11 comments on “Isagi Chapter 2-2

  1. is it waza? what is the original word in japanese. I would use technique. it really depends on context. But lately I have been leaving everything in romanji.

  2. I dont know why every MC in transporter genre is in tendency to non-harem rail, or in stubborn state which cannot leave girl who didnt know her conditional and didnt accept another girl feeling.

  3. So he make other believe he is weak, get a lot of girl, and flirt in front of other who train hard because they want girls? Isagi is being a retard here and normally this would end in a disaster

  4. He needs to man up and tell her the truth instead of acting like tskune and string going girls all while saying he’s doing it in the name of friendship. Romino needs to learn how to defend herself. So he’s going to completely ignore he’s already her choice

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