24 comments on “Isagi chapter 2-4

    • No no, that sentence is wrong “grammarly”. It should be “Yes Lolita Yes Touch!”

      Oh come on, you can’t limit love because of age, that’s Age Discrimination! And world states that any form of discrimination should be erased!

        • Eh really? I can read and understand it just fine. I’m still learning english though, so i’m not that keen about grammar error. Can you point some sentences with bad grammar? I can use it for my study.

          • Here are just a few that I noticed. I can’t say anything about how best to match the meaning of the original work since I can’t read that language but I can say a bit about how what is in the chapter currently should [probably] be written in English.

            ‘Even though she is simple, docile, and didn’t stand out’
            ‘Is’ is present tense. ‘Did not’ is past tense. While there are exceptions to the rule, most of the time the past/present/future tense of a sentence needs to match. So either ‘she was’ or ‘does not’. Best choice is probably to match which tense is being used around the sentence.

            Changing tense from sentence to sentence is hard for me to explain but is typically best to keep to one. There are a few times it bounced like this, such as ‘By no means she is a cute child.’ Sure, she might currently still not ‘be cute’ but since the entire paragraph was in past tense, this sentence should be as well. I’m not going to point out every case of this but I noticed it several times.

            Sadly this comment system doesn’t allow bold words, so I’m not sure how to make the specific changes stand out.

            ‘By no means she is a cute child.’
            ‘By no means is she a cute child.’

            ‘Yoshinobu was tired out because’
            ‘Yoshinobu was worn out because’

            ‘Here, thus she held out to him’
            ‘Here, she thus held it out to him’ or
            ‘Here, she held it out to him’ or
            ‘Thus, she held it out to him’
            Having both ‘here’ and ‘thus’ together like this sounds awkward. It is also missing what is being held out to him. If it is the wet cloth, then the word ‘it’ needs to be in there. If it is more of an emotion or feeling, like she herself is holding out to him, then it doesn’t need the word ‘it’.

            http://www.businessinsider.com/a-guide-to-proper-comma-use-2013-9 #2 explains this one
            ‘Because of that he fell in love with her in one shot, he said.’
            ‘Because of that, he fell in love with her in one shot, he said.’

            ‘Is this really will be alright.’
            ‘Will this really be alright?’

            ‘As promptly, they’re wandering around the grounds’
            This feels like it is trying to say they immediately went wandering around the grounds. Since the word immediately is used in the following sentence it would be best to use a different word to avoid overuse. ‘As promptly’ could be replaced with several different synonyms. Such as ‘Without delay’ or ‘straightaway’.

            ‘found the objective person’
            ‘find the target person’ <–past/present/future tense all say should be ‘find’ not ‘found’ in this sentence despite 'find' being present tense, yay English language. I’m not an English major or maybe I’d be able to explain why it should be ‘find’

            I'm not going to say anything mean like "fire the editor!" because I know it can be hard to find good editors. So any editor that can improve the work is worth keeping, even if they can't make it perfect. But who likes perfection anyway? 🙂

            • thanks xD ~ i’ll try to fix some, when i have the time for it ~ again thank you very much … also
              ‘Here, thus she held out to him’ <– the "here" is what she said, =w=; sorry if it's really confusing but the raw didn't put any bracket for that and it doesn't sound weird in japanese xd

              • You’re welcome 🙂 It is always nice to help someone trying to improve.

                Ah, that makes sense. If it is a mix of speech and action it might be one of those times to exercise TL “privilege” and change it to make sense. So: [Here], thus she held out to him.

    • Instead of just complaining here,would’ve been better if u point out what the mistake part and the correction here.

  1. What the hell yoshinobu description at the ending is too good.
    I dunt know how come pedo can be described with almost non existent prejudice. Unless you read it slowly. I think its only in my head

  2. because I just started reading, do allow my combined reaction. I wanted to dump the comment in one go, from beggining to here.

    that Brave really likes to be roundabout at such things. It’s because of such mentality that he got cockblocked after he just confessed to Plea. Idioot~

    that Otaku needs to suck it up and rely on Ikemen instead of this Isagi. So what if she’s ten? If Plea was indeed an Elf-kin, or a half, and her age is still below 50, it’s considered a crime as well you know~
    they spent three years on a journey, went through ups and lows, even trudged hell together, and yet he forgot to grow a pair. Waiting until they defeated the Maou was ridiculous, they could’ve died any moment during their journey. bakabaaka~ ww


    the cover caught my interest, I thought the MC have balls but unfortunately it seems he doesn’t. As of yet, that is. Dunno if that will change though. Another thing that attracted my attention was the Yankee, Ikemen and Otaku additional candidates. It’s like finally getting the discarded opportunity to see Konjiki, Tatte, Sendai etc., summoned multiple protags, working together, instead of just going their own way. Though it seems this greenhorn Isagi plans to separate later on.

    Anyway, enough with my nonsense.

    thanks for the effort working on this. I didn’t expect to find something with this setup.

    • that’s long …. well they’re in the middle of the war so i think that he is too focused on the war, or he just super dense that doesn’t realize his own feeling Xp

  3. Thanks for the translation
    Grammar issues are not usually something I nitpick, once you read enough of this stuff your brain fills in the gaps for you. My advice, do up to what you are comfortable with and don’t overexert yourself. I appreciate translators for the effort and time they put into it and I’m sure most other silent readers do to.
    Once again thanks for hard work!

  4. Thank you for this, fun story. Worried about MTR at each step, first glasses guy now the other two, gotta keep them in in check MC!

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