12 comments on “Isagi chapter 2- 3

  1. I was expecting time skip or him doing some very sneaky behind the scenes things but… I guess it’s gonna take 4 or 6 chapters until he does do anything cool or epic right? T.T If so allow me to sleep until more updates or something cool happens

  2. I really want to see how the Demon Generals react to seeing Isagi and then everyone realize that they have a Former Brave on their team~ Anyways, great chapter as always~ :3

  3. welp, i guess this will help develope the other characters, but man i want Isagi to do something…

  4. I shouldn’t have started reading this should have waited for more chapter to pile up. slow pace. :<

  5. If he wants to help he should train the solider and show some skill so there will help him cause as of now he won’t be able to accomplish what he wishes since he won’t have w any support

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