Yuusha Isagi no Maou Hanashi

Tittle : 勇者イサギの魔王譚 ~ The Tales of Brave Isagi the Demon Lord

Author : みかみ てれん

「From now on, will you accompany me?」
――The moment he confessed to the girl that he walked together with and loved, the boy was thrown into the future. The one who summoned him was the Princess of the Demons. It was he who killed the descendants of the Demon Lord.
「P-Please, Great Demon Lords……
please save us demons from the evil hands of the adventurers……!」

To save the demons on the verge of their downfall, and also to meet the girl he loved, he once again rose up――not as the Hero Isagi, but as the Demon Lord Candidate Isagi.

(I take the synopsis from Natsulus ;9)

Chapter List

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8 comments on “Yuusha Isagi no Maou Hanashi


    I guessed from the summary, but I’m still going to be very disappointed if he accepts their request to become the demon lord. He was selfishly summoned to another world, saw the demons trying to conquer the world, fought for 3 years and finally beat the demon lord, decided to settle down with a cute girl, only to be summoned again before hearing her reply to his confession, except this time it’s the future of the same world and it’s the demons who want him to kill humans.

    Even if he’s against genocide and letting the entire demon race be hunted down, he’d be perfectly justified in telling those demons to go f**k themselves and then killing them. He can go to the Adventurer’s Guild and reveal that eye skill thing to prove his identity in order to stop the genocide of demons, but there’s no reason to actually cooperate with them.

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