

Now let’s see if my theory is correct

After waiting a few more minutes, I fired another one. The theory was that the monster was looking for us as well. If a predator has its prey cornered then it was more likely to give chase after it.

The theory proved true as my ears caught onto loud stomping noise. Seconds later the Wumba landed near me. With it arriving there was only one thing left to do, run!

It took the bait and chased after me.

I’ve always wondered why the trees in the forest were uprooted especially since the Wumba were primates type monsters. But then I consider over factors. The forest was heavily dense, even if their size was small, they would still have trouble fully moving around. Especially the bigger and champion version. The remaining trees that weren’t in the uprooted area were oddly arranged, but it was enough for them to easily jump from one to another. The way they were structuring the forest, it was to make it their domain.

It continued to chase me, reaching all the way backwards. Slowly its movement slowed down from all the trees. The Wumba’s big frame can’t fit through the small gaps in the trees while a normal human could easily walk through the trees. Eventually it was where we wanted it.


Luring it deep enough where its movement would be hindered, we attack. Jumping down, Rumo and the gang performed a surprise plunging attack. Roaring in pain the Wumba counter attacks were impeded by the trees.

“Don’t let up!”

This time the battle shifted in our favor. The monster greatest strength was its physical strength. Get rid of that and you’re golden. Even if it were to try and destroy the trees to make room, there was too much. Added to the fact that we continued our bombardment without a moment of letting up.

Using spells Als and I diverted the monster attention between us. Allowing Haus, Rumo and Requa plenty of time to attack from any angle. The plan came to fruition as we eventually killed it.

The moment the limp body hit the ground a cry could be heard from Requa. Joining Haus showed the same happiness. Even Als showed a smile I haven’t seen before.

They ran over to give their applause and thanks for the plan working. I couldn’t help but smile at their general affection towards me. The only one that was excluded was Rumo who had no choice but to acknowledge me.

The celebration was cut short when I reminded them on the mission. We were supposed to make our way towards the center. Continuing on, we picked the pace. Eventually we reached an area with uprooted ground and no tree in sight.

If my original hypothesis was true then we would be at the center.

Such a large space…what purp–

My thoughts were interrupted by roar, similar to the one from the champion. Hearing the familiar noise we call formed up just as the creature jumped out of nowhere. It looked around and eventually spotted us. For a second I could have sworn that it was surprise just as much as we were.

It quickly snapped out of its daze and let out a roar which was interrupted by a flying man, literally. On closer inspection it was Kugei. He flew through the air towards, slashing the Wumba.

What the hell?

That was the only thing I could think up from what I saw. The others too showed similar expression.

“Don’t think you’re getting away!”

I looked over to see Shae with Traus, and Yusei running over. It took them a moment before noticing us.

“Oh hey, what a coincidence. And here I thought we were late. We’ll be right with you in a moment. Yusei, let’s go!”

On her order he quickened his pace and jumped on top of Shae. As he descended Shae activated her skills, |Reinforce fist| and |Bullet Punch|. He came down just as she punched towards the Wumba. Landing on her fist, he used the momentum to dive straight at the Wumba.

I couldn’t help but let my mouth fall in amazement.

Like Kugei he flew towards him like a bullet, landing a powerful blow that caused it to stagger backwards. As Yusei retreated Shae and Traus rushed in. The Wumba let out one more defiant roar before swing his arm at Shae.


Using her skill she took the attack head on and stopped it. Traus ran from behind and used Shae as a boost by jumping from her shoulders. He flew much higher and descended with his sword in tow.

“|Heavy blade Strike|”

Using his skill, he brought down his sword with one powerful strike. A huge gash mark appeared on the chest of the Wumba. It let out one roar before finally dropping.

Even after all seeing that I still couldn’t see my eyes. Not just because of the creative way she fought the Wumba but the teamwork and coordination of Shae and her group. The others held the same reaction.

I quickly shook off my daze and ran towards Shae.

“Hey. So how did you like our show?”

“I…I’m just impressed. Certainly a lot better than when we fought one. How was the sweep on your end?” I asked.

“We…ran into a few hiccups but managed to smooth things out.”

The mission was finish. Most of the Wumba were dead and the rest would be hiding within the forest. We can finally go home. As Shae made her way to the other, I took one last glance at the champion. It was only then that I started to notice some difference between the one we fought and the one she fought.

Unlike the champion Wumba we fought. Its fame was less built and its fur was an orange hue rather than the red color. On a whim I used my |Identify| skill.

‘Wumba…queen? As in a mother? Then that would mean there’s a fat–’ Before I could finish my thoughts, a noise resonated within my ears.


A hostile enemy entered the range of my radar. Breaking away, my attention lied on the mysterious intruder. Watching it’s movement, something was wrong. The creature was fast, covering vast distance within seconds. And it was coming straight towards us.

“Everyone! Something is he–” I had little time to finish my sentence before a looming shadow appeared above us. In half a second, it crashed onto the ground. Dust and dirt blew everywhere, clouding the surrounding.

“What the heck was that?” A voice cried out in surprise. Turning towards the voice, Als’s something appeared from the clouds. It was a massive hand. Unbeknownst to Als, it coming straight towards her.

“Move!” Reaching towards her, I pushed her out of the way. Seconds later, I was up in the air.

The human body and mind is mainly controlled by the nervous system. They are the one that process data and responses to any form of stimuli.

In times of stress and trauma, namely life or death situations, the human mind slows down. Time is perceived through the brain and its ability to coordinate appropriately. That was where the term ‘Life flashes before your eyes’ comes from. The phenomenon has no real answer as to why the brain is able to seemingly slow down time. But it was somehow able to do or at least that’s how human perceive it to be.

The feeling I felt was akin to flying, the air rushing all over your body. It was only then that I realized that I was in the air. The others were slow and their muffled voices calling out. My senses slowed down for me to take in what had just happen. Before I could actually do so, time restarted.

My body was sent flying and eventually hit one of the few tree lying about. Everything happened so quickly that even I didn’t have a chance to fully comprehend. My body began working again but my mind was still adjusting to that moment.

Even with our new bodies and power, we were still living beings. We could heal wounds but that doesn’t mean we couldn’t get hurt.


A scream escaped from my mouth before it was cut short by a mouthful of blood. The bitter taste ran all the way from my throat to my stomach as I cough it up. Pain racked my body as every part of my body was on fire.

I even almost passed out if I didn’t use my passive skill to calm my mind. I quickly checked my health to see that it went down quite a bit. What shocked me wasn’t how little damage I took but the amount of pain I endured was ridiculous. It’s already been proven that we cannot truly ‘die’ unless our health meter reaches zero.

But my concern wasn’t how much health I lose but who caused it. I tried to focus my sense or at the very least trying to find out what hurt me. A loud scream caught my ears as I turned towards the source. My vision was still blurry so I could only make out a big blurry image.


The small screen popped up as per usual and I couldn’t believe my eyes — An unexpected enemy made its appearance.


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