30 comments on “Isagi Chapter 1 – 9

  1. There was no reason to lie to her whatsoever, the fact that he did was entirely stupid. And I for sure thought plea became corrupted or moved on with some other guy and had kids and a family. I was a little relived to hear that she was dead

    • well , after hearing Ira’s story Isagi must thinking that if Rimino think that “If isagi isn’t summoned to this time, then maybe my race wouldn’t destroyed” and ended up made her hate Dyutyu then it wouldn’t be funny for him ~ =w= ~ right?

      • I just don’t see her reacting that way. I think the truth would have been better, Maybe its just me. But still, things don’t add up. I think something would have happened regardless to the present him who defeated the demon king for it to affect the future to where he got summon to otherwise that timeline shouldn’t even exist where the princess summoned him.. its odd

    • I think he did that so that elf princess would not redirect the blame to Dyutyu for summoning him.
      and yep I was also relieved the that plea was dead and was not taken by some idiotic guy or turned into celes like character

      • Yeah, I understand that reasoning, I just don’t accept it. Im glad to know im not the only one with such cruel thoughts thats glad or relived that’s she dead rather be taken by someone else.

        • If plea was taken by another man then Oh boy prepare to face the threat level beyond demon king it’s the power of the Anti-Hero King who will exact revenge on those who did wrong to the world

  2. Politic stuff and rotten noble + dick royalty, i guess.

    Thanks for the chapter!
    Kogaan for you.

  3. She got summoned in the future as well?
    Going out on a limb here.
    At least better than what I was expecting, finding out she’s already married and have kids.
    I would be devastated if I was in the MC’s position.

  4. Well, that was unexpected. I thought that all of those Adventurers movement because of Plea’s anger to the Demons because she thought Isagi is dead because the Demon’s Curse.

    … But WHAT THE HELL!? The author just killed the Heroine!?

    ED, wait a bit, i’ll join you hunt the man. (҂‾ ▵‾)︻デ═一

  5. if the princess summoned him from the future and the elf princess had not heard from him for twenty years because his entire existence was sent into the future, that means that the future happened before the past??? wtf this paradox hurts my head…
    ty for chapter anyways, tbh i kinda expected the girl to disappear, but I don’t think that she died

    • ummm. he got summoned from the past , not from the future tho, ~ since Isagi suddenly summoned 20 years into the future, all of his existance that 20 years in none ,since he never been there ~

      • but that’s impossible… if the summoning took place in the future and he disappeared for twenty years, that means that the future has to happen at the same time as the past, because if you think of it, if you summon someone from the past, his future self should exist in the future (granted they’re still alive)… for them not to be seen since the summoning doesn’t make sense

        • Lol you have it all wrong. Even I myself don’t know the full situation, but I know your theory is all wrong even more so impossible

        • Ehhh …. what are you saying =-=; …… well the fact that he lost for 20 years it means that he will never be able to come back to 20 years in the past ….. that’s why his existence this 20 years is all gone ~ also,

  6. sooo…. how is he going to explain away that youthfull look of his?

    While walking around in endless suffering and with no memories, i was moisturizing religiously…. ?

  7. “If he can, he doesn’t want to kill any of the adventurers.
    Perhaps even those guys, maybe got deceived by someone.”

    Even if they were deceived, they still did horrible things.

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