12 comments on “Isagi Chapter 1 – 5 V2

  1. Thanks for the chapter and the editing, it’s readable now.
    And, I kinda like Shibernia’s character.

  2. (Now I remember that since I was summoned as the brave 3 years ago, I always kept on fighting…… ) (TL: he is time slip so it’s still 3 years for him, not 20 ) KF 23 it was 20 the last time he was seen.

  3. I honestly don’t like that witch’s character. Its like…ok, its kinda funny, but there was no need to fire that kind of beam. And her attitude like that poison joke was in pretty bad taste. Thats not how you should be treating the only 4 people you can summon for the next 400 years in your current, dire situation.

  4. Wow so Isagi dream was realized through genocide and slaver that has to hurt
    The witch is not helping the situation and wonder why they made the detuy the Lord when she’s clearly not qualified

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