First Arc’s References

Hello guys, with the first arc finished, I want to have some reviews if possible. And I will put up some questions and answers about my story here. There will always be some more questions so I will update this as more questions come up (either questions from myself or from comments)

Q: Where is the value of money?
A: I haven’t put much thought into it. Partly because my sense of value for money is poor. I am not rich but I am also not poor. I seldom use money for things I don’t need. I will put more thought into it when they are already in the safety of a city. In this arc, they are on the run.

Q: What is the geography of the world?
A: I am currently building it. They aren’t going to know the geography soon too. In Medieval Era, maps are still expensive things to have and only military and the government have it. Maps can be a critical information for success in war so they are hardly available for public. Until they meet some officials in the government, there will be no sure thing about geography.

Q:Where are the monsters that are usually shown in fantasy stories?
A: They are not there yet. please wait for more arcs. I have already planned when they will come out. possibly arc 4 or 5.

Q: Why is it that I use pot of boiling water instead of more popular pot of hot oil (Chapter 12)?
A: This is because I put some thought not only to effective use of it in defense but also the cost and maintenance. Using oil is effective against heavy armored infantries but the cost is extremely expensive so they are seldom used.


Feel free to drop more questions. I will answer them if I can.

Drop some reviews on my story too.

Important Characters so far:

MC’s Group:

  1. Erwin Cota : the MC of the story. A foot soldier and scout from Earth and given freedom of movement in the new world with his partner Mary after the other squads retreated due to attack. Trained in tactics and strategy, marksmanship, and swordsmanship. Loves to read novels and books.
  2. Mary : Second MC or Heroine of the story. Comes from a commoner family from Lumeria. Joined the military from Earth as a magician after being saved by a magician from Earth. Partner of Erwin in his two-man scout squad.
  3. Alishia : A 12 years old girl. Met in the Frontier City of Ashator. Her family’s circumstances is still a mystery but she is running to Yamato Kingdom to search for the truth of her family’s actions. Have an appearance that didn’t match her claim as a commoner. Coming along with Erwin and Mary.
  4. Yuni: A 17 years old woman from Arn Village. A reincarnator from Earth nearly two centuries before now. Have a very different view than other villagers. Coming along as Erwin and Mary’s travel companion to Yamato. Admires magic.
  5. Frank: The best friend of Ken from Arn Village. Smart compared to other youths and has a big curiousity. Specialized in high speed battle rather than strength. Coming along as Erwin and Mary’s travel companion to Yamato.

Side Characters:

  1. Harris : Field HQ’s magician. Retreated with the rest of the squads expect Erwin’s squad.
  2. Harold and family : A famous magicians hunter that use secret techniques to hunt. Lives in his father’s house in Arn Village after much consideration.
  3. Ken : Arn’s village chief’s son. Likes Mary. Simple minded and short-sighted at times. Strength based fighter.
  4. John : Arn Village’s vigilante leader. Somewhat weak at commanding his subordinates.
  5. Baron Barg : Warrior of great strength and governor of Frontier City of Ashator. Fight with Erwin and ended with both heavily injured.
  6. Chevalier Yaza Thorada : A bandit group’s leader. Distinguished by the kingdom for his effort in hunting magicians by using his bandits that are now an official army. Killed by Erwin when he is running away after failing to assault the group.
  7. Arrogant man (Chapter 15) : A mysterious noble.

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