Zombie Emperor Chapter 21

Chapter 21

「The red monster Jin-san took down is a unique individual that satisfies it’s appetite doesn’t it?」
「Yeah, I saw it in my dream」

It wasn’t 3 meters at the start.
It grew as he eats zombies.

「But, I and Sakura, and Otsuchi too had sex according to our lust…in short a child is made」

Well, the original goal of sex is to make children.
There are women who spread their legs for pleasure and money but the original purpose of having sex is childmaking.
But, what’s the relationship?

「Making a child! Maybe their reason returns to humanity because they’re aware that they’re making a child?」

Certainly it would’ve been difficult for a human to raise a child in comparison to a wild animal.
Not to mention that raising a child as zombie is already impossible.

「I think that the direction of evolution of unique individuals depends on their desire and lust」

In shortー
If the desire is to satisfy their appetite, the ability to prey on zombies will awaken, turning into something inhuman and the intelligence won’t return.
Because eating zombies to satisfy their appetite doesn’t need high intellect.
It’ll only recover to some extent.

In contrast, Lustーit’s not the same on child making.
Human baby is different from other wildlife babies as they’re very weak, they’re not born in huge quantities like insects and fishes.
And in this situation.
If left alone, it would surely die.

For them to protect their child they need to advance in their infection, getting more intelligence and power.

「I see, that explanation falls into place」
「What falls into?」
「Yeah, Hey, Aki-chan. What do you think about being raped so suddenly?」
「Before, I’ll be crying」

An immediate answer.
…My crotch got *Whoosh*

「Un…Well, that’s normal, but in my case, I raped Aki-chan. No matter how you love that person, you won’t forgive them right?」

Aki-chan had a desire to be raped only by me…

「Uuuun, certainly I think that it’s the lowest act for a man…But I, felt good, so I don’t mind it?」

‘Also, I do love Jin-san’, Aki-chan smiled.

「That’s the case for Aki-chan but what about Sakura-chan, Though Sakura-chan’s consciousness hadn’t returned yet so we can’t say for sure but does she still like me after I raped her? Isn’t it strange?」

Love of hundred years might cool down too.
But, Aki-chan and Sakura-chan likes me.
It’s like the male made the women yield and made them the man’s slave.
The phenomenon that doesn’t happen in modern society.

「Obeying the man they like and feeling great joy by giving birth from that man…It’s like their own purpose exceeds than their existence」

That choice is natural for the zombie virus.

「The zombie virus in our human body might start inventing something」

What could it be? We don’t know yet.

「But it might be wrong」

There’s another possibility.
The race called humans, there might be a new human race born that can counter and doesn’t lose to the zombie virus.

「The birth of a new human race…?」
「Whatever we infer, we won’t know until they’re born.」

Will the zombie virus produce something or will the new human race evolve and be born?
Or could it be another possibility?

「I don’t know but…No matter what it is, it would be Aki-chan and my child. We’ll properly raise them」

Entrusting it to the future generations.
Doing that, the mankind will advance.
I’ll love the child no matter what it becomes.

「I borrowed your shower」

Otsuchi-san seems to have finished taking shower.

「Ah, I’m Yuzawa Akiko and this one is Ashino Sakura」
「You’re his girlfriend right? Don’t worry, I don’t intend him from you」

Please spare me from netori.

「Then, where’s my daughter? She’s still doing it?」
「Ah, Jin-san, It seems that she just finished a while ago」

What’s there is a satisfied looking daughter.
Is it my imagination? Her face looks like it’s shining.

「Then, please let my daughter have shower next, e-err」
「…Rikako is fine」
「Then Rikako-san, there’s a shower in my room, want to take bath?」
「…If I’m with Inoue-san」

Oh, that detective? Certainly they’re dirty, does she want to get in with him?

The detective-san is like Sakura-chan.
The reason returns occasionally but they’re no different from other zombies.
Well, he’s a zombie from the police station, he might’ve become a zombie the same time as Sakura-chan.

Rikako-san and Detective-san was left to Aki-chan and I faced Otsuchi-san.

「I want to ask some various things, do you mind?」
「Well, can I ask of you?」

「And with that, the government doesn’t function right now」
「I see, I understood the outline」

While showing the videos and pictures from the smartphone, I told Otsuchi-san what happened.
Sakura-chan is sticking to me, so it’s quite serious.

「However, end of century is it?ー」
「If it has come to this, I think that I’m going to cooperate…」

The only zombies I can order are mindless zombies.
Because they don’t have intelligence, you can’t ask them to do hard things, also, I can’t put the whole world under my control remotely…It’s unlikely.
Therefore, I must cherish those who cooperate.

「I don’t mind though but…I can’t do anything great」
「No, I can just find manpower and war potential just about everywhere, so I don’t have that kind of expectations…I thought of making a team」

It’s impossible for me to build a country
I don’t have that ability.
But, I need a companion from the back.

「Those guys that raped Otsuchi-chan isn’t that much, I’m uneasy that only the zombies protect oneself from those guys. Please lend me your wisdom and power」
「Understood, but you haven’t thought about the advantage haven’t you?」
「I don’t mind. I have people right now, not zombies but those that think as humans」

If it’s just zombies, there’s a possibility of something helpless to happen, I need companions.
Basically, I’ll cut those I don’t need to protect, thinking that, I don’t want to abandon those people that are innocent as expected…
Also, if they turned to be a hindrance, I’ll just cut them off.
There’s no need to think hard.
I must move according to my mind.

「Eerr…Can you lead me to where my husband is resting later?」
「…Oh well, I’ll guide you there」

As soon as Rikako-san finished the shower, we went to the shopping district.