16 comments on “1 – 1 Four Demon Lord Candidate. V2

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  2. Well, considering he ‘left’ like that, it’s not weird that just Plea, or all 3 of them would really want revenge on the demons. That their organization manages to threaten them is interesting, as is the time skip. Depending on Plea’s current family situation, he might try to retry with her, or he might be in despair. Though, someone will inevitable make the right conclusions, but they probably wouldn’t be able to figure out why the conclusions are actually accurate, and why he was summoned twice.

  3. I wonder if he retain his specs from the hero… If he keeps the specs…even if he wants to run away from there, it isn’t a problem~~

    thanks for the chapter~~

  4. I sense some Plea NTR here…
    Maybe she got a Yandere mode after that tho.
    Thanks for the chapter.

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