24 comments on “[Isagi’s] Confession. V2

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  2. Wait so he got summoned years into the future? Wouldn’t Plea be old then? Or is it like a five years later sort of thing?

  3. Thanks for the new series. Is the term “brave” “yuusha” in the RAWs? If so, I think the “correct/better” is hero, mainly because brave is a little ambiguous.

      • Unless both terms are being used side by side, it’s usually grasps the spirit better to translate both as “hero”. But it’s your translation, so use whatever makes you the most comfortable. 😉

  4. Thank you for the chapter, it looks like it could be an interesting story, however it does need some major QC/Editing love 😦

  5. It isn’t a bad translation, from what I see there is (perhaps) no mistranslated thing, all that’s needed really is… a editor…

  6. Hmm well that was surprising so will he become the demon king after killing one or will he abandon them. Though I do wonder if this is the same world

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