27 comments on “Isagi Chapter 1 – 10

  1. I don’t know about the rest of that list, but 7 looks like a different difficulty level entirely…and let’s face it, 8 is only there for the sake of the novel’s age rating. 😝

    Thanks for the episode! 😃

  2. welp
    the word “gone” doesn’t mean dead
    it can be in any meaning
    I already expected this
    it can also mean the she betrayed him but its not so i’m relieved
    thanks for the chapter

    I hope the delinquent guy has a lover back in earth as a cause for him to be persistent on returning home so that he won’t interfere with isagi’s harem

  3. you use the word world instead of word in two phrases!
    “In the other world, he still held on to it.”
    In the other word, he still held on to it.

    “in other world now is …..”
    in other word now is….
    Thanks for the chapter!

  4. Thanks for the chapter, but the pace is kinda slow isn’t it, 10 chapters in and we still don’t know much.

  5. Thanks for the chapter~~
    Also, i’m on Plea’s side. I won’t accept anymore generic big-breast-idiot heroine! Why are there so little smart heroine!?

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