23 comments on “Isagi chapter 1-4 v2

  1. Thanks for the chapter. 🙂

    I am too lazy to check the raws but as far as I know Mazoku only means demon (ma) race (zoku) aka it is a neutral definition of a race. Akuma adds an emphasis and means evil (aku) demon (ma).
    So you can’t really say it’s almost the same. Though I would agree with the translation being “devil” here as those are commonly known to be evil demons. 🙂

      • Yea it is commonly used in such novels as either demon or magic depending on the context and the kanji. mahou would be magic (ma) methods/means (hou) though it could likewise be demon (ma) as they are generally seen as a race that is very strong in using magic (in folklore usually demons cause unnatural phenomenons aka magic). So it’s kind of difficult to really differentiate here, but oh well, I am no language researcher. xD

  2. Why are summoned MC’s from japan always (most of the time) afraid of the puh? It’s getting to become a cliche. summoned person becomes strong, women want the D.But MC either wants one particular women or just afraid of women because in their world they were a fags.

  3. So hes going to be one of those annoying people who wont move on cause there was a girl he liked along time ago hope he doesn’t stay like that cause they’re super annoying and the girl should have moved in buvnow bit if his plot armor is strong she might not jave

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